A Startup Blog Strategy To Get Highest Leads And Sales

a winning blog strategy

Over 50% of businesses said that a business blog is a highly powerful marketing tool. Some companies get the best returns on investments with their business blogs. But not all businesses get the same results. Some businesses don’t consider it as worth investing in. It’s not because blogs are not influential, but there is something … Read more

How Should Managers Spend Their Time For Optimal Results?

how should managers spend time to get best results

Managers play a significant role in any team’s success or failure. The Predictive Index survey concluded that 63% of the employees were planning to leave the job due to poor managers. Poor management doesn’t mean that team members are disrespected or not empowered, but many other factors lead to poor management. If a manager is … Read more

What Must An Entrepreneur Assume When Starting A Business?

What An Entrepreneur Must Assume When Starting A Business?

Before we answer precisely what must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business, let’s see how significant it is. You might have heard popular Buddist teachings, “you are what you think you are,” the same is for your business. However, whatever an entrepreneur thinks of business, it has a significant impact on the company. So it’s … Read more

Top 9 Primary Reasons That 45% Of New Businesses Fail

Primary reasons why new businesses fail

Before we get started with the top reasons why new businesses fail, let’s see how many new businesses actually fail early on. According to a small business failure report by SBA, 20 percent of the new businesses fail early on – say in the first 1 or 2 years. The percentage increases to 45 percent in the … Read more

4 Plugins To Improve WordPress Site Speed (Score 100)

100 score on page insights wordpress site

It’s clear that website speed is one of the most critical factors to rank on Google. The reason is that Google wants webmasters to provide the best user experience – on desktops and mobiles. And it’s not for no reason. Google has found that people spend more time on the sites with the best user … Read more

Google Search Console Is Important For Rankings

benefits of using google search console

This article might be more personalized and somehow biased. And the writing style is also different from my other articles. The reason is that I truly love and honor the google search console (GSC). And I want to express my feelings about GSC. Actually, I have already shared 11 undeniable benefits of using the google … Read more

7 Benefits Of Hiring External Consultants (#3 Is Huge)

Benefits of external consultants

Before we proceed to the benefits of external consultants, let’s briefly see who consultants are and what they do. A consultant diagnoses problems, offers practical solutions based on his expertise and experience, or provides critical analysis for business development. There are two types of business consultants, internal consultants, and external consultants. Internal consultants are employed … Read more

4 Basic Needs To Attract And Retain Loyal Employees

building loyal employees team

Team building is tough. You spend too much time reaching people out, interviewing, and onboarding; still, there is a long journey ahead. But it becomes hectic when you realize that people are not loyal to your business or your well-trained employees leave your company. Isn’t it so? The problem is that your business relies on … Read more

Top Small Business Blog Writers: Hire Budget Copywriters

hire freelance writer on scripted

Hiring the right blog writer is as important as having a blog. So instead of directly telling you the best places to hire a business blog writer, I thought to let you know a few crazy facts. Blogs can get you 400% more traffic. More traffic can get you more conversions if your writer has … Read more

4 Steps Success Formula To Achieve Business Goals

success formula to achieve business goals

Indeed, you can’t achieve anything without setting SMART goals. But in business, setting SMART goals is not enough. You need a practical strategy that always works to achieve business goals. It saves time, money, and other forms of energy. This is what we are discussing today. We got the right recipe to achieve any business … Read more