How Many People Leave Jobs Due To Managers? (4 Studies)

Different studies have verified that many people leave their jobs because of managers; they prefer leaving the company because they can’t stand their bosses. It’s all due to mindset; as managers or bosses know that employees will follow their orders for survival, that’s why they never think of empathy and sometimes disrespect or torture employees. … Read full article

Complete Guide To Check SEO-Friendly Articles Without Tools

It’s pretty easy to check if an article is SEO-friendly with tools; tons of plugins and extensions help you analyze a webpage. But such tools can not guarantee you rankings or can easily be manipulated. Secondly, those tools are designed to analyze all the web pages, including an article, a product page, a services page, … Read full article

55+ Happy Work Anniversary Messages In A Unique Style

Celebrating work anniversaries is important because it increases employees’ sense of belonging and inclusion; research confirmed that a sense of belonging and inclusivity increases job performance by 56%. If you don’t have plans for hangout, you can still send work anniversary messages to appreciate employees. But, while wishing coworkers and employees their workiversaries (work anniversaries), … Read full article

COB vs. EOD: Understand Meaning, Key Difference, And Use

Most professionals use business acronyms in their emails. Some acronyms have similar meanings, and it becomes harder to understand how to use those business acronyms effectively. COB, EOD, COP, EOP, and EOD are among those acronyms usually used for the same purpose will little differences. We have explained these business acronyms with examples to bring … Read full article

3 Endorsed Strategies To Resolve Conflicts In The Workplace

The most hectic things for managers and leaders are handling difficult employees and resolving conflicts. I recently met a few difficult employees and realized that it’s a pain in the neck. Unfortunately, difficult employees and conflicts exist in all workplaces. You can’t get rid of them. So all managers and leaders should learn dispute management … Read full article