About Us

The mission of Sturdy Business

We have summarized Sturdy Business’s purpose in three words.

Build, Grow, and Retain!

That’s what we want others to succeed in.

Here is a brief explanation of what these three words mean to us.

We want individuals (and businesses) to build businesses, grow their businesses to get the optimal results, and retain the growth keeping employees and clients happy.

To achieve this goal, we follow the following golden rule.

We believe success leaves blueprints. If you got the right recipe, you would win.

We find the blueprints and publish them for free.

We strive hard to extract the best practical knowledge from industry experts and make it free.

The mission is to make valuable information free of cost for all so that if any business owner or a manager is in trouble at any stage, they would browse the internet and get the solution without paying a penny.

.We will focus on all the areas of building, growing, and retaining the growth over time.

Special note:

Let’s make this guidance free together. You can support our mission.

Who is behind this purpose?

Junaid Raza is behind this good cause.

He is a short story writer, certified SEO, and enthusiastic about business management.

He has a sensitive heart. He doesn’t want to see anyone in trouble, especially when they are passionate about changing their lives positively.

He spends hours and hours researching to find the best solutions to businesses’ problems.

To provide the best information, he joins new courses, extracts the best knowledge from business consultants and industry experts, and tries to solve others’ problems on Sturdy Business.

He believes in Honesty, Integrity, and Truth.

That are also the values for sturdybusiness.com.

Areas we initiated with

To achieve the goals, here are the areas we initiated with.

PS: If you have any queries, you can use our contact us page.

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