11 Best Practices To Make Employees Loyal And Committed

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Employee loyalty is not something that evolves on its own. It can be built or destroyed with actions. There are two major factors that influence employees to be loyal or disloyal: One is culture, and the other is employers’ character, attitude, and loyalty to the company. So it’s all up to you to encourage loyalty … Read more

Here Is How Bad Employees Ruin Good Employees

bad employees affect the whole business

Harvard Business Review conducted research and found that an employee’s bad behavior can be so contagious that it can corrupt the whole team. If you don’t take precautionary steps against non-performing employees, your business might suffer a lot. In the longer run, you might lose your loyal employees. So to take steps against bad employees, … Read more

3 Steps Formula for Managing Disobedient Employees

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Disobedient employees are a part of every workplace. Because disobedience is a behavior. And behaviors change with time and mood. One good employee today can be difficult some other day. So if you own a business or manage a team, you will meet disobedient employees one day. When you meet disobedient employees, you have two … Read more

13 Bad Employee Traits (Clear Signs To Let Them Go)

bad employees affect the whole business

If you have ever worked at any organization or company as a manager or an employee, you must have met problem employees. It’s no more a secret that good and bad employees are a part of every organization. Although the ratio of bad employees is low, but bad employees ruin good employees too. Most of … Read more

7 Ways To Handle Difficult Employees Not Working

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Difficult employees are problematic employees who don’t take responsibility for their assigned work. These kinds of employees are everywhere, especially in startups and small businesses. It’s because of the culture and expectations of employees. Startups and small businesses don’t implement all the values in the business culture, or at least employees underestimate values. There you … Read more

Top 6 Characteristics Of Great Managers and Leaders

characteristics of great managers and leaders

It’s an old saying that employees quit managers, not companies. Many employees have said that most managers and leaders often lack the characteristics of great managers. In research – Horrible Bosses, 82% of the employees said they would quit their jobs due to a bad manager. In another study – Frontline leaders project, 57% of … Read more

55+ Happy Work Anniversary Messages In A Unique Style

Best wishes on the workiversary to fellow

Celebrating work anniversaries is important because it increases employees’ sense of belonging and inclusion; research confirmed that a sense of belonging and inclusivity increases job performance by 56%. If you don’t have plans for hangout, you can still send work anniversary messages to appreciate employees. But, while wishing coworkers and employees their workiversaries (work anniversaries), … Read more

9 Steps To Create Positive Change In The Workplace

create positive change in the workplace

Sometimes you join a small business or an organization where you meet toxic culture and bad employees. You are not satisfied with it. So you decide to create positive change in the workplace. If that is the case with you, creating permanent change will be very hectic. In some stories, you will become a monster, … Read more

10 Reasons Why Employees Resist Change In The Workplace

why employees resist change in the workplace

Resistance to change is natural. No one wants to change until he is delighted with the change. The same is with employees. Employees resist change in the workplace due to some uncertainties and personal reasons. Those reasons, later on, become conflicts. Here are the top reasons employees (even managers) don’t respond to a change in … Read more

4 Steps Action Plan For Non-Performing Employees

action plan for non-performing employees

Employees’ performance means a lot to a business. In fact, employees run any business. If employees are not working efficiently, it will result in a considerable loss or business failure. That’s why managers and leaders must learn to manage any kind of employee. This leadership skill is one of the characteristics of great managers and … Read more