How To Sell A Domain Name? (As I Sold)

If you are wondering how to sell a domain name, then you are at the right position. Because I recently sold one of my domains on GoDaddy Auctions. I even have experience selling domains or websites on Flippa, so I can definitely help you sell your domain quite easily.

Along with the guidance to sell a domain on any of the best platforms, I shall surely acquaint you with the following questions.

  1. What is the best way to sell a domain name?
  2. What are the best platforms to sell a name domain?
  3. What are their commission rates? A brief comparison.
  4.  How to list your domain names for sale?
  5. How can you sell your domains fast?

What is the best way to sell a domain name?

There are multiple ways to sell a domain, like selling a domain through social media platforms, email marketing, reseller brokers, and auctions. But if you want to sell your domain names quickly then definitely selling on auctions is the best way to sell domains.

Actually, it’s hard to sell domains directly because you don’t know where is the right buyer, what does he do and how can you reach out. 

There are dozens of social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, where buyers and sellers meet one other. You can sell domains for free on social media platforms but it’s always hard to find the right buyers. You can’t find serious buyers who are actually willing you a handsome amount in such groups. Because such buyers already know that the best places to find valuable domains are not these social media platforms.

This doesn’t mean you should not try such platforms, but you should keep in mind that the chances to sell a domain through a social media platform are far far less than dedicated platforms like Flippa, Afternic Sedo etc.

What are the best places to sell domain names?

The best 3 places to sell domain names are,

  1. Sedo
  2. Flippa
  3. Afternic (Godaddy auctions)

All these are best well-known in this market, and all these platforms have a strong attraction for buyers to find great domain names for. Whenever people are looking for powerful domains, they always check these places.

Commission rates of Flippa, Sedo and Afternic (Godaddy)

Before you decide where you should sell your domain name, it’s far better to understand how much shall you be paying commission your successful sale.

Because if you don’t understand that you might make selling at low prices as I did for my domain.

Actually, I have personal experienced it in my last domain name. I sold a domain name through Godaddy auctions (Afternic), and I had not had an idea of commission rates of their services. So I suffered a big loss when I realised that they are taking 20% of my amount. 20% is a huge amount, so it’s better to add some extra dollars in the price you set on auctions according to those websites’ commission rates.

If you are selling your domain name at $1000, you should add at least $150 to the amount you have in mind so that you could save at least 10% on the successful sale.

Commission rates for a premium listing on Godaddy

Godaddy has 3 different plans for premium listings. Here are the details.

  • For domain names with a price range of $0 to $5000, they shall take 20% and at least $15 for a successful sale.
  • For domain names with price ranges, $5001 to $25000 they shall take $1000 + 15% of the amount over $5000.
  • For domain names with price ranges, $25000 they shall take $4000 + 10% of the amount over $25000.

So while setting a buy now price, it’s always better to add something extra than you already had in mind. Godaddy shall take $5/yr to join the marketplace.

Commission rates of Flippa

Flippa has some great commission rates for selling your businesses and domains. You can sell your domain names, websites, and even starter websites and applications, but the commission rates are the same for all successful sales.

  • Up to 50K successful sale, they shall take a 10% commission.
  • From 50K to 100K they shall take 7.5% commission.
  • Over $100K it’s only 5%.

But they shall charge you for listing your product, and they shall definitely get your domain name in front of the right buyers.

Commission rates of Sedo for successful sales

Sedo is in between Godaddy and Flippa. They have the following commission rates.

  • 10% if the domain was parked and sold with a fixed price.
  • 15% of the gross amount for all successful sales in the Sedo marketplace.
  • 20% if it’s sold through SedoMLS partners.

So it’s a great place because this marketplace is dedicated to selling and buying domain names.

How to list your domain names for sale?

Once you have decided where you should sell your domain names, or even it’s preferrable to list your domain name on all these platforms. Let’s move on to how to list your domain names on these best marketplaces.

Before listing your domain, you should get an idea of your domain value. Some domain’s value evaluator is available, but you should not trust those evaluators because those appraisal tools have some pattern that’s the same for a fresh domain and a powerful domain (means that has powerful backlinks).

However, Godaddy appraisal could be the best domain value calculator because it gives you an average of domains already sold on Godaddy. Still, you should set your own price and it’s far better to understand your own how much your domain worth.

If it’s a domain with authority or a domain with the brandable name, then it’s worth investing.

For example, the domain I sold has a Domain authority (by Moz) of 34, and I sold it at $3000. Actually, the domain has powerful backlinks from high authority websites. The backlinks were more than 5000, and domain rating was 51 (by Ahref).

So it’s all up to you to use a domain appraisal tool or understand it your own.

Listing your domain name on Afternic (Godaddy)

how to sell a sell a domain name with afternic godaddy

Selling on Godaddy is easy but most people don’t know how to sell a domain name on GoDaddy. Godaddy is the parent company of Afternic, and Afternic is one of the top companies to buy and sell domains. It has a great market for selling and buying domain names.

Here is the step by step process to listing your domain on Afternic.

  • Join Afternic. It will inquire about some essential details. Be real.
  • Verify your email.
  • Click on the sell domains on the top right corner.
  • Add domains and click continue.
  • Set prices.
  • Submit for processing

And you’re done.

But if your domains are on Godaddy and you have a membership for Godaddy auctions then it’s far simpler to list your domains on auction. You can follow the following steps.

  • Login to your Godaddy auctions account.
  • Click on “List a domain” available in the second top menu.
  • Add domain name and other details.
  • Set “7-day public auction” to make it available for public auction.
  • Agree to their terms.
  • And click finish.

You can choose to promote it with just a few bucks. You listing will appear after 72 hours in the public auction.

Listing your domain on Flippa

how to sell your domain on Flippa

Follow the following steps to list your domain name on Flippa. It’s best place to sell domains.

  • Join Flippa. It’s simple as others.
  • After verification of your account, click on “Sell Now.”
  • Add URL of your domain.
  • Click Domain and then click Let’s go.
  • Add a tag line. It should be eye-catching. Like, Brandable domain name with domain authority 50, etc.
  • Describe it. Explain why one should buy your domain.
  • Choose auction or classified depending on your need. Choose auction if you want to make it open for bidding for some specific period of time.
  • Set your desired prices. Keep the minimum value least so that buyers could bid on it if they have the least price. Don’t worry; you are not selling on it; it will just get others’ attention.
  • Choose your plan to promote it. It starts at just $10. If you want to sell your domain names instantly, then choose a better promotion plan.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Verify it.

And it’s live on my favorite marketplace to get buyers attention.

Listing your domain on Sedo

how to sella domain name on sedo

It’s also as simple as listing on other the best marketplaces.

  • Join Sedo. It’s simple.
  • After verification, login to your Sedo account.
  • Hover over your name, and a new tab will appear, click Add domains.
  • Add your domain name (names).
  • Agree to their terms and conditions and go to step 2.
  • Set price for it.
  • Choose price option, “Buy now” for a fixed price and “Make an offer” for bidding.
  • Set minimum price, from where you will receive bids.
  • Go to step 3.
  • Choose your registrar. And click on “Please complete your payment details!” to add your payment details.
  • Agree their terms and click Finish.
  • Later on you will get an email to verify your domain and you will require to change DNS or add TXT records for verification.

It’s reviewed before it appears to your domains list.


We have noticed that there are multiple ways to sell your domain names, but secure and fast ways are to use the best marketplaces available online. Those platforms charge money, but they make the selling safe and quicker.

So we can conclude that it’s better to sell your domain name on Flippa because Flippa has the least commission rates. But the best alternatives of Flippa are, Afternic (Godaddy auctions) and Sedo to sell your domains.

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