Is Owning A Used Or New Car Dealership Business Profitable?

car dealerships business

To understand if owning a car dealership business (either used or new) is profitable or not, let’s start with some verified stats. According to Statista, approximately 2.2m cars were produced in the United States last year. And there are over 287 million registered cars out there (according to 2021 stats). Almost all of them are traded … Read more

9 Unique Web Development Startup Ideas (#4 Is Awesome)

web development startup ideas

We have already discussed business ideas for developers and programmers. Those ideas could be an excellent fit for all developers and programmers, in general. But upon request, we thought to share nine unique web development startup ideas. Web development has great significance in the online market. As the internet market is growing, the potential for … Read more

How To Start a Youtube Channel And Get Paid By Companies

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Whatever you do, YouTube welcomes you to start a free YouTube channel and get paid. The reason is that YouTube has become the world’s top visual search engine. It has over 2 billion active users a month. That means more than 1/4 of the world use YouTube. They simply don’t use it for entertainment. People … Read more

Start Successful Blogging Without Money (Or With Just $1)

start blogging without money complete guide

I put too much emphasis on starting a blog or a YouTube channel. If you explore my business ideas, you will find that starting a blog is among all business ideas lists. Here is the reason. People are making millions of dollars from blogging. A blogger shared his stats that he made $15,000 from his main … Read more

How Much Money Do You Really Need To Start Any Business?

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Money is a basic thing needed to start a business. You can start some businesses without investments, but those can only be some startups. For instance, the money needed to start startups like Blogging, YouTubing, and other similar businesses is $500, and that’s the average cost of affordable business laptops. But when it comes to the laundry business, it costs … Read more

Laundromat Business Profit (Everything You Need To Know)

laundromat business profitability

The laundry business makes up to 20% profit on average. But some make even more than 35% with utilizing the best tactics that we will discuss here. Other than that, recent earning stats shows that laundromats make $500 profit a day, on average. Definitely, some experts are making way more than that. That means the … Read more

8 Startup Ideas For Developers And Programmers (#2 Is Big)

top startup ideas for developers and programmers

Dozens of startup ideas are there available for developers and programmers. However, a few of them are most practical for beginners. Here is the list of such fantastic startup ideas for developers one ever dreamed of starting, running, and overgrowing. But before we get started, let me be obvious to you a few things. Starting … Read more

Top 6 Businesses For Kids (Become Millionaire like Others)

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You must be wondering if kids can also start businesses to generate massive incomes or businesses only belong to teenagers and adults. If so then here is practical answer. The Internet has changed the trend; people have far more opportunities for businesses than ever; now, kids can also run a business and make it successful. … Read more