Social Media Strategies For Car Dealerships (Save 90% Cost)

The research discovered that 95% of car buyers use the internet before their purchase. That means almost all car buyers keep the internet a part of their research and suggestions before buying a car.

What do they use the most?

It’s Google and social media the most.

That’s why as it’s essential to make your business appear on Google or have a blog for your business, so is the to use effective social media strategies for car dealerships.

What will you get in return?

Research also discovered that those who use digital marketing strategies for car dealerships business spend 90% less advertising costs.

Here is the difference.

On average, car dealerships spend $1500 on traditional advertising per car sold. On the other hand, this cost becomes $150 a car with digital marketing.

That’s a huge difference. It will help you make more money from your car dealerships business.

So let’s discuss the best social media strategies for car dealerships.

Although, we have tried to make things pretty easy for you, keep in mind that only an expert can save tons of your advertising costs because they understand the get more with spending pretty less.

So only use these social media strategies yourself until you can’t afford to hire a digital marketing expert for your business.


84% of automotive buyers use Facebook. That’s a significant figure.

It means that almost 9 out of 10 of your car buyers are on Facebook, and you can target them.

It’s not always expensive to target users on Facebook because Facebook offers multiple methods to advertise your products for free.

Here are the top 4 methods to advertise your business on Facebook.

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Groups
  • Business page
  • Ads

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook offers a free marketplace to buy and sell stuff. Say it’s cars, you can list your cars on Facebook Marketplace just like other classified ad posting sites, and your ads will start attracting users locally.

It’s a massive opportunity for car dealerships because it won’t cost even a single penny unless you advertise your listing.

You don’t need any expertise to list your cars on Facebook Marketplace. If you have eye-catching photos of your cars, it won’t take long to list all of your cars.

It will appear like your online Dealership on the Facebook store. So it’s one of the finest opportunities to market your car dealerships business online with social media.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are one of the finest places to market your product or service for free. And you get massive results if you do it right.

As I am in blogging, writing and marketing, most of the groups under my profile are relevant to my business. I interact with people, buy relevant services, and most of the time learn a lot.

That means Facebook groups has great significance in my business.

So it can be for you.

There must be groups for your local area, where people buy and sell stuff locally or share helpful information about cars.

You need to find them, and you can do it easily. 

Put the search terms like Cars, Tesla cars, buy sell cars in New York, etc., in the search box, and it will bring you all available groups for your local area.

You should join all those groups and start answering other queries.

Once you start getting responses in the group, Facebook will see you as an active member of the group and thus, it will enhance your posts reach.

In short, Facebook groups will provide you huge marketplace to advertise your cars locally to like-minded people.

Business Page

It’s another free method to attract the right buyers for free.

However, it’s not that much easy as the other two are. Here you will build an audience around your business page with handy information. Once you have a good audience, you can start offering them your car deals.

Facebook Ads

Among all social media strategies for car dealerships, Facebook ads are one of the most effective and cost-effective methods to reach out to the right buyers within no time.

Here you don’t need to wait for anything. Once you add information and pay for it, it will start appearing to your selected audience.

Digital marketing experts know how to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) from the data you collect from your ads and use it to maximize conversions with pretty little cost.

In Facebook Ads, you need an expert because an expert will save you a lot of money.


Here are some fantastic stats you must know to understand why Pinterest should be on your top priority in your social media strategies for your car dealership.

  • Pinterest has over 400m active users a month, and 45% of them have a household income over 100K.
  • 97% of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded.
  • 85% of the pinners say that they use Pinterest to start any new project.

In short, it’s one of the best places to build a loyal audience for your business.

Here is how it works.

Pinterest is a social platform that works like a search engine. Here people search for designs, models, and other graphics related stuff.

That means people it’s an excellent opportunity to attract those who are searching for car-related stuff.

There are two methods to attract buyers.

  1. Optimize your pins
  2. Use Ads

If you hire a Pinterest expert, an expert can get you huge traffic to your business for free however, if you don’t have time to grow your Business Pinterest Page and looking for quick results. Then using Pinterest Ads could be the best solution.


LinkedIn is the place for professionals. It has over 660m registered users, and out of them, over 300m are monthly active users.

39% of the LinkedIn users are premium traffic.

That means they could be companies decisions makers, CEOs and other business people.

All those could be highly attractive for your car dealership business.

There are three practical methods to reach the right buyers.

  1. LinkedIn Profile
  2. LinkedIn Business Page
  3. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Profile

You can add up to 30,000 connections to your profile. That’s a huge figure to imagine.

You can attract thousands of your local LinkedIn users and keep them engaging with your valuable posts and other stuff.

Once they are interested, you can sell them anything.

LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn also allows you to create a business page and attract as many people as you want.

You can create a highly engaging Car Dealership page where you can share helpful stuff. In this way, you can attract your local audience for brand awareness and convince them to visit your dealership.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads should also be on top priority in your social media strategies for your dealership.

The reason is that LinkedIn can get you 277% more conversions than Facebook.

Once you invest in ads, you can access anyone belonging to your ICP. However, you can’t do it yourself. You either need to learn it or hire a social media marketing expert.


Nearly half of the car buyers in the United States are on Twitter. And the majority of them said that Twitter influenced them while deciding on a car purchase.

It means Twitter could be an excellent resource for your car dealership business. You can attract half of the car buyers around you either free or with paid ads.

If you could build an audience around your Twitter profile, it’s always free to offer your car deals. And if you don’t have an audience, you can Twitter Ads the same as other social media platforms mentioned above.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It has over 1 billion monthly active users.

But that’s not only surprising news.

Even more surprising news for car dealerships is that millions of hours are viewed on YouTube for car reviews. That means people are most likely to research more on YouTube for cars before making any decision.

One of my friends is crazy about cars and other vehicles, and he does most of his research on YouTube.

It makes sense because people can watch everything thoroughly on YouTube and feel the car. That’s why YouTube should be your top priority for your social media marketing strategies for your car dealership business.

There are two ways to target customers on YouTube.

  1. Free with YouTube Channel
  2. Paid YouTube ads

Free With YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a pretty easy task.

Even kids create and run their YouTube channels efficiently. The reason is that it takes 5 hours to learn YouTube optimization. So once you are aware of YouTube SEO, you can create useful content, and that’s it.

With your YouTube channel, you can share informational videos. It will help you boost your branding for free. Secondly, it will give the viewers trust that you actually know the Cars.

Thus if it’s a used car dealership business, you are more likely to win more people by creating valuable and genuine content.

However, it will require you to keep producing helpful content and attract more and more people with your videos.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is a product of Google. Like Google search, YouTube also allows ads for search queries. The ads appear just under the search box.

But you don’t need to target people for informational videos from YouTube ads. You can directly target money keywords and get conversions.

Finding keywords for YouTube is pretty similar to for Google. You can find untapped keywords for your business using different tools like Ahref and YouTube search itself.

Final words

We have indeed shared the best possible social media strategies for car dealerships. You can use all these to attract tons of free customers, but when it comes to spending money and investing a lot of time. Then it’s way better to hire a digital marketing expert.

The reason is that an expert knows how to save up to 90% of costs by extracting valuable data and creating an ideal customer profile. You can’t do it without learning.

It’s even more, better to hire experts for search engines like Pinterest and YouTube. An expert will bring some handsome free traffic in return.

It looks expensive to hire someone for such pretty easy tasks, but social media marketing becomes complicated for conversions.

Thus if you are looking for more conversions, then go for it, and if you have time, then try to apply these social media marketing strategies yourself and let us know these went for your car dealership business.

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