Money Counters Buying Guide: 10 Factors You Can’t-Miss

All those businesses or industries dealing with large sums of money need money counters. Money-counting machines save time, energy, resources and money. Isn’t it so?

But the question is how to buy a perfect money counter for a business.

How do money counters work? Which factors should you see in a money counter? How fast should it be? What should be the hopper size? What are the best money counters brands? What else matters in a money-counting machine?

In short, how not to regret your purchase.

Well-acquaintance of these questions is as important as buying money-counting machines for your business.

So if you need a money counting machine but are stuck because you don’t know what to look for in a money counter machine.

Then don’t worry; we have got you covered. 

In this article, after extensive research, I have gathered 10 factors upon which either the best-of-all or the worst-of-all money counter machine relies. 

All the factors mentioned here are important; you can’t miss them in your buying decision.

Let’s start with the ten important factors for buying a perfect money-counting machine.

Brand Reliability 

If you are investing a large chunk of money in a cash-counting machine. You must have some unspoken expectations about it. 

For instance, the great quality of the product, durability, timely delivery and excellent customer care service.

But these factors – no matter how crucial – are not entertained by every brand. That’s why purchasing through well-regarded brands becomes a necessity.

Not only does it relieve the tingling nerve of getting scammed.

Along with the top benefits of money counters, brand-bought money-counting machines also have additional benefits.

Listing some of their qualities — that customers have acknowledged — they provide every service they have claimed; these brands’ cash counter machines work comparatively faster and do not jam or stop in the middle of the counting process.

And these flexes are hard to find in every local money counter machine.

Brands like DETECK, Carnation, Munbyn, Kolibri, and Safescan have nailed their outstanding reputation on the hall of fame by providing the best and most trustworthy services. 

It is suggested to buy counters from the following brands solely.

We have a list of the 10 best money-counting machines from the best brands.

Customer Care Support 

When there is a strong bonding between product manufacturers and customers, reliability skyrockets. 

This is achieved through extraordinary customer service. 

Some brands offer a wide range of customer care support, like providing numbers so that the customers can directly contact the retailer and each feature is intended to value customers’ needs.

For this reason, look for money counter machines that provide excellent customer service.

That is because in case you face any inconvenience on your side or the product, i.e., the counter machine does not work properly, or you want to learn the advancements they made. You can call them to seek help; they will fix/update the machine within no time.

So you won’t feel the fear or anxiety of being scammed or a waste of time. 

Unsurprisingly, the big brands listen.

If you call brands like DETECK for any confusion, they will respond to you in a couple of minutes and try hard to fix the issue.

The thing is to look for the brands that offer customer care support as it is a blueprint of brand and product reliability and durability.

Speed of Counting

Let’s be honest; the fast speed of counting which money counters provide is the prime reason you buy them. 

So arguably, you cannot neglect this factor at any cost. 

Generally, the speed of most of the counters is somewhere between 1000- 1400 notes per minute. This speed goes a long way if you are a small, medium, or large business owner.

But some counters have speeds as high as 1900 bills per minute. It is most suitable for banks as they have tons of cash to count daily.

Although some counters have adjustable rates.

And if you are a small business owner and under budget, counters with the speed of 600 bills per minute can be effective.


When choosing the most suitable money counter for your business, keep in account the size of the money counter beforehand.

Since size won’t only influence the price of the counter but also the clutter it might cause.

And if you are a small business owner with a tight shelf space, purchase a small money counter. 

It would not only free up some space for you, but it will be more budget-friendly as well. 

Hotel sector and restaurant owners should buy small-sized money counter as it is easily portable.

The money counter’s size must be a minor concern for businesses such as supermarkets and laundry shops. 

However, you should invest in large-sized money counters because they come with additional perks. For instance, their counting speed and hopper size will be advanced comparatively. 

Multi-Currency Conversion

If your business involves different currencies or international clients, opt for money counters that can easily count and convert multi-currencies. 

Thankfully, the list we gathered and reviewed has this built-in feature in various high-end money counters. 

You can choose the currency from the touchpad, and it will convert it.

Some counter machines will automatically sum up the amount of the currency without having to choose the currency before.

This factor is crucial, especially if you need a money counter for a bank. 

Counterfeit Detection

With millions of counterfeit bills in circulation and all perfectly camouflaged. Identifying one through the naked human eye becomes challenging and time-consuming.

But don’t worry; most counter machines have a built-in counterfeit detection mechanism, a chic feature you would be silly to overlook. 

There are several techniques that counterfeit detectors use. Some of them are UV detection, magnetic sensors, and spectrum analysis. 

The fake bills are either deposited in the reject pocket. But in case of a missing reject pocket, if a counterfeit bill is detected, the machine stops counting precisely after the fake bill. 

These techniques have successfully served to counter counterfeit bills in no time. 

Although many machines come with the feature, there still are some exceptions. So look carefully for the products that offer this feature. 

Hopper Size

Although hoppers’ size isn’t much of a concern, but if you need one for the bank, this becomes a necessity. 

Hopper is the pocket where you place the money that you want to count. 

The larger the size of the hopper, the more money you can pile up in one go.

Hence saves the time and effort of continuously putting money in small chunks. And deleting the previous measures to count the new stack of money. 

Average hoppers can settle 200 bills at a time. So do not settle for any lesser hopper capacity.

Mixed Value Detection

The mixed denomination value detection feature is essential to consider before buying a money counter machine. 

Unfortunately, not all counters are equipped with mixed-value detectors, so you must first sort the similar bills together and then set them in, which can be time-consuming. 

What this feature does is it counts any random bills you place in the hopper. It saves a hell lot of time, especially if you own supermarkets or any large business.

Accuracy Rate

The accuracy rate is critical. The money counter you buy should be highly accurate.

High-accuracy rate machines will save you time that would otherwise be spent on refilling the stack up again and again. 

And still ending up with a jammed machine. Or the counts erased entirely. This can be overly annoying. 

This is why choose a machine with a high accuracy rate, although it will be reflected in a high price rise.

But it is worth the money.

For some small businesses, low accuracy rate devices work pretty well if you are under budget. 

But you must endure the pain of restocking the money in the hopper.


Durability accounts for the tenure between product purchase and its longevity of stay till it breaks down.

The durability of money counter machines varies significantly with the brand as well as the price.

The more durable the cash counter, the heavier the price. 

But there is a hidden math involved here. 

The long durability of money counter machines is cheaper than their cost. How?

You see, cheap and non-durable counters are prone to wearing and damage. And do not last long. 

So you have to buy a new one again and again.

On the other hand, a long durable product that is expensive can be only a one-time investment. Hence saves you thousands of dollars in the longer run.

Invest in a durable cash counter machine to ease your life and pockets.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with all these factors. Just keep in mind what your business type is and focus on the elements of the money counter machine that would add value to it. 

We have a list of money counter machines, have a peek at them. Now that you know what you want it will be easier to choose what to buy.

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