10 Best-Selling 3 Drawer Filing Cabinets (Metal And Wood)

Research confirms that having an organized filing system saves you 4.5 hours per week. Regardless of your office size, if you handle paperwork, files, and folders, a filing system is crucial.

Even for small businesses, 3-drawer filing cabinets are sufficient for office organization.

The best part is that they are affordable, with options available for under $100. That’s what everyone can easily afford.

Top Pick
Greenvelly 3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock Metal Lateral Filing Storage Cabinet for Home Office, Black Steel Lateral File Drawers, Wide File Cabinet Office

Greenvelly 3 Drawer lateral cabinet with lock

The Greenvelly 3-drawer lateral cabinet is, in fact, my favorite one. And it’s not without a reason.

It has the following fetures that make it a great fit for any office:

Ideal for home and office
Fits legal, letter, and A4 sizes
Includes lock and key for privacy.
Available colors: black and white
Dimensions: 18″D x 28.25″W x 40.2″H
Material: Sturdy Alloy Steel
Great storage system

The 3 drawer file cabinet is one of the most popular and well-liked styles of filing. If you have a lot of paperwork, there are 4-drawer filing cabinets and 5-drawer filing cabinets to meet your desires. And if you need one for everyday use, you can check these mobile 2-drawer filing cabinets.

It can be the solution for you if you are trying to reduce the clutter in your office. These storage systems are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, and there are numerous varieties of them.

It offers many benefits, including the ability to place them almost anywhere and excellent storage for managing documents and files

You should keep the following things in mind before choosing a three-drawer filing cabinet:

  • 3 Drawer filing cabinets have effortless stretching and strong stability
  • It has steel rails, three fully extended steel slide rails, a drawer that can be readily drawn out completely
  • It has a long-lasting security guarantee, a top-notch lock with a folding key, a lovely central control lock, and a reduced interlocking rate which is safer and more secure and is portable
  • It features an appealing design, and ample space, and effectively utilizes A4 and F4-sized papers to meet your storage needs

One feature that appeals to me is that it gives offices an attractive appearance.

I read this somewhere: “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”

It’s time to eliminate the clutter and make your office look neat and organized by clearing up your crowded desk, organizing the paperwork, and organizing the workspace; this will make it look more appealing

But that is not all. In order to assist you in selecting the best 3-drawer file cabinet for your office, I have compiled a list of 10.

All of these filing cabinets are great options. The price range for these cabinets is $80 to $190.

You can choose from these best-selling filing cabinets based on your preferred design and material. Different designs can be suitable for different situations.

Amazon Basics 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet 

Amazon Basics 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet With Lock, Black, 20.71 D x 15.51 W x 24.29 H

Some key points:

  • Available in black color
  • 20.71″D x 15.51″W x 24.29″H 
  • Suitable for hanging files
  • Durable metal material
  • Smooth performance
  • Interlock system
  • Rolling caster wheels for easy mobility


The majority of people purchase filing cabinets for two primary reasons: first, to safeguard their important documents while reducing clutter in their offices or homes, and second, for the apparent reason: to organize their files because they take up so little room while giving you a ton of storage, these systems are quite well-liked.

With regard to these fantastic features, the Amazon basic 3 drawers mobile cabinet is a great choice. 

Although it is a small cabinet, it has countless benefits that make it the ideal option for an office.

My personal favorite feature about this cabinet is its portability which allows it to be maintained anywhere you like, including under your desk.

It is 24 inches tall, has 3 drawers, and measures 15 inches wide with plenty of space.

It includes a separate drawer for keeping office supplies, full high-side drawers that fit letter and legal-size documents, and hanging files.

It is ideal for every workplace space and particular tasks, for instance, you may maintain employee data in files in one cabinet and financial records in another.

It has a high-quality drawer-glide suspension for smooth functioning, and a safety feature called interlocking allows only one drawer to open at once.

Its four rolling caster wheels enable smooth mobility and simple adjustment. It moves well and is made of durable metal, which is undoubtedly worth the price.

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet Under Desk Office, Fully Assembled Except Casters, LetterLegal Size, White

Some key points:

  • Available in White and black colors
  • Material: Plastic and steel
  • Perfect for letter/legal-sized files and folders
  • Can be fit under the desk
  • 18.9″D x 15.4″W x 23.6″H
  • Large storage space
  • 5 smooth wheels


One benefit of 3 drawer filing cabinet is its small size, which allows you to place them under a desk rather than having to move to another place to assemble paperwork.

One of my friends was in search of a 3 Drawer filing cabinet with adequate storage space and the ability to manage files and folders, I recommended Devaise 3-drawer file cabinet because of its incredible qualities.

This cabinet is beautifully made and designed, and it has a modern style. These are the best if you want standard locking file cabinets with a modern appearance.

It is perfect for small businesses because of its superb interlock system, which consists of two keys that secure 3 drawers and keep your business files confidential.

You have the option of arranging your files vertically or horizontally. It can fit hanging file folders of all sizes, including A4, legal, and letter.

It has 5 easy-to-roll caster wheels that make it portable, and there is also a small wheel at the front bottom of the main drawer that prevents the entire cabinet from toppling over.

The cabinet is 15 inches wide and 23 inches tall. This makes it the perfect size to fit under most desks.

Additionally, it has stationary drawers for office supplies. It is built of strong metal, has smooth drawers, and the casters are easy to install. 

Overall, it is a fantastic purchase for any business because of its small size and flexibility to fit under a desk.

Greenvelly 3 Drawer lateral cabinet with lock

Greenvelly 3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock Metal Lateral Filing Storage Cabinet for Home Office, Black Steel Lateral File Drawers, Wide File Cabinet Office

Some key points:

  • Available in black and white colors
  • 18″D x 28.25″W x 40.2″H
  • Sturdy Alloy Steel material
  • Perfect for home and office
  • Suitable for all sizes: legal, letter, and A4
  • Great storage system
  • Includes a lock and key for privacy


A 3 Drawer lateral filing cabinet is one of the most widely used sizes of storage. Comparatively speaking, a three-drawer lateral file cabinet offers 50% greater storage. 

Anyone who has slightly more document retention than average will benefit greatly from the additional storage.

One excellent selection among the several varieties of 3 Drawer lateral file cabinets is Greenvelly.

It is created from sturdy, high-quality steel material, making it incredibly robust and durable for your daily use at home and in the workplace.

It is renowned for its excellent security and upgraded lock system, which has 1 lock and 2 keys and eliminates the need to access or lock each drawer individually. 

As a result, this sort of lockable file cabinet is practical for you to use every day, greatly reduces tilting, and safeguards your crucial, sensitive information because privacy and security come first.

Regarding the organization of files and folders, it has side-to-side hanging rails which can easily put together legal, A4, and F4 size letter folders in order.

It is 40 inches tall, with three drawers that are each 28 inches wide for holding files and folders with great amount of storage and can easily fit under the desk.

All of your files can fit in three drawers. You can easily organize them, which will increase the productivity of your office work.

Overall, the lateral filing cabinet enhances the aesthetic appeal of your office in addition to keeping it orderly and well-maintained.

Panana 3 Drawer File Cabinet

3 Drawer File Cabinets, Mobile Lateral Printer Stand with Open Shelf, Rolling Filing Cabinet with Wheels Home Office Organization and Storage (White)

Some key points:

  • Available in white and black color
  • 34.6″D x 18.1″W x 6.9″H
  • Easy access to files 
  • Printer stand with open shelf
  • 4 rolling wheels
  • Perfect for office and home


This three-drawer filing cabinet is quite unique in comparison to other cabinets, and it is unquestionably the greatest choice with incredible features

The best part about this is that there is space for a printer and an open shelf, giving you plenty of room to store other important items.

It looks sleek and modern, making it a great fit for any office or home.

This filing cabinet’s open storage spaces, 3 file drawers, and storage cabinet are all made to keep office supplies, paper, files, and equipment organized. It can be fixed next to or under the desk. 

You can lock the top drawers for secure storage of personal documents and in the bottom drawers Hanging letter and A4 size files can be stored for easy access and in an organized manner

It has 4 rolling wheels, making it easy to transfer from one place to another and the printer can also be moved and set in position freely which is a big advantage of mobile filing cabinets

This small cabinet is only 6.9 inches tall, and 18 inches wide, does not occupy too much space, and can easily be adjusted wherever you want

It is built of durable wood and is simple to put together

In a nutshell, this cabinet might be a wise purchase for your office equipment to keep it safe and secure in one spot; it is worth the price.

Lorell LYS SOHO  3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Lorell LYS SOHO BoxFileFile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Black, 14.3 x 18 x 29.5

Some key points:

  • Available color: Black and White
  • 18.38″D x 21.75″W x 33.43″H
  • Suitable for files and folders
  • 4 Wheels for easy mobility
  • Rectangular shape
  • Material: Metal, steel
  • Smooth glide suspension


Filing management is getting more and more challenging as files grow in terms of size, but if you have several solutions to organize and maintain these files, why worry?

All you have to do is make a plan, purchase a trustworthy filing cabinet, and relax your mind. This will not only help you but also your office in terms of productivity and organizational skills.

The Lorell LYS is a great three-drawer filing cabinet for organizing paperwork and clearing up a crowded desk.

It can be moved easily on its four wheels in either the left or right directions and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

The two top drawers are secured with a lock and are smooth and simple to open without getting jammed. 

This cabinet is 21 inches wide and 33 inches tall, allowing you to store items according to their size without taking up additional space.

3 full high-side drawers provide ample space for storing letter-size hanging file folders.

It is constructed of sturdy steel and has a baked-enamel finish.

You can keep documents according to your needs if you do not have a lot of paperwork or files to maintain.

This filing cabinet is a wonderful option if you have a small office.

Farini 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

Farini 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet Rolling Wood Mobile File Cabinets Under Desk for Home Office with Casters (White)

Some key points:

  • Available colors: White, Black, Brown, Dark Walnut
  • 15.74″D x 15.74″W x 22.16″H
  • Suitable for home and office
  • Sturdy Wood material
  • Waterproof
  • Rectangular
  • Perfect to store offices files and supplies


The arrangement of files in a vertical filing cabinet requires less space than in a lateral filing cabinet 

It is an excellent pick when regular access is a priority.

It can be used to clear up the mess on your desk.

These cabinets are made to allow quick access to a large number of files. It saves floor space rather than wall space.

The Farini 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet has all these features, it is made of sturdy wood, contains three drawers, and has a great rectangular shape that gives an office a lovely look.

This mobile filing cabinet manages workplace resources in a secure manner.

It has four wheels that are upright and a lockable cluster. The rolling file cabinet provides portable storage for home offices that is simple to move under desks or anywhere you need it to be. 

Because it is 15 inches wide, you can only store the necessary paperwork that you need to use every day.

Consider the size before purchasing a filing cabinet!

This cabinet’s ease of cleaning and water resistance are two other fantastic features. It has quiet and slender drawers.

Even though it has a limited capacity, this filing cabinet is still helpful for storing valuable documents, office supplies, and other items.

BOWERY HILL Modern 3 Drawer file cabinet

BOWERY HILL Modern 3 Drawer Metal Letter File Cabinet in Black

Some key points:

  • Available in Black color
  • 14.25″D x 18″W x 35.5″H
  • Lock secures top two drawers
  • Suitable for letter-size hanging file folders
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for home or office
  • Drawers operate smoothly


Small offices would benefit greatly from this 3-drawer filing cabinet. It can accommodate several files and is the best option for holding vital documentation. 

It features three drawers, all of which are big enough to hold letter-size hanging file folders.

It has a nice square shape and is made of sturdy metal. 

This file cabinet is made with a creative, space-saving design for small spaces.

The drawers can be the perfect solution for storing additional workplace necessities.

It is 18 inches wide and 35 inches tall, making it a space-saving choice with a small size for storing crucial papers and information.

Additionally, the cabinet has a lock system that secures the top 2 drawers, keeping your documents safe and secure.

It is simple to access your files because the drawers are easy to open and close and have a smooth glide system.

It is without a doubt an excellent addition to the decor of your office or home because it combines simplicity and flair.

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Wood Mobile File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Wood Mobile File Cabinet, Rolling Filing Cabinet for LetterA4 Size, Rustic Brown

Some key points:

  • Available in Black, Rustic brown, and White colors
  • Made of quality wood material
  • 15.7″D x 16.2″W x 25.8″H
  • Accommodates letter/ A4 size files
  • 5 wheels with lockable casters
  • Eco-friendly


What could be better than handling papers without compromising your home’s or office’s visual appeal? It is important to have a lovely combination of office or home office furniture, which may also bring style to your workspace. 

With so many alternatives accessible, it is very simple to get confused. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the benefits and drawbacks of various filing cabinets before settling on one. 

The Devaise 3-Drawer file cabinet includes each and every feature you would want in a piece of high-end furniture.

It is a great item because of its easily assembled design, robust structure and smoothly working drawers. 

This stunning cabinet piece can be put together pretty quickly if the instructions are followed correctly.

The three wide drawers in the cabinet are quite big, and the bottom drawer can easily hold files that are letter or A4 size. 

Its top drawers are perfect for keeping office supplies, including books, pens, and printing paper.

You will not run into any problems even if you need to store a huge number of files. It is designed for both home and office use.

It is 16 inches broad and 25 inches tall.  It has five lockable caster wheels that you may move from one place to another and can precisely fit under the desk.

This cabinet is excellent for you if you want to clear your cluttered desk and want your belongings organized for quick access. It can also increase your productivity and offer your office an organized look.

VASAGLE 3-Drawer File Cabinet

VASAGLE File Cabinet for Home Office, Printer Stand, with 3 Lockable Drawers, Adjustable Hanging Rails, Rustic Brown

Some key points:

  • Available colors: Rustic Brown and Black
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Fit A4 and letter-size file folders
  • 3 file drawers that offer lots of storage
  • Made of durable wood material
  • 15.7″D x 16.1″W x 40.6″H
  • Each Drawer with 2 keys
  • Easy to assemble


This elegant product from VASAGLE is absolutely stunning in terms of size, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. It can accommodate a lot of items because its drawers offer a ton of room. 

The locking mechanisms in each of its three drawers is a wonderful addition. 

You will be amazed by its smooth, strong, and fantastic finish dimensions. 

When it comes to its features, it has 3 file drawers, which provide a great amount of storage for keeping your paperwork organized and accessible while taking up little floor space, so you can easily fit Letter-Size and A4 File Folders with adjustable hanging rails.

It is 16 inches wide and 40 inches tall, which is an ideal choice if you have limited office space but still need to keep important papers and files.

A reliable filing system is essential for every office, and wood file cabinets can be the best option for you because they combine beauty and functionality while also being strong and long-lasting.

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Lock

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Lock, Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinet, Printer Stand with Open Storage Shelves for Home Office, Gray Oak

Some key points:

  • Available colors: White, Black, and Gray oak
  • Size: 31.5″D x 15.7″W x 23.6″H
  • 3 Drawers with large storage
  • Can fit Hanging letter, A4 size files
  • Easy assemble
  • With printer stand
  • 4 wheels for mobility


This 3-Drawer filing cabinet can be an excellent office purchase if you want all of your key documents and office supplies to be in one place.

Although it can not handle a lot of documents and files, it can be used to arrange an unorganized workplace setting and store items that are used frequently. 

This cabinet’s mobility is one of its best features; it has four wheels that enable easy movement from one location to another, and the printer stand can be freely moved and changed in position. 

It includes 3 drawers, 2 of which are upper drawers for small office supplies, and one hanging file drawer at the bottom for letter- and A4-size files.

The printer can be placed on the desk, and it offers 2 huge places in addition to the drawers where books and other objects can be stored.

The drawer slides are strong and of great quality, and they can be opened smoothly and gently

One drawback of this cabinet is that it only has one lock, which secures the upper drawer. However, as a whole, it makes a good office cabinet.

This is the item for you if you want something reasonably priced that is neither too big nor too small.

It has enough room for keeping necessary belongings and certain crucial documents for daily access.

The three-drawer filing cabinet is used by small offices comparatively speaking to four-drawer or multi-drawer filing cabinets, these filing cabinets do not offer much storage space. However, they can sustain heavy use and are inexpensive and efficient.

It is ideal to organize the clutter of unnecessary files on your desk which take up little floor space and can be placed anywhere you like.

3 Drawer Filing Cabinet Buying Guide

If you still have questions regarding your purchase, we have an all-in-one file cabinet buying guide. The guide is designed to assist all business owners in their purchase.

What are the best-selling products in 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets?

Here are the most popular products in 3-drawer filing cabinets.

  • Amazon Basics 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet
  • Greenvelly 3 Drawer lateral cabinet with lock
  • DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Lock

What are the most popular Finish for 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets?

The popular finish for 3-drawer file cabinets are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Wood color

How big is a 3-drawer file cabinet?

The average size of a lateral 3-drawer filing cabinet is 18″D x 28.25″W x 40.2″H, while the average size of a vertical 3-drawer filing cabinet is 14.25″D x 18″W x 35.5″H.

How heavy is a 3-drawer filing cabinet?

The 3-drawer filing cabinet can be quite substantial, with a weight ranging from approximately 50 to 100 pounds. This weight is pretty close to the weight of 4-drawer filing cabinets and 5-drawer filing cabinets.

How much do 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets cost?

The cost of a 3-drawer filing cabinet depends on many factors like material, size, and brand, but you can expect it to be between $80 to $200.

What is the use of a filing cabinet in an office?

The actual use of a filing cabinet is to store your paperwork, organize your files and folders so that you could easily access them, and keep your office clutter-free and look expensive.