How Many People Leave Jobs Due To Managers? (4 Studies)

Different studies have verified that many people leave their jobs because of managers; they prefer leaving the company because they can’t stand their bosses.

It’s all due to mindset; as managers or bosses know that employees will follow their orders for survival, that’s why they never think of empathy and sometimes disrespect or torture employees.

But things have changed now.

When companies are ready to hire good employees remotely, focusing on employee satisfaction and happiness has become more significant.

Thus, it’s important to see how the workforce feels and what you can do to improve things.

Besides salary, the topmost reason behind turnover is terrible managers. Even the salary is the most important key factor, respect and honor have the same values.

If a manager doesn’t understand to value their employees, employees won’t appreciate the manager or the company.

Some good companies are doing great jobs, have strict rules for all the employees, and some even prefer celebrating workiversaries to value employees and make them feel honored.

But unfortunately, many managers and bosses don’t have the guts to honor and value employees. Some managers have micromanagement styles, and that’s the worst style in management.

That’s why many employees leave their jobs whenever they get opportunities.

All those companies with higher turnover must analyze how managers are doing and how their workforce feels.

Here are some studies where thousands of employees were surveyed in different regions and years, but the results were horrible.

DDIWorld study: 57% leave due to managers

DDI world is a global leadership consulting firm. They have spent decades with managers and leaders, consulting them to make them great managers.

They studied over a thousand employees who had left their jobs to find the top reasons employees quit their jobs.

The study revealed that 57% of employees leave their jobs due to bad managers. The study also found that 14% of employees left their jobs multiple times due to poor management.

Management indeed has a significant role in employees’ mental peace and satisfaction. I have also met many employees trying to switch jobs due to poor management.

Visier study: 43% of employees quit due to managers

Visier conducted research in the UK, surveying 2100 employees who had left their jobs at least once in their careers. The study found that 43% of employees had left their jobs at least once due to managers.

53% were looking for opportunities to switch jobs due to poor management.

In fact, that’s the easiest thing to do in any organization. Giving respect doesn’t charge anything but pays off the most.

Gallup’s study 2015: 75% left due to managers

In 2015, Gallup, in a comprehensive research, found that 75% of employees had left their jobs due to managers.

It was a huge number in 2015. But now, as CEOs and companies have realized that managers play a significant role in turnover, that’s why the figure has now reduced to below 60%. It must be reduced even further because it doesn’t cost anything.

SHRM study: Training can improve managers

In 2020 SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) survey affirmed that 84% of employees believe that untrained managers create an unnecessary mess. That’s why most employees leave their jobs.

50% of those employees believed that appropriate training could improve managers’ attitudes.

Many well-reputed companies now realize that investing time and money in managers’ training is essential. The reason is the same; they want to attract and retain employees.

Most CEOs believe that it’s an unnecessary burden on their business. They can’t make employees loyal in a toxic environment and would never control the huge turnover figures.

So if you are a business owner and want to understand how many employees quit their jobs due to managers, you will be surprised by huge percentages.

Based on all the studies, it’s clear that over 50% of employees leave their jobs due to managers.