5 Best Types of Filing Cabinets for Office Use

Is your office all messy with papers and stuff everywhere? It can make you feel stressed and disorganized. You might not know what to make your office feel organized. But don’t worry! We can help you with that.

In fact, an office filing cabinet can help you stay productive and look organized. There are lots of file cabinets out there to help you tidy up.

In this guide, we’ll check out different types of file cabinets, their pros and cons. Each filing cabinet types is good for different things.

We’ll also talk about cool materials and styles for office storage. Let’s find the best way to beat that clutter!

Determine the filing cabinets you need

Filing cabinets are really great for arranging all sorts of papers. But not all documents fit in the same kind of cabinet. Think about this first:

  • How much stuff do you have? Choose the size of a cabinet depending on how many files you possess.
  • What sort of files? Different types of drawers are meant for different categories of documents.
  • Will it look good with your interior?
  • Consider that if your stuff does not fit into ordinary file organizers, then you will probably need to search for another kind of storage.
  • Think about how sturdy and safe you need the cabinet to be for your important information.

Well, don’t forget about the price. Take a cabinet that suits you without spending too much.

Features of a filing cabinet.

When selecting file cabinets, you should also think about the features you want to seek. A number of considerable features are:

  • Locks: Some cabinets have locks that can secure your files.
  • Different drawer sizes: This helps in arranging different types of files more efficiently.
  • Adjustable dividers: You can rearrange them so that they fit your documents perfectly.
  • Label holders: These will help you not to mix up any drawers.
  • Safety features: Some cabinets are configured in such a manner as to be stable, immovable, and unchangeable.
  • Different looks: Offices may have these in various colors and styles to blend into their decor.
  • Different materials: Cabinets come in either wood, metal, or plastic, depending on one’s preference.
  • Different sizes and shapes: Get one that suits each type of stuff and the room within which it is placed, respectively. Thinking about these features can help you find the perfect filing cabinet to keep your documents safe and organized!

Now let’s move forward to the best types of filing cabinets that you can use for your office.

Vertical file cabinets:

These are the ones you’ve probably seen a lot. They stand upright and have drawers stacked on top of each other. Normally made of robust steel, these are very good at protecting your vital documents. Vertical file cabinets can be found in various sizes with 2 to 6 drawers, so you can easily find the one that suits your demands.

You can explore different sizes here:

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Pros of vertical file cabinets:

  • Space Saver: Thus, they fit into corners or against walls nicely as they take up vertical space perfectly, making them a perfect fit for smaller offices.
  • Cost Effective: They are constantly less expensive than other kinds of cabinets.
  • User Friendly: This is because the drawers pull out all the way so accessing your papers is effortless.

Cons of vertical file cabinets:

  • Narrow Dimensions: They may not fit larger files on account of their limited width.
  • Tip Hazard: Taller cabinets could tip over if they’re not secured to the wall properly.

While choosing vertical file cabinets:

  • Bear in mind how many drawers you require and also check whether the materials used are strong enough.
  • Consider a style and color that would match your office and suit your preferences.

Lateral File Cabinets:

These cabinets are wider and laid out horizontally. They’re designed to help you use space better and make it easy to get to your stuff.

Why are they different? Instead of stacking files one behind the other, like in vertical cabinets, lateral cabinets put files next to each other. This way, you can get to your files easily without shuffling through a stack.

Pros of lateral file cabinets:

  • More Space: Lateral cabinets are great for storing wider stuff like legal papers, blueprints, or big drawings. They’re popular in law firms, architecture offices, and places with lots of paper files.
  • Easy to Reach: The fact that they are arranged side by side means you can quickly access your files. This helps you avoid the long process of searching through stacks and piles of documents.
  • Extra Space: Besides, these types of drawers have horizontal tops where you can place your printer or create additional workspace.

Cons of lateral file cabinets:

  • Take Up More Room: Lateral cabinets might require more floor area since they are wider than vertical ones. It’s important that you check if there is enough space in your office regarding this concern
  • Can Be Pricey: They usually cost more than vertical cabinets because they’re wider.

While choosing lateral file cabinets:

  • Consider the width on which it depends, along with the number of drawers required.
  • Choose something that will allow it to support a lot of weight, hence serving for a longer time.
  • Select a design that matches how your office appears.

Mobile file cabinets:

These are also called rolling or portable file cabinets, and they’re becoming really popular in modern offices. They’re stylish, practical, and easy to move around.

Pros of Mobile file cabinets:

  • They can be moved: Since they have wheels, they can be rolled to any part of the office.
  • They are flexible: Place them wherever you want. Excellent when it comes to working in teams or quickly accessing information from different locations.
  • They look nice: Many different designs exist, which enable them to add some style to your office.

Cons of Mobile file cabinets:

  • Less space available: Because they are smaller than larger cabinets, they may not hold as many files as required. Ensure that you get ones that will suit your storage needs.
  • Might wobble: Some mobile cabinets aren’t as sturdy as ones that stay put. Look for ones with strong construction and wheels that you can lock.

While choosing Mobile file cabinets:

  • Look at how many drawers it has, what material it is made of, and if it locks.
  • Match its appearance with how your office looks and where specifically you would like to place it.

Pedastel file cabinet:

These are small but really useful for organizing things. You can often find them tucked under desks or into tight spots because they are perfect when you need to get hold of your papers quickly.

Pros of Pedastel file cabinet:

  • They save space: Pedestal cabinets fit well under office desks, which makes them excellent in tiny offices where every inch counts.
  • Easy to reach: Since they are right by your side, you do not need to leave your seat while looking for important documents.

Cons of Pedastel file cabinet:

  • Not much room: They cannot accommodate larger documents or a lot of files because they are small. So, make sure they’re big enough for what you need.

While choosing Pedastel file cabinet:

  • Check how many drawers it has, how it locks, what it looks like, and what it is made of. Ensure there is enough space and durability.

Fireproof file cabinets:

Fire-resistant cabinets are constructed with extra strength and thickness in order to protect valuable documents from fire and these are the most secure filing cabinets. For businesses, this is very important, as there are some papers that cannot be reprinted.

Pros of fireproof file cabinets:

  • Protects Important Data: They keep your vital documents safe from fire, which is crucial for businesses.
  • Privacy: Great for storing private and important papers that you can’t afford to lose or damage.
  • More Protection: Most of these cabinets are also watertight and difficult to open without the use of a key or a code.

Cons of Fireproof file cabinets:

  • Price: Their additional security could make them more expensive than ordinary cabinets.
  • Bulkiness: They can become heavier due to their increased thickness and toughness when carrying them.

Final thought:

No matter if you’re in a big company or running your own business, having the right filing cabinet is super important for keeping your office productive and organized.

For example, you can choose vertical or lateral cabinets that suit your needs best among other options.

Buying high-quality cabinets not only protects your valuable documents but also facilitates your work and creates an ideal working environment.

Don’t let messiness become a barrier to achieving what you want. Just select the right filing cabinet for your office now and see how everything will go much better!