10 Best-Selling 4 Drawer File Cabinets For Any Office

I know you are looking for a 4-drawer file cabinet. Let’s double confirm if you really need a 4-drawer filing cabinet. Otherwise, we have some great alternatives.

Here are the scenarios when you need a big filing cabinet.

  • When you have tons of files to organize and keep safe. You need something big and secure for your sensitive data.
  • When working from home, you maintain all the records on your own.
  • Some entrepreneurs prepare hard copies before they create a soft copy of their work. So they have tons of files each year.
  • When you have long-term plans for your office and business.
  • If you are buying for a company.

In all such situations, the 4-drawer file cabinet is the best solution to meet all the needs. In this way, you can keep your office clean by hanging your letter, legal, A4, F4 files, and folders in the filing cabinets.

But that’s not enough.

Not all filing cabinets are office file cabinets. You need durable, safe, and quiet file cabinets.

As being a business owner, and running an organization, I use many file cabinets and safes in the office. So I have tried my best along with other business owners’ recommendations to build the best list of 4-drawer office file cabinets.

I am sure you won’t regret your purchase.

But if you need guidance about buying office file cabinets, we have a precise file cabinet buying guide. In the guide, we have also added the best buying options.

Top Pick
INTERGREAT 4 drawer wide file cabinet with lock is one of the best filing cabinets

Best 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Businesses use lateral file cabinets in their offices.

Laterals are decorative, and many other benefits like using the top of the file cabinet for other office use.

This 4 Drawer lateral file cabinet is one of the best and most sold filing cabinets on Amazon. It has two colors and multiple buying options.

Many sellers are selling the same product but the seller INTERGREAT has made it eco-friendly to protect from rust and make it more durable.

Their shipment is also faster in the USA due to the warehouse.

If INTERGREAT is offering file cabinets in your area, that’s great, otherwise, you can buy from any other seller on Amazon.

All have the same origin.

But if you want to rely on our research, you can move forward to the best-selling 4-drawer file cabinets list keeping some key points in mind.

  1. Businesses use lateral file cabinets.
  2. Vertical filing cabinets are used for vast storage. Usually, vertical cabinets look odd in the office.
  3. A lock is an essential part of a file cabinet.
  4. Wood and metal both are the best materials. Although, metal is safer for security purposes.
  5. Always choose file cabinets that fit all paper sizes.

Now, let’s move forward to the best 4 drawer filing cabinets.

HON 4 Drawer vertical file cabinet

HON 4 Drawer vertical file cabinet

  • HON is the leading company in the United States
  • One lock for all drawers
  • Vast storage for all paper sizes
Wooden file cabinet

Wooden file cabinet

  • A product by a leading furniture manufacturer in the United States
  • Top drawer with lock
  • Fully assembled and unique item
  • Free delivery
Deep Cheap Vertical 4 drawer file cabinet

Deep Cheap Vertical 4 drawer file cabinet

  • 2 drawers locking
  • Fits the small spaces
  • It’s the cheap 4-drawer file cabinet

Here are the 10 best-selling office filing cabinets.

HON 4-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet With Lock

hon 4 drawer file cabinet with lock in metal

Some key points

  • Available colors: Black, Light Gray, and Putty
  • 15″D x 25″W x 52″H
  • Some extra security features
  • drawers open and shut quietly
  • High drawer sizes to hang files folders
  • Labels to organize and manage


As mentioned earlier, vertical file cabinets are used for vast storage, because vertical file cabinets are deep and wide inside.

The same is HON 4-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet. Additionally, the inner locking to all drawers keeps all your files safe.

HON is a United States based company. It’s comparatively more expensive than other foreign manufacturers. But due to quality and support, it’s the leading manufacturer of office furniture.

Secondly, the delivery is fast. Sometimes, it arrives in 24 hours.

Now, let’s discuss the material and other important features.

Heavy-duty steel is used to give it a life of decades. And the best part about this model is that its lock is easily replaceable. If it’s damaged, you can get a new one to keep using your file cabinet.

Even after using heavy metal, this filing cabinet is completely quiet and smooth.

Along with quality metal, the paint finishing of this model is great, and you can get it in three colors: black, light grey, and putty. This makes it the best fit for all office interiors.

And due to its 25 inches width, it’s a fantastic choice for small spaces.

Also, it’s best for all-size files and folders. And you won’t require any additional tools to hang your folders.

So here is what we can conclude about this filing cabinet.

This 4-drawer vertical file cabinet is best for home offices and companies. Those keep their office well-managed and store large files and folders safely. As vertical file cabinets take less space, so it’s the best fit for small offices and shared spaces.

At last, here are two negligible drawbacks.

If you don’t have hundreds of files and folders to keep in one file cabinet, then lateral file cabinets look beautiful in offices. Secondly, as it comes fully assembled it can get a dent in quite a few cases.

Greenvelly 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock

Greenvelley lateral 4 drawer white file cabinet with lock

Some key points

  • Available in white and black colors
  • 17.7″D x 28.5″W x 52″H
  • Smooth power coating to prevent scratches
  • A noiseless but powerful filing cabinet
  • Suitable for all sizes: legal, letter and A4, etc
  • Hanging frames available
  • Multiple buying options: 2-drawer, 3-drawer, and 4-drawer


One of my fellows bought this Greenvelly 4-drawers lateral file cabinet. And it’s worth the money.

The best part about this lateral filing cabinet was that you can keep some office machines on it. Say, a printer.

So other than keeping your office organized and maintained, a lateral file cabinet makes your office look more beautiful.

This filing cabinet is made of 100% steel. It has a very powerful internal locking system. It’s available in the budget range of small businesses and startups.

Here is an additional benefit of using this lateral 4-drawer file cabinet.

As locking all drawers separately is hectic so it comes with one lock on the top. You open and lock all the drawers from the top.

You get two keys so that if you lose one of your keys, you could use the other one to access your file cabinet.

Overall, this stylish file cabinet is quiet and sturdy for business use.

But here is when my fellow got annoyed for a while. And you can too.

As the drawers are powerful and heavy, you will need someone’s assistance to help you assemble them. As not every article could be a perfect one, there is a chance that you might find it hard to hang your files side-by-side in one drawer. But you can easily fix it if you got the issues.

Lastly, it has a variety of buying options. You have two colors, white and black to match your office. And if you couldn’t afford the 4-drawer you can choose a 2-drawer or 3-drawer as well.

BonusAll 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock

BonusAll large horizotal 4 drawer filing cabinet

Some key points

  • White and black colors are available.
  • 18.11″D x 28.25″W x 51.96″H
  • Extra large and wide filing cabinet
  • Hanging rails and deep drawers for all paper sizes
  • Scientific interlock system


BonusAll Lateral File Cabinet is one of the best filing cabinets for office use.

When it comes to storage, it’s much deeper than some other filing cabinets. But it doesn’t take much space. It makes it a great choice for home office and small office.

The material is of the best quality which not only makes it durable but safe for sensitive files.

BonusAll 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet comes with one lock on the top. You can lock all the drawers with one key. It reduces the tension to lock all the drawers separately.

But that’s not over.

Some other features make it unique among all other 4 drawer file cabinets.

It has a very beautiful design in two colors: black and white. The top has an extra power coating to make it useful to keep other stuff. Additionally, the bottom of the file cabinet has a plastic mat to protect the floor.

So this file cabinet will not keep your files safe with its scientific locking system but it will also take care of all other relevant things.

Overall, BonusAll 4-drawer file cabinet with a lock is the best choice for small businesses, startups, and home offices.

You will also get hanging rails to hold legal, A4, and F4 files and folders.

Besides all that, it has multiple buying options. You can buy with 2 drawers, 3 drawers or 4 drawers. So if you changed your mind to spend less, it’s still the best place to buy your cabinet.

Lastly, the assembling of this cabinet is pretty easy.

INTERGREAT 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock

INTERGREAT 4 drawer wide file cabinet with lock

Some key points

  • Available colors: white and black
  • 17.7″D x 28.5″W x 52.2″H
  • Each drawer has the capacity for up to 300 hanging folders
  • Eco-friendly surface
  • Extremely quiet and safe
  • Fast shipping


First, let’s see what’s unique in the INTERGREAT 4-drawer Lateral file cabinet. When it’s the best choice for your office?

Besides heavy-duty material and internal locking, the following features make this file cabinet unique.

  1. It has an anti-tilt mechanism. If you open one drawer, it will not let the others open, so it will keep the drawers safe and long-lasting.
  2. The plastic padded feet keep the cabinet and your floor safe from all the damage and scratches.
  3. It’s coated with an electrostatic phosphorus-free epoxy spray layer. That makes it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust.
  4. The US warehouse makes the shipping fast. You can get it in two days.

Now let’s come back to the material and drawers.

Like BonuAll, the INTERGREAT file cabinet also has deep drawers to store up to 300 hanging folders in each drawer. The size of each drawer is accurately designed to save the letter, legal, A4, and F4 file types.

Additionally, it has high-quality rails and a locking system.

The manufacturer also has made assembling easy for even beginners. So if you are buying for a home office, you won’t regret your purchase.

It also has multiple buying options. You can buy it in white and black colors. You also have the choice to buy with 2 drawers, 3 drawers, 3 drawers rolling, and 4 drawers.

So it will fit in your budget.

STANI Lateral 4-Drawer File Cabinet with Lock

STANI lateral 4 drawer file cabinet

Some key points

  • Available colors: white and black
  • 18.11″D x 35.43″W x 51.96″H
  • Heavy duty material to put stuff on it
  • Best for legal and letter size files and folders
  • Assembly instructions available


Before we proceed to the other benefits of buying a STANI file cabinet for your home or office, here are the features that make it unique from many others.

  1. It has an anti-tilt mechanism, as you open one drawer, it will lock all other drawers with an interlocking system.
  2. The drawers are deep and compatible with all paper sizes. You can easily keep your letter or legal files and hang folders.

Besides the unique features, this file cabinet is also made with heavy-duty metal and is reliable for office use. The rails are powerful and one lock for all drawers works great.

The only drawback you might see are it’s rubber pads.

The rubber pads are good enough to keep your floor and file cabinet safe from scratches, but still, you might feel them risky for your scratches.

You have two color options (white and black) while buying on Amazon.

Lastly, assembling is easy for all. If you order today, you will get it in a week or 2.

Montana Woodworks 4-Drawer Wooden File Cabinet

montana woodworke 4 drawer file cabinet

Some key points

  • Stain and Lacquer color
  • Wood: Pine
  • Letter size file drawers
  • 20 years warranty by the manufacturer


Some people like wooden file cabinets for personal use and home office. In that case, Montana woodwork is one of the well-reputed companies providing wood furniture.

When it comes to wood, you can’t rely on anyone.

You can’t distinguish the wood easily, you need the expertise to test the wood. So why take so much pain? Why not buy from a well-reputed company?

This fully assembled 4-drawer wooden file cabinet comes with solid construction and has deep drawers. Although, it’s not as safe as metal. If it’s not too sensitive data and you have wooden furniture in your home or office, this wood file cabinet will make your day.

Also, it’s smooth and quiet.

This item is a glacier country collection, made with pine wood and it has 20 years warranty.

Martin Furniture 4-Drawer File Cabinet

Martin Furniture Huntington Oxford 4-Drawer File Cabinet

Some key points

  • Color: Wheat
  • One drawer lock
  • 24.5″D x 20.75″W x 55″H
  • Suitable for legal and letter sizes
  • best for home office
  • Fully assembled


Along with Montana woodwork, the other best company for wood furniture is Martin furniture.

If you need a beautiful handmade wooden 4-drawer file cabinet in wheat color, this filing cabinet is a fantastic pick for office use.

If you have fancy furniture in your home or office, this cabinet will be a great addition. It has one drawer with a lock to keep your sensitive files in it.

The drawers are good for letter and legal size papers. The drawers are deep to store many of the files. The width of the product makes it good enough to fit in all spaces.

Even if you have a small office, it won’t take up much space.

If you order on Amazon, it comes fully assembled.

MIIIKO 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock

MIIIKO 4 drawer file cabinet large deep

Some key points

  • Available colors: white and black
  • 18.11″D x 35.43″W x 52.36″H
  • Anti-tilt mechanism
  • Powerful locking system
  • Easy assembling


As you have noticed, all the lateral file cabinets are almost the same with small changes. For instance, some have deep drawers, some fit small spaces, and some of the file cabinets have an anti-tilt mechanism.

This product is also the same as many other sellers are offering but with some unique features.

  1. Its anti-tilt mechanism makes it unique like some other items we have picked in our 10 best-selling file cabinets list. The anti-tilt mechanism makes the cabinet long-lasting.
  2. It has a unique design. The design is beautiful and it comes in two colors like many other products: black and white.
  3. Easy assembling makes a great choice for beginners. As most of the metal file cabinets don’t come assembled so it becomes a hectic job for women and some beginners. This item won’t take long because of its easy assembling.

If we come to the other features, almost all are the same because of the same origin, China.

Like all other products on our list, the heavy-duty metal, the hanging capacity, and drawers size are best for home and office.

Makes sense?

A deep cheap vertical file cabinet

space solutions 18 inches 4 drawer filing cabinet at cheap prices

Some key points

  • Available colors: pearl white and black
  • 14.25″D x 18″W x 46.38″H
  • Best cheap filing cabinet
  • Top two drawers locks


This file cabinet is different from all others. It’s cheap but still, it has all the features.

Here are the details that you must know before you hit buy.

  • It comes with steel and has two available colors, black and white.
  • It’s a small item and fits all the small spaces, shared spaces, and small offices.
  • It can store numerous letter-size hanging files.
  • You can lock the top two drawers.
  • And it comes fully assembled.

So if you are on a tight budget but have many files to organize and manage in a filing cabinet, this cheap 4-drawer vertical file cabinet will make your day.

BYNSOE 4 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock

BYNSOE file cabinet 4 drawer

Some key points

  • Available colors: white and black
  • 18″D x 35″W x 52″H
  • Suitable for all files sizes and folders
  • Built with heavy-duty material
  • Large and deep
  • Easy to assemble


As I said earlier, many sellers are offering the same product, and listing most of the trusted sellers was necessary because not all sellers ship everywhere.

So it could be the case that if one seller is not shipping in your area, you can go to the other.

But the product is the same with small differences. Some are different in design and some have unique features.

This product is almost the same with a design difference. Like INTERGREAT filing cabinets have additional coatings to make them eco-friendly.

It also has all the best features as many other literal file cabinets have.

Here is why it’s a great pick for 10 4-drawer file cabinets.

  1. It’s all-steel material. The metal is heavy-duty and best for commercial use.
  2. It has an anti-tilt mechanism like some of the other products on our list.
  3. It’s noiseless and decorative.
  4. Like all other lateral file cabinets in our list, it also has a powerful locking system to keep your files safe.
  5. It’s easy to assemble.

So if you are looking for a file cabinet for business, this lateral file cabinet has no reason to reject it. Although, if you have budget issues, you can skip some drawers to make this high-end file cabinet budget-friendly.

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