9 Best Practices To Fix Google Indexing Issues

reasons google doesn't index websites

Sometimes Google doesn’t index new content or even complete websites. If this happens, we all want to know why Google is crawling or discovering content but not indexing it. It’s so frustrating that we all webmasters want to force Google to index our content. We try our level best to index our posts. But sometimes, … Read more

Web Design: Importance, Key Factors, And Reasons To Invest

web design: importance and reasons to invest

Let’s break the ice with a simple definition of web design. Web design is the overall appearance of a website; it’s how a user will see, feel and interact with your website. If the design can’t capture the user’s attention, you can never convert the user into a loyal customer, or you will miss tons … Read more

Best 5 Tools To Find LSI keywords

lsi keywords examples

If you write an article about Apple, how do search engines know which Apple you are discussing? Apple – a fruit or company? Search engines understand it with relevant keywords and phrases. Those keywords and phrases which help search engines better understand the article are called LSI keywords. The better the LSI you use, the … Read more

Improve WordPress Site Speed: Pass CVW With A Score of 100

cwv mobile score 100

First, here are the screenshots of my score of 100 on the PageSpeed test. My website is fast, yet I never lose an opportunity to improve my website speed because I know how it has an impact on rankings and conversions. Google says that core web vitals are ranking factors; Core web vitals are mostly … Read more

One-Page Business Website Price (Best Shopify Alternative)

website price build website cheap

71% of the businesses have their websites. Others (usually small business owners) find building and maintaining a website hard or expensive. But that’s not true. This guide covers both areas. You will learn how to start and maintain your business website easily and how to do it under your budget. But before we proceed to … Read more

Top 10 Practical Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog

reasons small businesses should blog

To understand why small businesses should blog, let’s start with this fact. According to Hubspot research, 81% of businesses consider blogs as very useful and critical for a successful business. So if you don’t have a business website, or you don’t blog, it means you are missing a very useful and critical thing in your … Read more

9 Best Ways To Make Your Business Appear On Google Search

make business appear on google

Every business should appear on Google search; there are two significant reasons why your business should appear on google search. Suppose you have made up your mind to put your business online. Here is another great news; It takes a few minutes to an hour to show up your business on Google search. Even a … Read more

7 Ways To Find Untapped Keywords And Skip Competition

unique method of keywords research on google example

Before we discuss the best ways to find untapped keywords, let’s briefly understand the meaning of untapped keywords and why these are the best keywords for your next blog strategy. Untapped keywords, also known as underserved keywords, are the ones that no one is targeting on the internet; or quite a few people are discussing … Read more

Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist (With 7 Free Alternatives)

Sites like Craigslist

No doubt, Craigslist is on the top among the most popular classified ad posting sites in the USA, but still, many people are looking for some best sites like Craigslist, where they could buy or sell stuff or post or find jobs. Those looking for some other sites like Craigslist might have two reasons, either … Read more

Why Use SEO Tools? 8 Must-Have SEO Tools for Beginners

must have seo tools for beginners

Let’s see what SEO tools do, and why you should use them. After that, we will discuss what are the must-have SEO tools. The interesting part is that most of the must-tools are free. Before we discuss anything let me clear two misconceptions about SEO Tools. Beginners think SEO tools must be expensive. Beginners think … Read more