Google Search Console Is Important For Rankings

This article might be more personalized and somehow biased. And the writing style is also different from my other articles. The reason is that I truly love and honor the google search console (GSC). And I want to express my feelings about GSC.

Actually, I have already shared 11 undeniable benefits of using the google search console but this is something different.

This is more based on a case study about my website, my rankings were dropped in a google product review update (PRU).

If you have an affiliate site, or your rankings were dropped in PRU, this article can be very helpful for your blog. You will most likely get your rankings back pretty soon.

In the product review update, quite a few sites got a hit. Many sites saw no change, but quite a few saw up to 80 percent gains or drops.

As my rankings dropped, I believed that it was totally due to Google’s product review update, and it will require a ton of time to update my articles.

Makes sense?

I one through the new guidelines about product reviews. I started updating my articles, tried to give my best, and you know what?

Nothing happened.

The content was not a reason for the drop.

This is what I realized later.

I noticed that whenever I update an article, it comes back to its previous positions, then in a couple of days, it’s dropped again.

So something else is behind this.

If the content was the only reason, I might not get positions back for a while.

On 6th September 2022, I thought I should check Google search console notifications, or go through all the sectionsl.

As google doesn’t send notifications for page experience, so there was no notice.

I checked in the overview and my page experience was hectic. I don’t know which plugins caused this, and how it happened.

Suddenly, I saw a big relationship between rankings drop and page experience tab. As the webpages moved from “Good” were moving to “Need Improvement” as the rankings were dropping.

So it was a clear message from google that I should check out the technical part of the blog.

Once I fixed the issues (now my site’s page insights score is 100 on the desktop for some pages and 82 on mobile) the next day pages started coming back to previous positions.

So here are two big things that I learned from this mishap.

  1. If your rankings were dropped in Google’s product review update, it might not be content but your page experience or technical side. Fix your technical issues, and reindex your pages. (If you face indexing issues here is a complete guide on indexing all your web pages.)
  2. Google search console is the most important free tool for rankings. Never take it for granted.

So here is what you should do if you want free traffic from Google.

No matter whether it’s your site or your client’s site, always submit your website to GSC. It will help you monitor your site. You will come to know how google crawlers and bots see the site, and what suggestions you should implement to improve your rankings.

And if your rankings were dropped on Google, Google must have notified you on the Google search console. Check out every section, especially, notifications, page experience, core web vitals, and links.

All these are still undervalued categories on GSC that play a big role in ranking (especially affiliate) sites.

Now to summarize the whole story, let’s see what Google says about it.

Here are two things that John Meuller has said and are worth considering.

  1. Core web vitals is a rankings factor and that’s more than a tie-breaker.
  2. If site rankings are dropped, it’s not purely due to core web vitals. Set back and see the bigger picture.

So it’s not wise to focus purely on “page experience or core web vitals”. Good page experience gives you an edge but you should also see the first top factor “Relevancy“.

Here are my finals words.

If you believe that your content is worth ranking and more helpful than many of the top-ranking pages, then you will surely find a reason in the Google search console why you are behind them.

If you work on the suggestions and improve the key areas, you will surely retain rankings and even rank higher on Google with the help of the google search console.

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