One-Page Website Price: Cheap Solution For Business Owners

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We all know that businesses are moving online rapidly because it has marvelous benefits. There are tons of free ways to make your business appear online. But a website is the most essential thing for the online presence of a business. It builds trust, gains free traffic, helps people interact with you, along with tons … Read more

How Do I Find My LSI Keywords? 3 Tools And 1 Free Method

lsi keywords examples

LSI keywords have huge significance in SEO. Once I realized the importance, it changed the way I was writing and my SEO technique too. Earlier, I was working on a traditional blogging site – focusing on a keyword in the article and ranking with backlinks. Once I realized how the Google algorithm might work, I … Read more

Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist (With 7 Free Alternatives)

Sites like Craigslist

No doubt, Craigslist is on the top among the most popular classified ad posting sites in the USA, but still, many people are looking for some best sites like Craigslist, where they could buy or sell stuff or post or find jobs. Those looking for some other sites like Craigslist might have two reasons, either … Read more

Why Use SEO Tools? 8 Must-Have SEO Tools for Beginners

must have seo tools for beginners

Let’s see what SEO tools do, and why you should use them. After that, we will discuss what are the must-have SEO tools. The interesting part is that most of the must-tools are free. Before we discuss anything let me clear two misconceptions about SEO Tools. Beginners think SEO tools must be expensive. Beginners think … Read more

Is SEO Important For Small Businesses? (11 Real Benefits)

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In research, it’s found that people (at least in the US) spend 3x more time on blogs and social media than on emails. It means you can better engage them on social media or with blogs. Social media has different marketing strategies that businesses use, but to engage the user on blogs, you need SEO … Read more

Find Untapped Keywords For A Business Or A New Blog

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For online business success, keyword research is one of the BIGGEST online success factors. If you are good at finding great keywords, everything else in SEO becomes way too easy. I bet! I am truly not overvaluing keyword research. And this weight on keyword research doesn’t mean putting other things down. It’s a fact that … Read more

Why Businesses Are Moving Online (And Why You Must Be)

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To help you understand why businesses are moving online, let’s start with this crazy fact. In research, it’s found that 88% of American buyers use online search before completing their purchase. That means even if someone makes an in-store purchase or purchases online, 9 out of 10 buyers search online about the product. It could … Read more

How Does Google Rank Content? It’s Different In 2022

how does google rank content

After the mid-2019 update regarding content, rankings are easier than earlier. Now you can focus on content quality and rank higher on Google. It’s a fact that Backlinks has a direct relation with rankings but it’s becoming a secondary factor in rankings. If you have a user-friendly site with valuable content, you can definitely outrank … Read more

Rank New Content Faster (Treat Google Algo As A Child)

how to rank new content faster

If you start a brand new website or post new content, the biggest issue you face is ranking on Google’s first page, especially at number 1. It’s an old saying that you can’t rank on Google’s first page for a few months, or at least without authority. But things have changed now. If you follow … Read more

10 Easy Link Building Strategies For Websites (9 Are Free)

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Before we get started with my easy link-building strategies, which always lead my websites to rich snippets, I want to share something interesting with you. Do you have an extra minute to know? After that, I shall share the best easy link-building strategies for your small business. Here we go. Yesterday, someone messaged me on Twitter with an … Read more