Best 5 Tools To Find LSI keywords

If you write an article about Apple, how do search engines know which Apple you are discussing? Apple – a fruit or company?

Search engines understand it with relevant keywords and phrases.

Those keywords and phrases which help search engines better understand the article are called LSI keywords.

The better the LSI you use, the clearer you make it for search engines to understand the article.

In short, LSI keywords are one of the deciding factors to check the relevance and quality of the article. Hence it will improve your rankings if you do it wisely.

That’s why it’s important to invest your time and resources in finding highly accurate and relevant LSI keywords.

Here is how to do it.

LSI Graph

I do remember when I used LSIGraph for the first time, years ago. It was the first time when someone recommended researching LSI keywords.

I had no idea what LSI keywords do, and why it’s important to add relevant queries in the article. Although, my SEO coach had mentioned in the course. I didn’t pay attention because at that time Google was weighing backlinks too much.

It was too easy to buy PBNs from the market and rank.

Well, things change over time.

My rankings were gone in one Google Algo change, and I realized that something is missing.

Someone recommended adding LSI keywords in the articles.

I didn’t update the previous articles but added LSI keywords in the new ones. The first article with LSI keywords went to position 10 directly once published. It had never happened earlier.

I obtained keywords from LSIgraph.

That’s why I always recommend using LSIgraph, they are doing a great job in the industry.

But don’t rely completely on any tool. Your common sense also matters. The tool will provide you with so many keywords. You can’t add all of them. Some will be partially relevant and some will not be even close to query intent.

In that case, it’s up to you to pick the right keywords based on search intent.

Here is how to do it.

  • Open LSIGraph
  • Create an account with LSIgraph
  • put the head term in their search box
  • Get tons of LSI keywords along with many other details.

Unfortunately, LSIgraph isn’t a free tool anymore.

Rank Math Content AI

Rank Math is a WordPress blog’s All-in-one ranking solution.

Rank Math is the pioneer SEO plugin offering this feature. They named it Rank Math Content AI.

Not all bloggers focus on so many things that help them rank higher. At least, no one does care about LSI Keywords.

Rank Math has offered a complete solution to rank faster on Google.

Rank Math Content AI tool provides you with relevant queries to add to the article within your WordPress Dashboard.

As it’s a new feature, I believe they don’t have enough data so it’s comparatively less accurate than LSIgraph and Semrush.

Although, as they are offering keywords, questions, and external links to add to the article, that’s why it’s worth investing.

Google also notices whom you are pointing at, and the anchors also matter. That’s why it’s a great idea to add external links to each article.

I never hesitate to add an external link if it’s necessary. Because article value is more important than link juice.

Here is how to do it.

  • Install the plugin RankMath. From Plugins > Add New > Rank Math
  • Enable Content AI from RankMath settings
  • Open the article you want to optimize or add new.
  • Open Rank Math menu
  • Click Content AI above your focus keyword
  • Get suggestions, and add to the article.

The wisest thing is to choose highly relevant keywords for your article. Rank Math isn’t as advanced as Google. So keep Google’s technology in mind.


Semrush is another best tool that provides you with the best relevant queries to add to the article.

Semrush is surely doing a great job in the SEO tools industry. They focus on all the areas. No one else is focusing on so many areas.

Semrush is an easy-to-use and second-best tool to find LSI keywords.

Like LSIGraph, you put the keyword and it automatically provides you with the best relevant search terms.

Here is how it works.

  • Open Semrush
  • Login into your account
  • Put a keyword in the search box in your account
  • Choose highly relevant search terms, phrases, and questions from “keyword variations”, “questions” and “Related keywords”

You can also do it in your free account.

Login into your account.


Different people have different ways to find relevant search terms. One of my fellow bloggers is using Ahref to find relevant queries.

Though Ahref doesn’t offer LSI keywords in the tool you can use it to find out relevant search terms using Ahref.

Here is how to do it.

  • Put the keyword in Google
  • Pick the best performing results from SERP (from the first page only)
  • Put each URL in the site explorer
  • See for which terms the URLs are ranking
  • Pick all the best search terms from the data

The terms are your LSI keywords (not exactly).

Here is the other method.

  • Put the keyword in Keywords explorer
  • Pick the best keywords from suggestions, questions, and relevant results

The first method is good enough because you will get relevant queries that are already helping pages rank higher on Google.

And according to my fellow blogger, it works.

Google search (Here is how I find LSI keywords)

lsi keywords examples
Example for the term LSI Keywords

It’s been a long I am not relying totally on tools.

It’s true that SEO tools lower the burden, and make things pretty easy to research. But tools might not be accurate all the time.

For instance, they don’t necessarily have up-to-date data. That’s why a manual Google search helps you even more than a tool, and it’s free.

Here is how I find my LSI keywords and you can too use the same method for free.

  1. Put the keyword in Google (Open for the USA)
  2. Note down, “People also ask”
  3. Copy the “Related searches” given at the end
  4. Now again, type the main term in the google search box
  5. Autocomplete will suggest many search terms
  6. Pick the best from those autocomplete terms
  7. Make a single sheet for all the keywords and questions.
  8. Delete the terms that don’t make sense to the search intent.

You have got the best LSI keywords for your article from Google for free.

The above-mentioned are the 5 best techniques to find LSI keywords. Putting LSI keywords in the articles will improve your rankings for sure.