4 Unique Ways To Tag A Business On Facebook For Free Traffic

Facebook has over 2 billion active users a month. If your business is not on it, you’re losing a vast market from which to get a portion. The other most appealing factor to tagging a business on Facebook is that it’s free.

As a business owner, I understand how important it is to tag our business on all the best marketplaces, and if we get something for free, that’s a blessing.

There are hundreds of websites where you can list your products to sell your products and services; it could be Craigslist or sites like Craigslist, but most charge – at least some dollars for tagging your business.

But Facebook is a marketplace that doesn’t charge you – not even a single penny.

So if you’re unsure how to tag your business on Facebook to get the best possible results, then we have covered everything in this guide.

There are four easy methods to tag a business on Facebook. And if you don’t use Ads, it’s free.

  1. Tag your business on Facebook as a Page
  2. Create a shop
  3. Tag your products on the Facebook Marketplace
  4. Promote your business on Facebook For Free

Let’s discuss all of the methods separately.

Tag A Business on Facebook As a Page

Among many other free opportunities, it’s one of the biggest ones to create a Facebook page with your business name and link back to your website. You can do it easily with the following steps.

Remember that before starting anything, you need a personal account on Facebook. If you don’t already have it, then you should create it. It’s simple and easy.

  1. Visit Facebook.com
  2. Click “Create New Account”
  3. Put your details in the available fields. Like, as name, DoB, email or phone number, etc.
  4. Click on “Sign-up”

It’s recommended to add a picture to your profile and all other essential details. Later on, you can add friends and fellows as your friends on this profile; keep this account only for marketing purposes. You can promote yourself on this account as CEO, author, manager, or anything according to your role in your business. Later on, you can use it as a source to grow your Facebook business page.

Once you have your account, log into it, and follow the steps to create a page for your business.

  1. Click here. It’s a link to create a page.
  2. Add your business information: name, category, and description.
  3. Click on “Create Page.”
  4. Click on “Save.” It will redirect you to your new business page.
  5. Update your cover photo and profile picture.
  6. Click “Add a button” to tag your business link on your Facebook page.
  7. On the left side tab menu, click on Edit Page info.
  8. You can add your business details, keep your business name as your username, and add your services, location, contact details, and many other details.
  9. You are done. You have tagged your business on Facebook.

Even after tagging your business on Facebook, it’s worthless until you don’t get an audience on it. So after the second method, we shall briefly explain how to promote Facebook Page to get an audience, free or paid. If you don’t have an audience on your Page, you can promote them with the Facebook Business Marketing tool after adding products to your Page.

Create a Shop

Creating a shop is another method to promote your products. This is another free feature to tag your products and services on your Facebook page, for free.

Once you tag your products in your store, people can buy from them directly. Facebook will make your payments to your given bank details.

To avail of this feature, follow the following steps.

  1. On your Page, Under your business name, click on “More” and then “Shop” in the given menu.
  2. Agree to their terms. And click “Continue.”
  3. There are two options right here: sell directly on your Page or lead your audience to your website. Choose the suitable one. If your website/store isn’t mobile friendly, then let Facebook sell your products because sturdy shows that most customers want to make their purchases on their smartphones.
  4. Select your currency, and “Save.”
  5. Click on “Add product.”
  6. Choose one photo or video for your product. (Consider adding only one).
  7. Add all the details about the product, Name, Price, Description, Checkout URL, and Product Condition.
  8. Click on ‘Add product’ to save it.

The product is now available on your Page, and you can tag that product on your Page easily.

Tagging Your Products on Your Page

It’s now easy to tag the products that have been added to your shop on your Page.

Follow the following steps.

  1. Go to your Page.
  2. Click on “Create Post.”
  3. Click on “…” and then “Tag Products.”
  4. Add a photo or video.
  5. Click on your photos/videos to tag your product.
  6. Tag your product and save it.
  7. Click on “Post”

You have successfully tagged your product on your Facebook page.

Tag Your Products on the Facebook Marketplace

It’s a fact that Facebook wants to compete with all other business marketing marketplaces because they have the largest audience on a single platform on earth.

That’s why they always struggle to make it appealing to business owners. Hence, to cover the local market, they introduced a free local Marketplace in 2016.

Facebook Marketplace is the friendliest marketplace to buy or sell products locally. If your audience is local, let’s say you have an automotive dealership, your market is the local audience. In this regard, Facebook allows you to present your items to ready-to-buy customers.

To tag your products on the Facebook marketplace, follow the six steps.

  1. Visit the marketplace here.
  2. To add your product, click “Create New Listing”, and then click “Item for Sale.”
  3. Add Photos. Photos should be clear and eye-catching to attract buyers.
  4. Enter product details. If it’s Free, enter 0 as the price.
  5. Enter Next. Make sure you have entered the required information to proceed.
  6. Click Publish to post your Marketplace listing.

Once completed, your products will be live to your local audience.

Promote Your Business on Facebook For Free

Creating a Facebook page or building a Facebook shop is not enough. Because it’s all worthless unless you find you reach your clients.

Reaching the right audience requires promotion. You can promote your Page either free or pay for it. If you have a budget for Facebook ads and an expert who can get your Page in front of the right people, it will take a moment to reach the right audience.

But if you don’t have a budget or are under budget and want to utilize free resources to promote your business, then these are free methods to promote your Page on this platform.

With A Profile

The profile you created earlier can be your first tool to promote your Page.

  1. Join relevant groups, reach the right audience, talk to them and add them to your friends.
  2. Find your competitor’s Page, check who has liked the Page, and add them to your friends. You can add up to 5000 friends.
  3. When you have friends, share your Page on your profile and ask your friends to share it. It will build a chain and even get your sales.

Join Groups with Your Page

This platform allows people to join groups as a business. It’s an excellent opportunity to reach the right audience as a company.

There are hundreds of active groups where people buy or sell their products. Join as many groups as you can, but never spam them. Be helpful, try to solve others’ problems for free, and tag your business only when they trust you.

These methods will surely take time, but both are free methods to reach the right audience. If you don’t want to wait, consider investing in it.


It’s essential to list your business on all marketplaces, and Facebook is the biggest marketplace to tag a business. It’s not hard to tag a business on Facebook; in this guide, we have discussed all the best possible methods to tag a business.

How do I tag a business on Facebook?

In 4 simple steps, you can utilize the best possible ways to tag your business on Facebook. It’s a complete guide on tagging a business on Facebook. We have covered creating a page, creating a shop, using the marketplace, and selling your stuff in the relevant groups.

How do I enable business tagging on Facebook?

You might be curious to know how others can tag themselves in your photos and videos. It’s pretty easy.

  1. Go to settings
  2. In “General” find “Tagging Availability.”
  3. Click “Edit”
  4. Tick the option to enable.

You are done. Now can people tag your photos and videos easily?

How do you tag a business on Facebook?

I use multiple ways to tag a business on Facebook, like Creating a page, and a shop, using the marketplace and selling in relevant groups. However, as my audience is different thus, I focus more on search engine optimization than social media marketing.