Job Is Better Than Business (Sorry I Was Wrong Earlier)


If you are a regular reader of Sturdy Business, you might already know that I put much emphasis on starting a business. I used to believe that a business is the only thing that can get you out of your toxic circumstances. No job can do that. But I was wrong. Now, I strongly believe … Read more

Does AI Content Rank On Google? Proven With Case Studies

does ai content rank on Google?

As machinery replaced manpower in history, so is happening in the digital world. Things are becoming easy and reducing human work. Even now artificial intelligence can write human-like content. You can’t differentiate between AI content and human-written content easily. But the question that arises instantly in mind is that as Google strives hard, and invests … Read more

How To Check If The Article Is SEO Friendly?

seo friendly

We all outsource content, and there is nothing wrong with it. But while outsourcing articles, there are two biggest things to check out. Would the article be worth your money? Is the article SEO-friendly? Both are important, but today, we will see how to check if the article is SEO-friendly or not? It’s not hard … Read more

How Much Money Do You Really Need To Start Any Business?

how to manifest money

Money is a basic thing needed to start a business. You can start some businesses without investments, but those can only be some startups. For instance, the money needed to start startups like Blogging, YouTubing, and other similar businesses is $500, and that’s the average cost of affordable business laptops. But when it comes to the laundry business, it costs … Read more

Laundromat Business Profit (Everything You Need To Know)

laundromat business profitability

The laundry business makes up to 20% profit on average. But some make even more than 35% with utilizing the best tactics that we will discuss here. Other than that, recent earning stats shows that laundromats make $500 profit a day, on average. Definitely, some experts are making way more than that. That means the … Read more