Goals Setting: Importance Of SMART Goals In Business

setting SMART goals

I recently set some SMART goals for SturdyBusiness.com. It had a magical impact on my brain. After setting SMART goals for my business, I realized the importance of SMART goals in business. And that’s what I have decided to share with you. Though I believed that I had a complete plan for the blog in … Read more

10 Easy Link Building Strategies For Websites (9 Are Free)

easy link building strategies

Before we get started with my easy link-building strategies, which always lead my websites to rich snippets, I want to share something interesting with you. Do you have an extra minute to know? Here we go. Yesterday, someone messaged me on Twitter with an appreciation that I am making others’ lives easier. I was humbled and grateful for … Read more

Local Business Online Marketing Guide: It’s Almost Free

local business online marketing with google

Suppose you are already a Sturdy Business reader. In that case, many things in the local business online marketing guide might not be new to you because we have already discussed many of the things in other articles. As we already know that there are tons of benefits to be online. That’s why businesses are moving … Read more

Social Media Strategies For Car Dealerships (Save 90% Cost)

Social media strategies for car dealerships

The research discovered that 95% of car buyers use the internet before their purchase. That means almost all car buyers keep the internet a part of their research and suggestions before buying a car. What do they use the most? It’s Google and social media the most. That’s why as it’s essential to make your business appear … Read more

Top Small Business Blog Writers (Let’s Pick The Best One)

hire freelance writer on scripted

I am pretty sure you must be familiar with the massive impact of blogs in the business. That’s why you are looking for small business blog writers. But if you are confused, either you should start a blog for your small business, or making your business appear on Google is enough for you. Let me explain … Read more

The 6 Tools You’ll Need To Do Business On The Go

business growth

As more people get vaccinated and travel restrictions ease, out-of-the-office workers such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote employees are slowly feeling more confident about taking their jobs out of the house. In fact, the global co-working space market is expected to increase to $8.14 billion by the end of the year, and eventually $13 billion in 2025. … Read more

Why Do Laundromats Fail? (14 Mistakes You Must Avoid)

laundromats business failure

The laundromat business is one of the highly profitable businesses in the United States and worldwide. That is the reason that it has been an eye-catching business for entrepreneurs. But still, many laundromats fail. There might come a question in your mind: if it’s a highly profitable and rewarding business, why do laundromats fail? It’s not for … Read more

Find Untapped Keywords For A Business Or A New Blog

unique method of keywords research on google example

For online business success, keyword research is one of the BIGGEST factors. If you are good at finding great keywords, everything becomes way too easy. I bet! I am truely not overvaluing keyword research. And this weight on keyword research doesn’t mean putting other things down. It’s a fact that creating a clickable title, a … Read more

Why Businesses Are Moving Online (And Why You Must Be)

higher profits graph after being online

To help you understand why businesses are moving online, let’s start with this crazy fact. In a research, it’s found that 88% of American buyers use online search before completing their purchase. That means even someone makes an in-store purchase or purchases online, 9 out of 10 buyers search online about the product. It could … Read more

4 Unique Ways To Tag A Business On Facebook For Free Traffic

How to tag a business on facebook like pro

Facebook has over 2 billion active users a month. If your business is not on it, you’re surely losing a huge market to get a portion from. The other most appealing factor to tag a business on Facebook is that it’s absolutely free. As being a business owner, I do understand how important it is … Read more