12 Decorating Ideas To Make Office Look Expensive

Expensive-looking offices have proved to influence clients and employees positively. So investing in making offices look expensive is worth the money.

An old-fashioned, cluttered office environment reflects the same image of your business (whether it is true or not). Sadly, it can be a dealbreaker for many meticulous clients.

Not only does a luxurious office depict; trustworthiness and scream professionalism to your clients. But it also induces a friendly atmosphere in your workers (or you, if you’re at home office); And creates an environment where they will love to work and not be forced to.

So if you want to make your office look expensive without breaking the bank, I got the budget-friendly decoration ideas to make your office look luxurious.

In fact, I went through an extensive renovation of my office to make it look luxurious. These are some notable actions that I took for my office, along with the office essential items.

For reference, I have added some of my makeover examples (i.e., the color palette of my brand guide and the lights I installed) to make my statement more understandable.

But it’s recommended to consider your office type, our business goals, values, your brand colors, and aesthetics before looking forward to adopting one for your office.

Your office, overall, should truly represent your business goals and values.

best office decoration ideas to make an office look expensive

Now, let’s start with 12 office decoration ideas to make your office look luxurious. These are equally great for men’s and for women’s offices.

Hang Artwork

Artworks are a symbol of richness as everyone cannot easily afford them. Adding works of art looks lavish but gives off stylish and pleasant vibes.

Try inculcating paintings according to your interest since they will also become thoughtful. For instance, if you are a fan of realism, invest in such artwork.

As the artwork will represent your personality, interest, and visions, as it will influence your business goals.

Art surrounding reality tends to attract people more as we humans find a connection in it.

Surrealism, conversely, can boost creativity and act as a good conversation starter with your client.

You can keep it monotonous (black and white, too) to make it look classy, or add vibrant work of art if you want to

You can collaborate with your local art community and enrich your office with paintings on a budget. I asked the artists to align artwork with my company’s values, as it made the painting look more professional.

Incorporate Plants

Plants are a precious thing to purchase. They tend to create an inviting environment primarily because studies have shown that green color radiates a sense of reassurance.

Since our minds’ are habituated to the green hues of nature, incorporating plants in the office provides an inviting effect.

Here are some of the best plants to make your office look expensive.

According to experts, all of these are safe for humans and pets.

  • Lucky Bamboo Spiral
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • cactus

However, if you can’t afford fresh plants, try purchasing synthetic ones.

Add unique Furniture

Furniture is either a dealmaker or a dealbreaker if you want to glorify your office style. To make the office look exotic, you need to add unique furniture. These are the furniture upgrading measures you can take:

  • Ditch the uni-colored, dull chairs and substitute them with animal-printed chairs (you can go in contrast with office color palettes).
  • Replace the boring standard rectangular bookshelves with geometric or ladder-themed shelves.
  • Buy upholsters with rare textures and prints to add color to the look.
  • Desks are the centerpiece and attract attention the most. So you can purchase large high-quality desks that will make the whole office look ethereal.
  • Additionally, if you’re WFH (working from home), invest in a sizeable, high-quality desk. Not only will it look luxurious, but it will also accommodate a lot of clutter.
  • Also, make sure your desk orientation is aligned with your preference. It will increase productivity.
  • For home offices, place desks to face the door to get a better view of who enters or leaves your office. However, if you like to get the most out of natural lights and fresh air, you can place the desk along the window.

But most people find it distracting to put the desk against the wall. Basically, there is no thumb rule of desk orientation. Do what your heart says.

For Brick-and-mortar businesses, you should invest a lot in reception furniture since it’s the first thing people notice when they enter. And a well-set reception area can radiate an inviting effect on your customers.

Install luxurious lightning

Some people resist changing the standard office lighting because, for some reason, they don’t feel that important. But luxurious lightning is the most budget-friendly option to make office look expensive.

You can replace your old ceiling lights with chandeliers and install pendants. Add floor lamps and led light strips.

Trust me; the results were exotic. The office’s vibe changes dramatically, giving the whole office a lavish aura.

Lightning is often overlooked, but it can transform the whole outlook of the workplace in no time.

Don’t forget to add smart dimmer switches; it lets you control the brightness of your lamps and bulbs.

Add Filing Cabinets

Storing doesn’t need to be boring anymore. You can elevate your office look with classy filing cabinets. Just get a clear idea of what you want through our extensive filing cabinets buying guide and purchase one for your office.

And if you are sure, peek into this blog post to get insight into the best office filing cabinets.

Buy expensive office couches

Office couches make a huge difference not only to employees’ comfort and productivity but also to the office’s appearance. Just imagine plastic chairs in contrast to luxurious couches, which will enhance your office looks?

Couches, of course.

It is best to invest in high-quality and durable office couches.

Use a customized color scheme

The beige and gray mundane office colors have gone outdated. Introduce a new color scheme according to your brand guide, and match accessories and furniture with it.

It can be a monochromatic or a vibrant ocean of multiple colors. Just don’t go overboard, as it will kill the luxe look you desire to achieve.

For reference, our office needed a monochromatic (black and white) look, so we went with it.

Use executive chairs

Invest in expensive executive office chairs to achieve a classy office look. Don’t sit for ordinary executive chairs, as they do not last long.

And if you fancy luxurious looks of chairs. It is less likely you will find one at lower prices. So get your shoes on and hunt for executive chairs to make your office look even more expensive.

Change floorings and wallpaper

Office flooring can enhance the office’s appearance only if done right. Upgrade floorings and wallpapers to achieve a more expensive office look.

You can enrich your office with exotic flooring without breaking the bank.

Go for cheap yet expensive-looking flooring options like linoleum, Vinyl sheets, and hardwood floors. These floorings will make your office look expensive without being heavy on the budget.

However, if you want to go bold and don’t have the budget, opt for marble floors or timber flooring; These luxurious floorings will get your clients hooked to your workspace ambiance.

For wallpaper: anything is acceptable as long as they serve the purpose. Yes, you heard that right.

Walls don’t need to be motivational mentors, in fact, such walls do more bad than good.

They occupy the space you could have allotted to a much better purpose, i.e., Amplification of aesthetics. Mind you, for luxurious offices; it’s best to be avoided.

For this purpose, devote a wall for accent walls; for instance, add geometric shapes, paint murals, add shelves, etc. Accent walls can make even your old office look modern.

Use glass chair mats

No matter how expensive floorings or carpets you buy. Consistent strolling of chairs will create scratches and ruin the look. Chair mats are a superb way to protect carpets and floors from the chair’s footprint and scratches.

Glass chair mats are the best among all the chair mats (i.e., Plastic and Vinyl Chair mats). They don’t break easily and give a luxe detail to your office.

Buy expensive business desktops

Nowadays, businesses can’t even think of operating without a computer. It has become a necessity. All desktops work amazing, but if you need one for a luxurious workspace, the iMac is the best option in the entire market.

The top reason is that (according to research) Apple products are considered a status symbol.

Secondly, their sleek and luxe design takes the lead over all the other desktops. Its price tag reasonably justifies the specs it provides.

The astounding display and user-friendly interface have no other alternative. If you want to leave a great impression on your clients, go for iMac desktops.

We got the ten best business computers for small businesses, where you will find the best budget-friendly yet highly appealing iMacs. Alternatively, you can also find some of the best alternatives.

You can go through our Mac vs. Windows PC debate, where you will understand where it’s best to invest in Apple machines.

Use expensive business laptops

Buying business laptops for expensive offices is a no-brainer. We all know nothing can beat Macbooks. Their sturdy build and design that fixates attention on itself will surely make your office more expensive.

Many businesses, including mobile offices, brick-and-mortar, and home offices, mostly prefer Macbooks.

Sometimes, you can also get refurbished MacBooks that don’t cost much.

Alternatively, you can also find new MacBooks under 1000 dollars business laptops.


The expensive looking office can be easily attained by minor changes like updating lights, accessorizing gracefully, changing paints, etc. You don’t need to own a high-end building to get started. Do the best that suits your budget.