Start A Successful Amazon Affiliate Blog Without SEO Tools

You might not believe that you can create a blog nowadays and start making money from it without using any tools or skills.

Hey, I am not against any tools; I use must-have SEO tools. And you should use them once you have enough money to spend. For example, I use Ahref to quickly keep an eye on my sites.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need any tool for successful blogging. On the contrary, you can do it for free, easily.

So here is how you can do it.

The complete process of starting a successful Amazon affiliate blog consists of three steps, which I use for my blogs or even I teach to my fellows.

So if you come to me (or my team) and say, hey, I want to learn Amazon affiliate blogging, then you will surely get this information that I am sharing here for free. Why not be free?

Here is the whole story. Focus on each and everything because every part is precious.

Here are the pillars of starting an Amazon affiliate blog.

  1. Niche, products, and keywords
  2. Creating blog
  3. Making SEO optimized posts

That’s all you need to do.

If you have noticed, I haven’t mentioned backlinks. Right?

It’s said that without backlinks, you can’t rank a site. Even Sturdy Business (SB) has some reasonable backlinks. Then why don’t you need them?

SB is not an Amazon affiliate blog, but when it comes to an amazon affiliate website, you really don’t need backlinks.

Extraordinary keyword research with extremely lovely content is enough to outrank any site and make money from your blog.

You might be suspecting me.

So let me make it clear to you.

You need backlinks to rank for many keywords, but those are high-traffic keywords with pretty high difficulty. So you don’t need them.

In an amazon affiliate site that you will build here, you only focus on keywords with extremely low competition, and with just topical authority, you can easily rank.

Let me make it even more transparent.

You get some trust when you get a backlink from an authoritative website. And if you have, say, 20 to 50 articles around the same topic or niche, you also get some trust.

When you discuss all the aspects of something, Google says, hey, he can be an authority; I should push this one up.

That is called topical authority.

One step ahead, if your content is good enough, you engage the user, and you will get even more user trust.

That’s what Google wants from you.

If you are still suspecting whether you can start a successful blog without backlinks and tools or not, then here is something that can clear your doubts.

Look, if you want to build an ads views site, you need high search volume keywords to get more views to increase RPM and hence revenue.

When it comes to the Amazon affiliate blog, the scenario is different.

Here, even if you get ten clicks and are getting sales, you are making the same commission as the giant competitor.

Got it?

I have explained it to you because I understand beginners don’t believe that blogging could be this much easier.

They want to go for some hard stuff, and once they get Rekt, they either quit or try to find some easy solutions.

Why not early?

Believe me or not, now I never think of link building. I only focus on keyword research and great content.

So let’s build your Amazon affiliate blog now that will generate money in the following months.

Now I will break it down into some parts to make everything easily digestible.

Find a niche

The first and the most crucial step is choosing the niche.

In which topic or niche do you want to work, and why?

If it’s money, then remember that money is everywhere. You can easily find many expensive products in all niches. So, forget about the money.

Just imagine, what can you keep exploring or writing for the rest of your life and you won’t get bored.

Say for me; it’s business. Business can never bore me. You keep discussing, telling me, and I will be all with you as I enjoyed discussing it two years ago, as I do now, and as I can enjoy it after 20 years. Business for me is life.

Which niche do you think is perfect for you?

Let me make it a bit easier for you.

If you are a woman, we discuss Kitchen, Beauty, and Fitness. These will never bore you. Isn’t it so? At least, beauty for 100%.

So find a niche that can amuse you for the rest of your life.

Find products

Here is the next step.

Once you are clear about your niche, open Amazon, and put your niche main words in the search box Amazon.

You will find many many products out there.

Choose the best ones you can easily write about (if you do not want to freelance).

I usually recommend choosing the products with the price range, $100 to $500 and reviews available in over 1000.

Write them down on paper with the following categories.

Product name, price, reviews, and the date when the product was listed. The date will get you an idea of how popular or old that product is.

There might arrive a question in your mind, why this price and why so many reviews?

Basically, when you go through the process, you spend hours and hours; I don’t want to see your commission in cents. So it must be at least $2 and higher.

And thousands of reviews mean you choose the products people buy on Amazon often.

Got it?

So let’s move to the next step now.

Check Competition

In this step, you will check how much competition is there in the market.

The lower the competition, the better the product.

Here is how to judge the competition.

There are three things to see when you are examining the competition.

  1. Sites authority
  2. Website’s relevancy
  3. Search results

It’s much better if you check the competition as I guide you. This is what I do for my sites or teach to my fellows.

Check sites authority

Once you put the product name on Google, say you searched. Best laptops under $500, cheap business monitors, best money counters, best pressure cookers, or best treadmill machines.

You will find many, many results out there.

In the first step, you will check the authority of each site available.

Take the URL of each site, and check the authority of each website with Ahref and Moz. Both will be free.

You can even install Moz Bar in chrome to check authority on Google.

Write down the authorities of the top sites of each product you check.

If you see that some websites with pretty low DA or DR are on the first page, that means you can easily rank for those products with your new blog.

Websites relevancy

The next step is to notice how many results you found from stores like Amazon or forums like Reddit.

If you see that sites like Amazon itself are available on the top, and there are some other results that you don’t think are the best results, say Quora, Reddit, or similar sites, that means this product will make your day.

I usually prefer those keywords where I see forums and social sites available. This is because those are pretty easy to outrank.

Search results


The last step is to open all the results available on the first page. By the way, I even check on the second page as well because I believe if sites with less DA/DR or with pretty bad content can rank on the second page, then I deserve to be on the first page. And it happens.

Check the content available on the pages.

Is this content great enough that you believe that Google doesn’t need to rank to someone else?

If the top 10 results are great enough, this is not your thing. Put a cross on the product.

And you find some results that you believe should not be on the first page, which means you can replace them. So give it a BIG shot.

You are done with choosing the products.

Double-check the competition

Put product names with additional words, like Best, Top, and Under. If you find any easy way, this can be your choice.

And if you don’t find space anywhere with popular keywords, I don’t recommend it.

Here is another thing.

Suppose you believe that you want to keep some products because you are so keen on those products. It’s better to keep them on your list.

We will choose the best keywords in the next step, where you can get a chance to find some pretty easy keywords.

Find untapped keywords

Well, I have already explained how you can find untapped keywords in a separate article. It’s way much recommended to read it because, in that article, I have described each and everything that matters.

And if you don’t, then here are the key steps.

  1. Open Google. If you are outside the USA and want to find keywords for the USA, then install VPN. That’s what I do.
  2. Put the product name, say, Oven, after that, add a space and type alphabet a, you will see many keywords with this combination, write all of them, then type b, and so on.
  3. You have got tons of keywords. Put these keywords on Google, and recheck the competition as you did in the last step.
  4. Pick the best keywords where you believe the results are not best for the search term.

You are done.

Please do it for all the products, and write down as many keywords as possible.

Look, now in keyword research, you will get many informational keywords, and you have to keep them with you. Because Amazon affiliate site doesn’t mean you will write all commercial articles. Your commercial articles should not be more than 30%.

Once you have keywords in your hand, you are done! Because the other two steps are so easy that a kid can do that.

By the way, do you know, that kids also run businesses? So never underestimate them.

Create a blog

Creating a blog is easy; you can easily buy a domain name and hosting and install WordPress. You are done.

Here is the critical thing to choosing the best domain name.

Choose the right domain name

Here is how you can choose the best domain for your Amazon affiliate blog.

  1. Stick to .com
  2. Think Big and broad. Never choose a name with a product, but rather keep the niche in mind. For instance, choosing a domain name with the term kitchen is way better than a domain with the word Oven. You might have plans to stick to micro-niche today, but things change over time. So think big.
  3. Choose easy to remember domain name.
  4. Keep it short and simple.
  5. Don’t try to involve your name if not necessary. For instance, if it’s laptops, then don’t choose People don’t care about your name unless you are the product.
  6. Don’t overthink.

Once you choose the domain, go for any hosting you want, and buy the domain and hosting.

Contact them to install WordPress on your domain. They will do it for free.

Now the next step is to optimize your WordPress

Optimize your WordPress blog

In this step, you will make your blog look professional so that once a visitor arrives on your blog, it should look professional.

  1. Go to settings in your dashboard. (YouTube it if you don’t understand it).
  2. Add site title, and add a description.
  3. Add the essential plugins. Here are the plugins that I always use; WP Rocket, Autoptimize, Imagify, Any SEO plugin, any security plugin, Cleantalk, structured content, and purchase affiliate booster plugin (if you want to design easily without codes). Suppose you face any trouble regarding any plugin installation, YouTube it.
  4. Use the best suitable theme for your niche.

Your blog is ready to make posts now.

Make SEO optimized posts

If you have installed any SEO plugin, creating SEO-optimized posts will become easier.

Here is how you can make SEO-optimized posts on your Amazon Affiliate blog.

  1. First, write an in-depth, thorough article on the topic. Just don’t care about the SEO or anything else. If you don’t know how to write articles, you can either learn it or hire a freelance writer for your project.
  2. Now to Posts > Add new. Paste your article in the box.
  3. Take the important words from the query for which you wrote the article.
  4. Put those keywords in the search box of the SEO plugin you are using. I use Rank Math, and it appears on the right side.
  5. Put all words with a comma. You can add 5 words for free.
  6. Now see the suggestions; where do they want to add those words. Add the words, wherever possible, wisely.

You are done.

You have successfully created your first post on your Amazon affiliate blog without using any SEO tool or any skills.

If you are using Rank Math, you can use the Content AI tool. Content AI tool helps you find LSI keywords and optimize your content.

Now, add your site to the google search console, and keep posting. After 3 to 6 months, you will start getting some traffic. And after 8 to 12 months, you will start making clicks on the Amazon affiliate dashboard.

Monetize your Amazon Affiliate blog

You should never be in a hurry for money. Otherwise, you can’t work peacefully.

Work with the passion for the first 3 to 6 months and then add your affiliate links.

You can register for the Amazon affiliate program here, where you will get your affiliate links.

Patience is the key, and hard work is the vehicle. Run it hard.

If you have any questions, you can let me know in the comments. And if you start making money from your Amazon affiliate blog after this guide, would you mind coming back and leaving a comment? It will make me happy.

So if you have a business laptop or a business computer, and an internet connection, you can easily start your first Amazon affiliate blog and make money from it without using any tools.