Job Is Better Than Business (Sorry I Was Wrong Earlier)

If you are a regular reader of Sturdy Business, you might already know that I put much emphasis on starting a business. I used to believe that a business is the only thing that can get you out of your toxic circumstances. No job can do that.

But I was wrong.

Now, I strongly believe that getting a job is way too much better than starting a business. There are some benefits of a job that you don’t get with business. The only additional thing is to learn to invest wisely.

Let me be specific.

The majority want to do business to get rich. If this is your life goal, and you don’t want to disturb your life, then get a job and learn the best investment strategies.

Investment strategies will make you rich, and a job will give you peace. So having an investment strategy along with your job is enough for a successful life.

Didn’t get the point? Let’s dig deep together.

I believed that everyone must have a business

I use to recommend people that they should start a blog or a YouTube channel because both are the easiest businesses to start. Anyone can do that, and even kids run easy businesses like Amazon affiliate blogs or a YouTube channel. That’s why everyone should do it.

So here is the thing. Anyone can manage to run a commercial blog or a YouTube channel.

I did the same, started multiple blogs, hired freelancers to complete a few projects, and I was done.

I thought it was running a business, and so anyone can do that.

This was the reason that I started recommending starting a startup.

But now, I believe entrepreneurship is not for everyone

It’s totally fine if you run a blog or a YouTube channel as your side business. You don’t need a team, you don’t need to know why businesses fail, and what you should have in your pocket to succeed. If you kept on working, you will definitely succeed one day.

But don’t think to grow it on a bigger scale. Don’t think to adopt it as your full-time business. Don’t think to be an entrepreneur. It will piss you off. It requires hard work, patience, sacrifice, and devotion. Not everyone can be so ambitious, that’s why entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Here is how I realized it.

Once I thought to scale the business, I tried to build the team and a company. I realized that business isn’t for everyone.

There is a huge pain, and stress to run a business successfully. Who would like to leave a peaceful life and get into a stressful race?

Don’t leave your comfort zone, and get into business to make money. Business is basically not for generating money, its primary purpose is serving. If you start it for money, you will sooner be fed up.

Although, it’s not possible that everything will be perfect for you. Nothing goes perfect in business. For instance, we imagine everything is going fine, you are still afraid of many things. And the biggest fear is the fear of losing.

There is a huge pain involved with business

I don’t know from where you are reading, and I might never know it. But I know one thing about you. That’s your feelings.

I understand that you are confused, and you want to make a decision. You want to put your effort into something. You have two obvious paths, one is to get a job and the second is to start a business.

You might be asking here and there, should I get a job or start a business, job vs business: what’s better? You might be searching for the benefits of having a business.

If you put these questions on Google, most of the advisors will say starting a business is better than a job. Because this way, people are working for you, you make more money, you are your own boss, and you are building your own asset over the period of time.

I agree, there are many benefits of having a business. That’s why I have chosen this path for myself.

But something that no one will tell you is the ultimate stress, fear, and pain you get along with your business. They would never make you realize that making things happen is a painful process. You might be fed up soon.

Job vs Business: What’s less stressful?

You might be thinking, hey, nothing is easy, a job has its own difficulties, you are always under stress. So why not to chose the other way?

Yes, that’s true.

Nothing is easy.

But before making a decision let’s see what’s less stressful and toxic.

Here are the biggest issues you will face at your job.

Toxic enviroment

No matter where, if you are going to get a job. You will surely face a toxic work environment. Even it’s a brand name, they care about their employees. Still, you will suffer.

At least, one of your managers or colleagues will give you a tough time. It might become so stressful that you even prefer leaving your job.

By the way, if this happens to you, never quit for a single person.

Limited salary

Every job has a limited salary. Your salary can only pay your utility bills.

Sometimes, you are in sales, and you get some reasonable commissions. But still, that’s limited.

My younger brother is the sales manager of an electronics company. He has some branches working under his supervision. Sometimes, all the branches achieve 100% target, and he gets a very sound commission.

But he knows pretty well, in which range he will get his salary. So even it’s not fixed, it’s still limited.

Uneasy targets

Every job has its targets. The targets are always achievable, but never easy.

In the case of a job, you will always be worried about your targets.

As my younger brother is in the sales department, I do understand pretty well how terrible it becomes to keep pushing things every month to achieve the targets.

Fear of losing the job

If you are in the private sector, you will surely always stay fearful of losing your job. Any new policy or reforms can kick you out – you keep thinking the whole life.

The discussed issues sound horrible, but these are not as horrible as the problems involved with the business.

Here are the problems involved with the business.

Risk involved

Money is one of the pillars of any business. You can’t run any business without money – at least you can’t grow from a basic startup to a company.

Once you put your hard-earned money, it’s always at risk. You can fail at any time. It might be your life’s savings that can vanish at any time.

I can’t be specific about risk because it totally belongs to your business. Sometimes, negligence can ruin it.

For instance, one of my fellows started a clothing business. He made a huge mistake on the size. He realized it once the order was ready.

Such mistakes take your money at any time.

While in the job, the biggest loss can be your one month salary.

Fear of losing

It’s pretty similar to losing a job but it’s more intense than that.

No matter how big you are, your business totally depends on the market trend and customer experience. You can make efforts to do your best, but don’t control them.

Once you are in business, you realize this fear, and this never lets you sleep. Your mind is always working for your business growth.

Employee management

This is one of the biggest issues all businesses face.

If people are working for your business, they always have some issues with your company. You can’t make all of them happy, and you can’t kick them off every time.

Privacy and security issues involved

Do you know that Coca-cola has never disclosed their formula to any of their employees? They have separately invested to secure their formula?

It’s not just Coca-cola whose formula is precious but every business has its precious data. That must not be shared with anyone.

This privacy and security issue is involved with every business, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you will surely suffer in the longer run.

Once you realize it, this becomes your headache.

The reason is that not every employee is loyal and honest. You might have an alligator at any position, and he can sell your data to your competitors.

You will bear a big loss.

Maintain the growth

Along with all other big problems, maintaining growth is also one of the biggest business problems.

This is what I realized once my business started growing.

If you have achieved a target for a quarter, you don’t want to lose that level. It’s possible that you will require a little more effort in the next quarter.

In business, you either want to grow, or you want to maintain the level you achieved.

That’s why, once you are in business, you are always in business.

On the other hand, you don’t need to put huge effort. Even you are an average employee, you will always get your pay-cheque on time.

When it’s better to get a job?

If you have walked through the long debate, you might get my point.

As there is stress involved in business, it’s much better to go for a job.

But let me be a bit clear here.

The majority of people don’t want to live a risky or stressful life. They want to enjoy their life with their families, and with themselves.

The only thing for which they think of business is money.

The majority think of business when they are in debt, or they can’t pay their bills with their jobs. They need something extra.

If they have even a small amount in their banks the whole year, they would never think of the business.

That’s why actually they are not interested in business, but extra money. So business is not the only solution to their problems.

According to George S. Clason, if you cut your expenses, invest 20% of your income for a few years, you will get rich.

There can still be a debate that from where one can find safe investment ideas. There are dozens of safe investments ideas, and the best one for me is to keep buying Bitcoin.

The second big reason to get a job is to learn the business. If you have no idea, how to run a successful business, then getting a job in your industry gives you a clear picture.

When you should start a business?

As I said earlier, if your goal is to make more money then you should learn to invest.

On the other hand, if you have some dreams and goals, and you want to make them true with business, then the business is your thing.

For instance, SB’s primary goal is to provide people with the best useful information about business and investing. That’s why I put too much weight on the utility and accuracy of the information.

The purpose behind your business is far more important than anything else. If the purpose doesn’t belong to you, then you will surely quit soon.

That’s why if you are curious to know whether you should start or not, then think of the goals behind your business.

What do you want to achieve with your business?

If the purpose is good, let’s say to facilitate people with something new, or better. You will ultimately succeed.

If you are still confused, then it’s way much better to get a job in the industry you want to start a business in. This step will make everything clear to you.

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