4 Basic Needs To Attract And Retain Loyal Employees

Your business totally depends on your employees. If you have loyal employees, your employees’ loyalty will bring your business to the next level. But unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen. According to Gallup’s research, 70% of American employees are disengaged. Disengagement in professional life is disloyalty. In fact, it’s not for no reason. As we have … Read full article

Hiring A Business Blog Writer? Here Is A Detailed Guide

Blogging has many benefits; it helps businesses get 55% more traffic, hence more leads and conversions. Secondly, it is itself a complete business; many established blogs make thousands of dollars a month. So let’s say you are an established business, and you realize that a blog could play a big role in your online marketing, … Read full article

A Startup Blog Strategy To Get Highest Leads And Sales

Over 50% of businesses said that a business blog is a highly powerful marketing tool. Some companies get the best returns on investments with their business blogs. But not all businesses get the same results. Some businesses don’t consider it as worth investing in. It’s not because blogs are not influential, but there is something … Read full article

What Must An Entrepreneur Assume When Starting A Business?

Before we answer precisely what must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business, let’s see how significant it is. You might have heard popular Buddhist teachings, “you are what you think you are,” and the same is for your business. However, whatever an entrepreneur thinks of business, it has a significant impact on the company. So … Read full article

Top 9 Primary Reasons That 45% Of New Businesses Fail

Before we get started with the top reasons why new businesses fail, let’s see how many new businesses actually fail early on. According to a small business failure report by SBA, 20 percent of new businesses fail early on – say in the first 1 or 2 years. The percentage increases to 45 percent in the following … Read full article