Request Indexing Tool Is Enabled In Google Search Console

Google enables “Request Indexing” tool in the google search central (formerly called Google Webmasters). 

For bloggers and search engine optimization experts, indexing links to google is the biggest challenge. Because they understand that without indexing a link on search engines, that link is useful, it has no worth other than someone’s self-satisfaction because he will get no benefit from it in SEO.

That’s why SEO experts and bloggers are far more concerned with indexing links to search engines and especially on google.

Blogger used to use “Google Search Console” to index their blog’s or website’s links and use some other tools for pinging and indexing their backlinks.

Unfortunately, Google disabled the option to request indexing on 14 October 2020 and bloggers were worried about the Indexing. The reason is that they were facing Indexing issues, even on their own blogs and websites.

Request Indexing is enabled now

Request Indexing option of Google search console

Now, Google has announced on Twitter that they have enabled the requesting option once again after 69 days, and it’s worth sharing with the small business owners that they can now easily index their links with the tool.

My opinion:

However, it doesn’t guarantee that it will solve other indexing issues of backlinks. It’s been noticed since long that Google has changed its criteria to index links. I have noticed that many times Google crawls the page but doesn’t add it to search index. It depends on the quality of the link you’re submitting.

If it’s a low-quality webpage or a webpage where most of the people spam, then definitely, now it becomes harder to get indexed.

So, in that case, when bloggers don’t have access to a site’s Search Console, they can’t make sure if a link was indexed or not.

Just hope that with enabling the option they have improved indexing of regular links as well.

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