Real Ways To Make Instant Money Online Absolutely Free

Make instant money online absolutely free

Hold on, wait for a moment, and listen to me carefully. I understand that you must be in a hurry to earn something online, and you want it to be instant with free resources. You must be searching hard for multiple ways to make instant money online absolutely free but unfortunately, you don’t find it. Isn’t it so?

My dear, this is the time when people take benefit from your greed and get you into entirely wrong things. Believe me or not this happened to me years ago, and that’s why I don’t want it to happen to you.

When I was new to the internet world, I was in a hurry to make instant money online, and I tried all the means, like, Paid Surveys, Data Entry, Referral programs, Watching videos, and all that.

Believe me; all such things are totally a scam. Your time and money will be wasted, and you will never get anything other than scamming others.

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t get disappointed, don’t get me wrong. I just want to get you on the right thing. It’s not far away.

I started this blog to help all beginners with proper guidance. I have found some perfect ways that will help you make instant money online absolutely free of cost. And you will never regret it.

Authentic ways to make instant money online absolutely free

The following are the authentic ways to make instant money online absolutely free. Just keep in mind making money online is as hard as making it in your physical world, it’s not just manifesting money and you will get it, but you will work on it. However, following the footprints can double your money or make it a long-lasting income source.

You see that some people get more salary or get a huge profit but some don’t. Why? Because of the abilities they have. As people are skilled, as they earn more. The rule is the same everywhere. As you invest in yourself, as you’re more able to earn huge profits.

1. Become a freelancer:

When it comes to earning quickly, freelancing is the best business that you can start. If you’re new to the online market, you might be thinking what is freelancing? Freelancing in the online market is like driving Uber. You just get your car on the road, join a platform that gets you, clients, you work for them, and get paid for your services.

It’s what happens in freelancing. But the most thing about becoming a freelancer is that you must have a skill. When beginners listen to the world, skill, most of them get afraid. That’s why most of them never learn a single skill in their lives and never make money from it.

But believe me, it’s not as hard as it seems to be.

Look, driving is a skill, most of you might have it, although you can’t utilize it online other than driving Uber or Careem, other skills are also as simple as driving is.

The other important thing is that to become a doctor, to become a driver or a lawyer, you need licenses, but on the internet, you need a license to certify your abilities. If you can do something you can prove it practically. No one ever inquired me about my certificates regarding my SEO services or freelance writing services.

What you can do in freelancing?

If you can solve any problem of any person on the internet, or if you can assist anybody with his work in whatever matter, you’re a freelancer.

There is no restriction in freelancing, if someone needs your help and you can solve the problem, you complete the project and get paid – that’s freelancing.

That means you shouldn’t worry about what you can do, instead, you should think of how you will do it? If you are a developer, a designer, a writer, a marketer, a photographer, a translator, or anything you can think of, you will definitely find buyers for your services.

Where you should start it?

Once you’re ready to start it to make instant money online absolutely free then there are some platforms that will help you sell your services and get your buyers.

The following are the top 3 freelancing platforms in the world. However, each country has some local platforms, that you must join because, in local markets, the competition is low but on the worldwide markets, the completion is high.


Special Note:
As mentioned earlier, the competition in these markets is high but this shouldn’t disappoint you. If you’re great at something then give it the cheap rates in the early days. Once you have complete 10 projects at the lowest prices, then surely people will admire your services and pay you whatever you deserve.

How to create an account on Fiverr as a seller?

Earn on fiverr absolutely free

Creating an account on Fiverr is quite simple. You can follow the following steps to create an account as a seller.

  1. Open and click “Join”.
  2. You can join with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account or simply enter your email address and press “Continue”.
  3. Select your username for the site, and choose a password, and press the “Join” button.
  4. You will receive an email to verify your account, click on “Activate your account”.
  5. Again on the in your account, click on your picture to open a tab.
  6. Click on “start selling”.
  7. Watch 3 informational videos for creating your services powerful “Gigs”.
  8. Always use unique content to create your Gigs. And share them with your friends and fellows.

Quick Tips:

  • Create all possible allowed Gigs relevant to your services. 7 allowed for the basic user.
  • Keep your prices very low to attract buyers
  • You must share your Gigs with your fellows to keep your Gigs active.
  • Once you get an order, give your best.

How to become a seller on Upwork?

Make money on Upwork

It’s far more simple to create a seller account on You can follow the following steps to get your profile approved on Upwork.

  1. Open
  2. Join using Gmail or Apple account or put your work email instead.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Add all the possible details of your services a bit professionally on your profile
  5. Wait for the approval
  6. Once your profile is approved, you can bid on the given projects.

How to create an account on Freelancer as a seller?

Earn money on

Follow the following steps to join as a seller.

  1. Open homepage of
  2. Click on Sign up.
  3. Continue with your Facebook account or put your email and chose a password and click on “Join Freelancer”.
  4. Choose a username
  5. Click on “I want to work”
  6. Select your skills (there are dozens of categories to choose from)
  7. You can choose 20. Choose the best ones because you will find projects based on your skills on your profile
  8. Click “Next Step”
  9. Complete your profile with your data
  10. Verify your payment method or Click on Skip for now.
  11. Buy premium membership or click “Skip for now”.
  12. Bid on the projects available on your profile
  13. Verify your email address

It’s not over here, there are dozens of other websites that you can join to offer your services. Some websites might be under your niches, for example, if you’re a writer or a photographer, then some websites will be specifically working on those niches. You just need to Google them. And it’s recommended.

2. Sell expired domains:

Sell expired domains to make money for free

If you’re a beginner, then surely you don’t know what are expired domains and how it could be a great source of making instant money only absolutely free.

That’s why let me make it a bit digestible with elaboration. If you’re quite new then you should get alone and read this carefully because it’s a technical thing to some extent.

First of all, try to understand what is the domain? Any website you see has a website address for recognization, like, this blog has an address This address is called a domain name. We register it on any registrar, like, Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, etc. Every registration has its time limit. It can be up to 10 years.

Now, let’s move to the next step- what are expired domains?

Any blog or website you find under Google searches has a backend practice that brings them to the top results of Google. For example, you searched for the term, “make instant money online absolutely free” and found this site on the top results. This is because of a practice called, SEO – that I have done on this webpage.

As you do SEO on a blog, it’s authority increases, we measure it with some tools, called, Moz, Ahref, and some other tools.

People work on their blogs and websites for some purposes, and once their project is completed or due to some other reasons, they couldn’t renew their registration.

It’s now expired. But it’s authority isn’t expired. Someone else can buy that domain at a regular price and can take benefit from its authority with no effort. You can find those powerful domains and sell them to the interested guys.
What you have to do to go and analyze available expired domains. Find more powerful expired domains and sell them to those who are willing to pay you for that authority.

How will you make sure that someone is interested to buy expired domains?

Well, for that you will require to join social media platforms like Facebook Groups, where SEO & Blogger are communicating with one another. You can also find some groups where people buy and sell domains.

In such groups, you can share screenshots of the stats to the people without telling them the exact domain name (because in that case, they will register it for free) ask them to pay you for searching that domain.

This is a bit strange but if you spend a day or two learning this business, then surely, you will be an expert on it.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Earn with affiliate marketing

It’s another super amazing thing that you can do to make instant money online absolutely free. Let’s illuminate it for your understanding.

As you see that every business is online, ain’t they? They are all trying hard to sell their product at the lowest cost. They are investing a lot of marketing and competing with competitors.

They all want sales, and to increase sales, they are looking for people who can invest their time or money to sell their products and take a commission on it.

Did you get it? That’s great.

Most of the businesses have their affiliate programs where people can join and sell their products. All such programs are free. You can join them and sell their products on your behalf and generate commission.

How to sell products and services?

Actually, it’s not that simple to answer.

To sell a product or service, you need a buyer who needs that service or product. Isn’t it so? How shall you do that? You can sell those products or services via email marketing or social media marketing that’s already discussed in the expired domains section.

However, email marketing is another thing. You can email your friends and fellow about the services or products you have, ask them to share with their fellows, whoever needs that service or product will buy it and you will get a commission.

Note: It’s a free method, there are some other great methods that you for affiliate marketing but all those methods cost money. The best among all those is running a blog, optimizing it, and selling your products to the right people without reaching them. If you can invest in it, then you can contact us to build you such a blog.

4. Consultation/Coaching:

It’s another free money making method. You won’t require to invest even a single penny to start this business. It’s totally free. The question that might arise in your mind is how to do it?

There must be something that you can offer to the people regarding their issues. For example, you might be good at business, communicating with others, teaching a subject, whatever that is, you can offer your services to the needy people.

There are dozens of websites that will help you find needy guys. For example, if you’re a native English and want to teach English then surely you can find dozens of platforms where people will hire you and happily pay you or the services.

5. BabySitting, PetSitting, Pet Walker

BabySitting best business to start free

It’s another great business to start earning for free.

If you can outside the home and offer your services then BabySitting or Pet Walker are wonderful jobs that you can start with. You can Google it and find perfect jobs near you.

Let’s say, you can search, BabySitting jobs near me, Pet walker jobs near me and you will find dozens of jobs around you.


Listen, you might be thinking that the above mentioned real ways to make online money absolutely free aren’t easy to do. I understand that these are not Surveys, Watching videos, or referral programs, but believe all those are a scam. They will never pay you even a single penny until you scam others for them. Scamming is a bad thing.

Just spend time learning these methods, you might require a month to understanding and running these businesses, in some cases, it can be a year if you don’t do it with enthusiasm but these are the only ways which you make your worth. These are real ways to earn from the internet. Don’t go anywhere and ruin your time, invest time learning valuable things and you will become a valuable person.

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