16 Ways To Find Developers And Programmers For Startup

When starting a tech company, one of the difficult jobs is finding suitable developers and programmers for your startup.

There are two main issues most people face: Many times, they can’t find good developers locally, and sometimes they don’t know where to find the best programmers and developers.

If this is your case, this article will help you find the best developers and programmers according to your needs.

First of all, let’s try to be specific. Here are the two scenarios you need developers and programmers or coders.

  1. You need computer programmers, developers, coders, or engineers for your tech company
  2. You need developers to build your own new business site, game, or an app

In both situations, the discussed methods to find programmers will work perfectly.

But here is something that can be different in both situations.

If you have a one-time project, like building an App, you should prefer hiring project-based freelancers. Secondly, tech companies that have tons of jobs to do should hire full-time employees. The reason is that employee loyalty is a crucial factor in business growth.

In any case, you can use the following ways to find the best developers and programmers.

The following websites are perfect resources for finding talented, experienced developers, programmers, and software engineers. Out of these methods, some techniques could be pretty unique to you.

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When it comes to hiring programmers or finding developers for the startup, Toptal is the leading company in the industry. This platform deals with designing, developing, and financial matters of a business.

It has thousands of developers and designers to deal with your problems.

Toptal has a strict recruitment process, so you will certainly find good developers.

The hiring process for this website for the developer is much harder than many other platforms. It means they have already done a lot for you.

Here is how to hire developers on Toptal.

Once you post your requirements, you will get many qualified developers ready to work on your project.

For instance, if you are hiring python programmers for your business but need some other soft skills, Toptal will provide you with the best options available on the platform.

Based on your requirements, you can select a few to interview them.

Though Toptal is a one-stop problem-solving website, there are some drawbacks.

It will require an initial deposit, and the hourly rates can be high. So if you don’t want to deal with expensive developers, we have some other best options.

But if you want to get amazing results, Toptal is worth trying.


Turing is another one-stop solution for hiring hire developers remotely.

Turing claims that they hire 1% of the best software engineers. That means it’s harder for coders to join and easier for companies to find professionals.

But the same issue persists here. It can be a little expensive for you because of the vendor fee and high rates.

If budget is not your issue, it will save much of your time. Secondly, hiring through Toptal and Turing is much more secure than many other platforms.

There are two benefits: you will always meet expert developers and programmers. Your money is in safe hands.

Otherwise, below are some easier ways to find affordable programmers. In some of the opportunities, you won’t even require to pay the vendor fee.

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow is one of the best platforms for developers and companies to learn and share.

It allows you to join a public or private platform to keep your work safe from being public. In both ways, developers learn, share and collaborate.

Stackoverflow has millions of users. So there are huge opportunities to find good developers for your projects and tasks.

Finding a good developer will require effort, but it will save a reasonable amount of money. Finding developers here can be the best free option if you have time.


I joined Dev.to in 2020 when I had no idea I would ever learn to code because I always believed that it requires hard work to code and develop anything.

But I sooner realized that it was a very sensible community. People were usually sharing their work, ideas, and much more.

I always enjoyed all that stuff.

As a member of it, I believe this is one of the best places to find developers for your needs. You can even know them through the blogs they write or the responses they leave.

It will develop a strong bonding for long-term relationships.

Lastly, it’s free.


GitHub is another matchless platform that has over 73 million developers.

Its user-friendly interface and many other reasons appeal to programmers to join and load their work on GitHub. It gives startup owners opportunities to meet coders and see their work.

You will find developers here in all ranges.

If you are unsure how to find developers on Github, here is the best solution.

Once you join Github for free, you can see all the public work done by developers. You can also see discussions about what they are talking about and pick the right ones for your project.

It will allow you to find micro-niche professionals working hard on their projects.

For instance, you were looking for App developers, Java developers, Python developers, front-end developers, or blockchain developers. You have an excellent opportunity to explore the website and see who has significant expertise in your fields.

As all of them must be experts, you can quickly start discussing stuff relevant to your project.


When it comes to meeting straightforward guys, you can’t forget Reddit.

I joined Reddit a couple of years ago. Sooner I realized that it’s pretty different than Facebook users. The community was straight and bold.

But most of them were honest.

This is what makes Reddit different. As the forum is strict on its rules, so is the community. So whenever someone does something wrong, the community highlights and alarms everyone.

So hiring programmers here on Reddit won’t disappoint you.

It has a subreddit to hire programmers, you can create a job, and many developers and programmers will reach you based on your requirements.


Dice is one of the leading platforms for uniquely finding talented developers and engineers. Dice costs up to $495 to promote your job and brand and find the best tech professionals for your needs.

Dice has one of the largest databases of tech professionals. It’s not hard to find highly qualified software engineers for any development.

But as you can see, getting things done here is a little expensive.

Dice is the best solution if you want to build a team for your startup that needs hundreds of employees because Dice will promote your job for 30 days on Dice and 30 other sites.

Ask a friend

Asking a friend is what I do many times. For instance, I was looking for a researcher for sturdybusiness.com, as I had no plans to recruit from expensive platforms. I posted jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

As LinkedIn is highly relevant, I got tons of CVs from LinkedIn and a few from Facebook.

After interviewing all of them, I realized that only one candidate could work with me. But due to some reasons, we couldn’t work together.

I asked a friend to find me a passionate guy. He recommended me to his friend, and I feel much more comfortable working with that lady.

A question might arise in your mind, why am I more comfortable here?

The primary reason is the security issue.

When working with remote employees, you can’t control information and data on their end. You must give access to your business data (at least to some extent).

And it can harm your business by any means.

That’s why when you recruit someone with a reference, both of you know you can reach one another.

It lessens fear and builds confidence.

The second reason is expertise.

If someone is working for your friend and doing the same job, they can do the same for you. You can even check what the freelancer has done for your friend’s startup.

So you know if this guy is fit for you or not.


Upwork is one of the best marketplaces to find full-time or part-time software developers. In my experience, the Upwork model is much better than Fiverr and Freelancer.

Here people set their public profiles, you can reach them out or post jobs, and freelancers will bid on your job. In both cases, you can see their profiles even before contacting them. Among freelancing platforms, it’s the best place for hiring freelance programmers.

If you are looking for affordable unity developers, then Upwork is still the best place to find unity programmers.

Here you are more likely to get affordable but talented developers and programmers than in any other similar marketplace.


Fiverr was started to get small projects done at as cheap as $5. The idea got huge attention, and it became the most popular that Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platforms.

I never felt it hard to join Fiverr.

Even the criteria here are pretty different. Here people have already shared their Gigs; what will they do for you, and at how much price?

The second option is to post a job, but in that case, you will get tons of irrelevant messages, and that’s why I don’t recommend that.

The best way to find developers on Fiverr is that search the relevant Gigs, reach out to people, and tell them what you want them to do. In this way, you will find someone ready to do your job at very cheap rates.

In short, if you are looking for developers at cheap rates, Fiverr is the best platform. The second best is Freelancer.com.


Freelancer is also one of the most popular freelancing platforms in the world. Its popularity makes it a diversified place to find developers from all over the world.

Hence it increases the chances of finding low-rate coders.

Here is why this happens and why you should explore these platforms when you are under budget.

You might know the difference between currency rates all around the world. When you pay in dollars, people convert them to see how much they are getting in their currency.

They are more likely to accept if that amount becomes a reasonable amount (according to their inflation rate). Let me make it a bit simpler for your understanding.

The hourly rates for people all around the world are different. If you are bound to pay $75 an hour in your country, for some countries, it can be $10.

The difference can help you find affordable or even cheap coders for some projects.

Now the question might arise in your mind if those developers are good.

My answer is yes.

People now learn online; they have access to everything and every piece of knowledge. The only thing matter is how deep they went.

If you have technical knowledge of your project, you can interview the candidate to understand his expertise.

On freelancer.com, you will post the project details, and people will bid on your project. Their profiles have a clear picture of what they can do for you.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another leading platform with over 3 million freelancers.

It also gives you huge opportunities to find professionals at very affordable rates. I have found here some professionals working at very low rates.

The rest is all up to you. If you have excellent communication skills and assistance, finding employees here will be your best option.

Finding programmers on such freelancing platforms can be easy if you know what you want someone to do and how they will do it. A little guidance can get things done from beginners as well.

Did you get my point?


I have used LinkedIn many times to find professionals, and it has always worked.

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals, and this allows finding developers, programmers, and engineers here for free.

If you don’t know how to find developers on Linkedin, here is how to do it easily.

The simplest way to find employees here is to post a job, even with your free or premium account. Even the free version will get your ad a lot of impressions, and you will start receiving emails and messages from the candidates.

The rest is up to you to judge and finalize developers based on your project details.

Whenever I post on LinkedIn, I get more emails from female professionals. So if you need a female developer, LinkedIn might help you.

If you set a location, you can also find developers near you to work for your startup as full-time employees.


Geebo is famous for posting jobs. It offers a unique way to promote the ad on many platforms, even on search engines like Google.

So if your startup requires dozens of employees and you want to recruit from thousands of professionals, then the best alternative to Dice is Geebo.

Post an Ad and let Geebo promote it to find you the best employees for your company.

Google Jobs Board

If you have time or keep recruiting employees, Google Jobs Board can be the best option to find programmers near you. You know Google has billions of searches, giving the best results among all search engines.

If you post your job on Google Jobs Board, Google will present your ad to developers and programmers looking for startups.

It allows meeting people looking for jobs and less familiar with freelancing platforms. Hence the rates can be negotiable.

The second best thing about Google Jobs Board is that you can also find local developers for your startup. For instance, if you are in the UK, Australia, or United States, you can easily find local developers with Google Jobs.

Ad posting sites

You might already know that there are dozens of ad posting sites where you post your ad (mostly free). Here are some of them.

Unlike Geebo, these sites will not promote your ad, but it will still appear in front of thousands of developers browsing the web.


Hiring the best employees, especially the remote ones, is one of the biggest issues startups face. Even I find it much harder to find the best suitable employees for my relevant tasks.

Luckily, I learn things myself, and I keep on learning. That’s why I always know what I am looking for and who can do that. So I give freelancing platforms a try and talk to the freelancers. Once they notice that I have knowledge of where they can cheat me, most of them don’t even try things.

This saves me time. And finally, I find suitable candidates who have talent but need guidance.

If you are looking for developers and programmers, and you don’t know how to find programmers for your startup, you can do the same to find the best developers and programmers in the world.

First of all, you should know what you want to do. You or your co-worker must have a firm grip on it if it’s technical stuff. Say it’s an app development project and you need a software engineer, then one of your team members must have complete knowledge of the process.

This way, you find the right developers for your projects on the websites mentioned above.

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