9 Benefits Of Hiring A Content Writer For Your Business

Before we discuss the benefits of hiring content writers, let’s see if you need to hire a content writer, or not.

There are two kinds of people who are curious to know whether they should hire content writers or not.

  1. If a business owner believes he can write
  2. Bloggers who write themselves

Indeed, in both situations, it’s important to know if you should hire content writers or not. After all, you believe you can do it yourself.

Let’s answer the question and then we will move forward to the benefits.

If you are a business owner, and you believe that you can write. It doesn’t mean you should do it yourself.

You might not know that there are many types of writing, and not everyone is a great fit for all writings.

Say, you have a grip on your business, and you understand routine matters, you can elaborate everything pretty well. Does this mean you are a writer, and you can compete with professional writers around the world?

No, you can’t.

Many times you need to convert the readers. Sometimes you need entertaining content for your business’s social profiles.

You can’t do everything yourself. Professional writing is a technical thing, and it’s a tough job.

Your competitors using professional writers produce more engaging and interesting content. Hence they will get more business.

It’s a big loss.

Secondly, bloggers never think of hiring content writers, because they manage to do it themselves.

Indeed, you can’t find great niche writers. But still, it’s worth investing in content production. If you think out of the box for a while, you will see many benefits of hiring content writers.

Say you can set norms for each blog post, and you can ask the writer to follow them. The professional who has to get money for the work will surely follow your words. Otherwise, it’s damaging his repute and that’s even a bigger loss to him.

Makes sense?

I am also a writer and once I have started trying different people for my projects, I have realized that I can get better results by hiring content writers.

For instance, if I am outsourcing a piece, I put my efforts on the other brighter sides of content, like, finding high-quality keywords, choosing the right LSI keywords, and researching trends for each keyword.

I never went so deep when I was writing myself because my attention was on research.

Got it?

Now let’s see what are the 9 significant benefits of hiring content writers for your business blog, and other tasks.

By the way, being a writer and researcher I offer content writing services to businesses. If you need a team to manage your blog section, we can work on it.

Anyhow, here are the benefits of hiring content writers.

Though the benefits are equally helpful to understand if you are hiring a full-time writer. Although, these benefits are more relevant for freelance writers. The edge lies in the secret that external consultants have more benefits than internal consultants.

#1. You get a perfect copy

Being a writer I can assure you that writing is a tough job.

If you are writing, you can’t focus on any other stuff appropriately. For instance, if you are researching, digesting information, and producing, you don’t want to think of other stuff because it will ruin your attention.

Secondly, as it’s tiring, many times you compromise on quality and hit publish.

You prepare many arguments to defend yourself. But you don’t realize how badly it’s going to impact your business.

The last thing is, if you are producing it yourself, you even don’t care to analyze the content because you are emotionally attached to it. You don’t set norms, you never write a perfect piece.

On the other hand, if you hire a content writer. you set rules, and you always know what’s missing in the content. Also, you can edit with fresh eyes.

For instance, even before submitting a project to a writer, you know what you want to achieve from the writer.

Here is what I have the rules for a high-quality piece.

  • It should be problem-solving.
  • The content-type; should be optimized content to get organic traffic, and converting content for commercial purposes.
  • No grammatical mistakes.
  • It should be clean, easy to understand, and clear, etc.

Once the writer submits content, you start with points A to Z to see if it’s what you had asked the writer.

Once you find mistakes or the writer has not followed the guidelines, you ask for revisions until you find a perfect copy.

It only happens when you know that you are paying money for the work. If you are doing it yourself, you might not get the same results.

#2. You update your blog regularly

Here is another big thing.

Did you know over 70% of the businesses are moving online? There are many tools to attract users online, but blogs play the biggest role in attracting users.

For instance, every buyer looks for guidance. Most of the buyers are asking Google for suggestions. And you can help Google with your blogs.

Secondly, people love to read blogs in the USA.

In short, if you have a one-page business website, and don’t blog, you are missing a huge converting market. And it’s essential to start a blog.

But running a blog for your business is hard. It starts with time-consuming keyword research and ends with editing the article.

You definitely can’t do it without any assistance.

Secondly, if you don’t post regularly at least once a week, Google won’t prioritize your blog.

Neil Patel (a digital marketing pro) even gave it a try not posting regularly and they lost sound traffic for a while. They managed to gain traffic back once they regained the previous routine.

To make regular posting possible it’s great to hire content writers.

#3. Update your existing content regularly

If you created a piece today, it’s your lifetime asset. You can either keep utilizing it for the decades, or leave it as it is, and it might not be appropriate after a couple of months.

For instance, the information is time-based, and it’s no more useful.

Once a user arrives on the page. It will not only badly impact the user experience but sooner Google will realize that your site has outdated content. Google will stop prioritizing you and hence drop in organic traffic.

So the scenario is to either delete the page or update it for the fullest utilization.

If you are already focusing on content creation, you can’t handle updating your content.

In that case, hiring content writers will be worth your investments.

Your older content will also get the same benefits and it will cost you pretty less than creating new content.

It’s also worth considering that older pages perform pretty well on search engines until they are useful for the reader.

#4. Focus on other areas of business

It’s not only content creation that’s a routine essential. There are many other important tasks to look after daily.

Writing is so hard that if you put all your efforts in, you can’t focus on any other areas appropriately.

So instead of compromising on many other important tasks, it’s way better to hire a content writer.

Here is an example to make you understand.

If your business solely depends on organic traffic, you can focus on LSI keywords, and link building so that you could get the best results from each article.

An article performs matchless if it’s fully optimized, and has natural-looking backlinks.

#5. Find great writers for conversions

Content is not always used for conversions.

Many times you use it for brand awareness, and sometimes you use it for sharing information. You can find many good writers who will see the topic, elaborate on it and satisfy you.

But conversion is a different thing.

It takes a lot to find a good copywriter, at least, in the affordable range.

If you are fond of working with different freelancers, you will surely find some of the best affordable copywriters for your business.

You can work with them over time.

#6. Establish relationships with great writers

Building relationships is one of the most powerful tools to succeed in any field. If you have fellows from your industry, they will try to push you to succeed.

The same rule can be applied here.

If you could build relationships with great writers, they will give their best to your work.

It’s not hard building relationships with writers. If you stay connected with them, over time, once they will feel secure, they will start sharing stuff.

They might discuss with you how they feel when an employer is not satisfied, and sometimes they might share how stupid the employers are, etc. Once you reach this level. It means they have started trusting you and will take care of your work.

Building relationships with freelance writers keep you updated with trending topics and other relevant stuff. The reason is that they are in touch with many businesses, and they have more useful market information than you do have.

#7. Compare yourself

For me, the best part of hiring a writer is self-comparison. I want to see how I am doing and how I can improve.

I love those who put their all efforts into work, it’s what they are paid for. They think about topics differently. You can learn how they think and analyze things.

It’s especially great for writers. Many times it encourages me when I notice that I am much better than most writers. The reason is that writers aren’t ready to research that’s what I am fond of.

#8. Hiring freelance content writers is cost-effective

Hiring freelance writers is a cost-effective strategy because freelance writers work on a project basis.

They will charge for what you have asked them to do.

For instance, I recently asked a writer to write 3000 words, and she asked for $36. She provided the article, I paid the price and we are done with one another.

Well, the rates may change. The price mentioned is for descriptive content.

Whatever the price they charge, once you paid for the project, you are not bound to give the writer more work because the writer is a full-time employee.

This makes hiring freelance writers, or availing agency writing services cost-effective.

Working with writing agencies is good until you are working with a well-reputed agency. If you have huge projects, it’s great you work with agencies because they will provide you with content on time, and at the best prices.

Freelance writers usually take a lot of time delivering content because they already have much in the queue.

The only problem with writing agencies is that you don’t know how many writers wrote your content. Usually, the writers focus on word count and that’s why they don’t think of quality.

In freelance writing, you know who is writing, and how he writes.

#9. You have a variety of options to choose from

If you prefer hiring freelance writers, you have tons of options to choose from.

For example, if you have a project. You posted it on Freelancer or Upwork. Many writers will bid on the project.

A few will be good writes, and you can choose any of those according to your budget. If the project is huge you can get very discounted prices.

The problem with such a platform is that the profiles and reviews might not be genuine, so make sure to talk with the guy before hiring.

I recently created a project on freelancer.com, and I got 18 bids. Among 18 bids I could barely find one good writer.

In short, while working with freelancers, you have a variety of options to select a very suitable writer for your project.

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