Hiring A Business Blog Writer? Here Is A Detailed Guide

Blogging has many benefits; it helps businesses get 55% more traffic, hence more leads and conversions. Secondly, it is itself a complete business; many established blogs make thousands of dollars a month.

So let’s say you are an established business, and you realize that a blog could play a big role in your online marketing, or you want to start blogging to make money online; in both cases, the first question that comes to your mind is, who the heck will write your blogs?

Blogging is all about valuable content.

So the writer should be loyal to your business and set a long-lasting impact on the readers.

In short, you need someone who can perfectly represent you on your blog.

Isn’t it so?

Finding that perfect blog writer is a long journey. Especially when you can’t onboard industry experts, you need quality alternatives in your budget.

Surely, you can do that, but it’s a hard work.

Especially when you understand the quality of content, it becomes even harder.

The reason is that many writers with appealing profiles and tons of reviews never meet your expectations. Sooner, you realize that many big profiles are good for nothing.

One of my clients, who was running a consulting company, told me they had hired a writer from London and paid him a reasonable amount. Still, he couldn’t deliver even a single valuable article.

In fact, the journey is almost the same for everyone.

Here is what happens with everyone who needs a quality writer; you post jobs in Facebook groups, LinkedIn, or famous freelancing platforms.

You get tons of applicants who pretend to be top-notch writers, but after passing the long aisle, the results are zero.

But you learned a lot of lessons, you claim.

If this has happened to you, or you don’t want this to happen to you, here is how to find and hire high-quality writers for your blog.

Should you onboard the blog writer?

Before we see how you can find your blog writer, you should make this decision first.

You should be clear if you want to onboard the writer as a full-time employee or work with freelance writers or writing agencies.

We will discuss to help you which one will suit you.

There is no myth behind deciding on a full-time employee or a freelance writer. It depends on your budget or workload.

If you want to make 15 to 20 blog posts a month and you have long-term plans, hiring a full-time employee can be the right choice.

The reason is that if you are a well-established business or want to build a powerful blog, you always need loyal and sincere employees who actually understand your values and culture. You can’t get that sincerity from a freelance writer.

Makes sense?

Still, monitoring the writer and keeping the employee happy can be an additional headache.

So here are some situations when you should prefer freelance writers.

  • In the beginning, you make tons of blog posts on your blog; in that case, hiring freelance writers is a great idea. They won’t stick around once the job is done.
  • Hiring a full-time employee will cost you a lot if you have a tight budget. Freelance blog writers who work on project-based doesn’t take anything once the job is done.
  • When you have a global audience, working with freelance writers can be a great idea. The freelance writers will better understand their local audience to engage and convert them.
  • For blogging as a business, anyone can write informational or affiliate articles; you don’t need to hire full-time employees, so preferring freelance writers can be the right choice.

Where should you find your blog writer?

There are many ways to find the best blog writers. Here are some of the common platforms to find writers.

  • Problogger: You can post your job on Problogger.com/jobs to find top-notch blog writers. Those writers may cost you around 15c on average. You will also pay around $80 to %160 for your listing.
  • Facebook groups: Sometimes, many niche writers are in Facebook groups waiting for job opportunities. You can search and find a relevant niche group and offer your job. For instance, you can search “beauty blog writers” in the groups’ tab. Writers in such groups might not be as experienced, so they will cost you lower than industry rates.
  • LinkedIn: Making a post on LinkedIn can get you incredible results. LinkedIn Algorithm will present your job to the right people. Here you can find more professional writers with good writing backgrounds.
  • Freelancing platforms: Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and scripted are the most famous platforms for finding talented blog writers. As these are global platforms, you will find freelance writers in different price ranges. The writers on freelancing platforms may charge from 1c to 15c a word depending on work quality.
  • Run Google Ads: I recently saw a writing job on the search. I realized that this could be a great idea to find the right writers. Many great writers who couldn’t get recognition on freelancing platforms might be searching for job opportunities. Such writers might cost you even lower than your expectations.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a great place to find niche writers. It’s pretty similar to other social media platforms, but the audience is mature, like LinkedIn.
  • Freelance writers’ blogs: Many freelance writers run their blogs to let the world know about their capacities. Often they write “freelance writer” in their bio. If the blog writers inspired you, you could contact them for your projects. For instance, I write for others in my spare time.

There is nothing wrong with finding writers on freelancing platforms, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some common limitations when you work with those freelance writers.

  • As you pay them per word, their top priority is to increase word count. So they lack quality unless you hire them per hour. And when you hire them per hour, it will become costly.
  • The top profiles have many job offers in the queue, so they are always in a hurry.
  • Such freelance writers are not industry experts; they are less likely to work for niche blogs.
  • The top profiles don’t work alone; they hire teams to produce more work. So you might not get the same tone in each article. One will represent Kim, but the other will represent Ali.
  • As we all know, the blog should rank on Google; unfortunately, many freelance writers don’t have the skill to optimize the content. The most disturbing part for such freelance writers is adding keywords naturally.

So while using those platforms, you should ensure you won’t face such problems.

Know the writer well and ask for the sample:

Once you finalize a few writers who might be a great fit for your blog, the next step is to learn about them. Try to learn everything that belongs to their career.

Their qualification background, interests, routine, writings, SEO, and industry knowledge.

It will make you clear whether the writer can handle the project.

The next step is to ask for the sample.

Many writers will send you previous samples, but relying on their previous work is not wise. You should offer them your industry keyword to write a sample of about 300 words.

Here are some key points while asking for the sample.

  • Provide them with a vague keyword. Their topic choice will make you understand if the writer has the guts to understand the keyword intent and can handle broad terms.
  • Tell them the tone you are expecting from the blogs. You can attach a sample article link.
  • Ask them to hyperlink the resources of their research. It will make you understand if they are doing genuine research or using AI tools. It will also save you from Google’s MUM technology and Google spam update.

Once you get the sample, you can match the samples with their previous work; if you see similarities, it means you can trust and outsource your blog to those writers.

How much does it cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about blogging; How much does a blog post cost?

If you have not started finding a blog writer and want to take an idea of industry rates. Here are some ideas to understand the blog writing industry.

  1. Expert blog writers charge 15c a word on average. Quality writers may charge you 10c at least.
  2. Beginners, especially from Asian countries, will charge you much cheap. But you might not get quality from cheap blog writers. They often use AI and don’t do deep research.
  3. Sturdy Business will charge you 5c a word for quality content. We take care of quality and work hard to meet expectations with a money-back guarantee.

Here is my suggestion. If you are serious about your blog, you should never go for cheap writers. The experts might seem expensive at the moment, but as it’s a long-lasting investment, you can get many times more return on investment (ROI) later.

Now, let’s go through some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How much does a 300 words blog cost?

If it’s not technical writing, the average cost of a niche writer is 10c. With this average, a 300 words blog will cost you $30.

But if you are working with a writing agency of Sturdy Business, it will cost you $15.

How much should I pay for a 500 to 1000 words blog?

If you have hired a writer and are unsure how much you should pay the writer for a 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000-word blog post, here is how much your blog costs.

It actually depends on the quality. If you believe that it’s a quality piece you should pay 7.5c to 13c a word. It becomes $50 for 500 words blog, $100 for 1000 word blog, $150 for 1500 word, and $200 for 2000 words blog post.

However, if it was a general informational piece that even ChatGPT can produce, you should pay 1c to 5c a word.