Business Copywriter For your Emails, Sales Pages, And Web

Before we see how I can bring you more sales, leads, and traffic.

Here is the offer. 

If you didn’t like the copy, you are not paying anything. You will (literally EASILY) get a full refund. Although, if you need revisions it will be welcomed.

The REFUND offer is not because I am overestimating my work. I know that I have worked with well-reputed companies and small businesses. My work has been the editor’s pick for well-reputed websites, and I am bringing sales to my blogs with a reasonable conversion rate.

I know my work brings fruits.

7% conversion this quarter!

But this doesn’t mean I am overconfident.

I genuinely believe you may not like the copy, so it’s not yours. I don’t have the right to cost you anything until we make it a part of the deal on any of your projects.

Otherwise, you will make me promise that you will not take any benefits from that copy!

That’s it.

Now here is another thing.

You can find dozens of converting blogs and hundreds of product descriptions to analyze my work to decide if it can be an asset for your business or not.

I already have considerable research about personal development, mental wellness, business management, consulting, relationships, human psychology, and business machines.

So if your business is somehow relevant to these niches, it will be a win-win situation for us.

You will get a stunning copy backed by dozens of research papers, books, and courses, and I will focus more on customer research rather than getting authoritative resources.

And here is the last thing.

It’s not going to cost you like many other great copywriters charge. It will be in your price range.

Which copywriting services do I provide?

I love to work on the following services. Though if you believe I can produce something else for you effectively, we can discuss it.

  1. Sales page
  2. Email Copy
  3. Landing Page
  4. Product descriptions
  5. Business blogs

Discounted prices:

The following are the discounted prices, I can accept atm.

Though the prices may vary slightly depending on the nature, maybe, your work is going to take me so many days so definitely these prices won’t work.

  • Product/service descriptions: $30
  • Web copy: $50/page
  • Short emails: $20
  • Longer emails: $50
  • About pages: $50
  • Converting & SEO optimized blog post: $50 (500 to 600 words along with keyword suggestions)
  • Long, converting & SEO optimized blog posts: $25 (for each additional up to 500 words)

Let’s discuss. We have only one step apart.

Email at: admin{at}

Why your business needs blogs?

You might already know that people tend to read 3x more than emails in the USA.

In research by Google, buyers are more likely to search their queries rather than ask a friend. Isn’t this normal? Don’t you?

The buyer doesn’t start searching directly with “buy beauty product”, and “buy courses” type money keywords.

But a buyer always follows a process.

He starts by researching varieties, reads comparisons, asks for suggestions, raises different questions about his desired products, and then takes a decision.

The great thing is that you can’t grab the buyer in the process before your competition. You can do it by writing converting and compelling blogs.

The buyer not only gets the solution but also comes to know that you also provide the solution.

A study by Hubspot found that businesses that publish 16+ blogs a month get 3.5 times more traffic leading to more sales.

According to Neil Patel (a digital marketing expert), any small business should publish at least four monthly blogs to maintain traffic.

Well, there are many other benefits that you get with a blog. My favorite one is, that the more we give, the more we get.

Why me for your business blog?

I have written hundreds of quality blogs so far. I understand keyword intent to rank higher and convert, etc.

Well, no.

Writing high-quality converting content is not an offer but a responsibility. 

So here is the offer.

I shall assist you in targetting the right keywords, finding underserved opportunities to rank easily, and making it convert all the time – even on informational blogs.

How do I write a copy?

It’s also important to know how I write a blog.

Here is what I do.


First, I focus on the purpose behind the writing.

Is this brand awareness, conversion, or to get backlinks?


I have a deep research process.

  1. Who is the customer?
  2. How do they fantasize about things?
  3. How do they discuss things?
  4. What are the pain points?


Which benefits are the product offering to solve their problem?

Writing personalizes content:

Writing is hard when done appropriately. And the toughest part is writing personalized quality content.


I usually use the AIDA technique, but that’s not the only technique I use. Many times you need to think differently.

For instance, if you are a new brand, you might have quality products, but you can’t sell with AIDA because you are not authoritative.

In that case, you go differently with building authority first.

I have used the same technique in this copy.

Let’s do this for your copy, also.

Email at: admin{at}

Note: Once after having a great deal, you couldn’t sell your products, that means something is wrong with your product, not with the copy.

How much does a copywriter cost?

A copywriter will charge you $50 to $200 an hour depending on the expertise. But we have a budget-friendly offer for you. We will charge you $20 to $50 for a copy.

How do I hire a copywriter?

There are multiple options for hiring a copywriter. You can use platforms like Fiverr, and Upwork or hire us to provide you with the best copy for your business.