One-Page Website Price: Cheap Solution For Business Owners

We all know that businesses are moving online rapidly because it has marvelous benefits. There are tons of free ways to make your business appear online. But a website is the most essential thing for the online presence of a business.

It builds trust, gains free traffic, helps people interact with you, along with tons of other benefits.

But the question is how much a business website will cost you?

You might be afraid that it will cost you a lot of money.

Cheap solution

Creating a business website is not as expensive as some freelancers, or companies will present it to you. Sometimes you can do it in less than a hundred bucks (yearly).

Basically, there is a cheap way to create a business website (especially a one-page website) that we are going to discuss here.

Your business website won’t use any expensive tools. Still, it will look like a highly professional website and even a web store.

While creating a cheap website the best way is to use WordPress because it’s free. Additionally, it gives you full access to do anything with your website.

It can be your personal blog, business page website, and an eCommerce store. Everything is possible on WordPress.

Here is how easy it is.

  • Install the WordPress
  • Select a theme (free or paid)
  • Choose your plugins (based on the website demand)
  • And hit publish

You can do anything on it, and it will cost you (almost) the same.

There are a few questions that might arise in your mind.

  1. Can you build a professional website with WordPress or any other free CMS?
  2. Is it safe like other services?
  3. How easy or hard it is?
  4. How much it will roughly cost you?

Let’s try to answer the questions, and help you understand everything about your business website.

Surely, you can build a professional website with WordPress, and you can make it as secure as you want.

Secondly, there are many plugins, bloggers and business owners use to secure their websites. Some are free, and some cost you a little money.

Now let’s move forward to answer the other important questions.

It’s pretty easy to build a business website with any design you want.

The only thing you need is to understand what you want and how it should appear?

If you have no idea how it should appear you can look for suggestions. There are tons of templates compatible with business needs. You can either buy the template or send the photo to your designer to design it for you.

How to build a cheap business website?

Now to help you understand, how much it will cost you, let’s go through the complete process of building a one-page website.

Buy your domain

godaddy domain price

The first step is to choose and buy the right domain name.

If you are a brand, the best scenario is to buy a domain with your brand name. Otherwise, you should have a name with a broad meaning.

The next step is also important where you will see how much you shall pay for the domain.

Chose the right extension for your domain.

The extension along with your name should give an idea of your business.

Here are the most common domain extensions, you will also learn why those extensions are used.

Once you are clear about which domain extension suits you, follow the following steps to buy your domain.

As I keep domains on Godaddy, so I shall tell you how you can buy a domain on Godaddy. It doesn’t cost you much higher than most of the other domain registrars.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the domain
  3. Select the domain with your required extensions.
  4. Continue to the cart and complete paying for the domain

The domain might cost you from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars, depending on the domain name, and extension.

Let’s say you are a store, and your store name isn’t a premium name, you can get at a very cheap rate. Maybe, at $2 (promotional). After that, you can renew it at a regular cost of nearly $80 a year.

Similarly, if it’s a .com domain, you can get it at $3 (for the first year) and renew it at $20 a year.

On average, it will cost you $10 to buy a domain for your business website for the first year.

Buy hosting for your website

The next step is to choose Hosting for your website.

There are many hosting providers out there. All the popular ones are great.

You can even go for your favorite one, but if you are looking for a best cheap solution, Hostinger is matchless.

I am using Hostinger for a long, and I have never been in any trouble unless I get more traffic than my plan.

Before we discuss how you can choose a plan, let me tell you the only drawback of using Hostinger.

Once you need support, you might need to wait for 20 to 30 minutes to get a response from the agent.

It sucks.

Now, let’s see which plan is best for you, and how much it costs.

The only thing that matter in choosing a plan is your traffic.

How much traffic will your website get?

Here are the details for small to medium-sized websites.

Hostinger hosting plans prices

For instance, we imagine that you go for business shared hosting for your medium-sized business website.

So the price for your hosting is $60 a year.

Select your content management system

There are many CMSs that you can use for your business website.

The most famous CMSs are, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

You can install any of the systems.

Secondly, you can also ask a developer to develop your website and host it on your hosting.

Everything is possible.

As it’s a one-page website, my recommendation is to use WordPress.

There are tons of plugins, and themes that help you design and run your website easily.

Design your website

The last step is to design your website.

Whatever CMS you use, there are many themes you can use.

Surely, the best ones are the paid ones.

If you don’t find a suitable design for your website. The best is to ask someone to do it.

Designing a website may include many things, and it’s worth investing to ask a professional to manage it.

Actually, your website outlook matters the most in user experience.

Hire a designer

If you manage to do it yourself, it’s great, and it won’t cost you any dollars.

Otherwise, a designer will charge you some money and will create a perfect landing page for your business website.

A designer will charge you up to $200 and they will manage to do everything you want them to do.

Make sure you are clear about what you want, and also know SEO basics so that you could also prioritize and raise questions if they didn’t do well.

For instance, website speed is now a Google ranking factor. A bad designer may ruin your response time, and hence website speed.

It’s questionable. Makes sense?

Create content

A designer won’t create content for you. It’s all your responsibility to provide him with content.

The content may be simple text, testimonials, and a description of your business.

Business blog writers will charge you a small amount to do it for you.

The total cost may range from $20 to $100 if it’s textual content. The images are sometimes free from and sometimes it will cost you.

One-page website price estimation

At last, we can estimate the total cost of a one-page business or personal website.

There are a few one-time investments.

One-time costs can be from $100 to $300 depending on the work.

Yearly charges are up to $80.

So the total cost to build and run a one-page business website ranges from $180 to $380.

Secondly, if you can design your website yourself, then the website price will be up to $80 a year only. It’s the only cheap method to create a one-page business website.

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