About Us

Why I started SturdyBusiness.com?

It’s a long story, but I shall make it a brief one for you. First, I saw that hundreds of thousands of people have energy, but they don’t know how to monetize their powers so that they could live a better life.

This is what happened to me, I struggled for years (online) but couldn’t succeed, and the top reason was lack of appropriate knowledge.

Even today, many people come on the internet to make a livelihood or start their own online business, and they start with surveys and other Ponzi schemes and hence disappointed. However, I was a bit luckier than even without guidance, I never quit, and finally, the failure became a success.

But, I don’t want people to wait for years to make a livelihood, and I don’t want them to live with job pressure. A jobholder never gets rich, so all this led me to Sturdy Business.

Aim of SturdyBusiness.com

Sturdy Business aims to help people improve their financial IQ because Robert Kiyosaki (my mentor) says that you can’t succeed in financial life without a financial IQ.

With improving financial IQ, people can succeed in their businesses and investments. So we shall provide research-based articles that will get them to a successful stressless life.

Categories we work on

The following are the categories we will focus on so that people could get a better life.

The categories are chosen after outstanding research because these are the most significant ones for business development or financial growth.

PS: If you have any queries, then you can use our contact us page.

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