Ezoic Vs. Adsense: Pros and Cons of Ezoic

If you were interested in Ezoic vs Adsense comparison,, here is the short answer. Ezoic is more revenue-generating than Adsense because of its advanced artificial intelligence system. But it might slow down your speed.

It uses a variety of ad placements, ad types, and different ad networks to provide you with highly revenue-generating ads and hence increases your revenue by up to 4x.

But this is not a comparison post.

Today, I am sharing my experience with Ezoic.

I got a few reasons why you can’t use Ezoic on your blog. I thought to share it with beginners who want to join it.

Let me share the complete story of where it all started.

How to get Ezoic approved?

Most bloggers want to use Ezoic because it uses its advanced AI technology to increase revenue. Yes, it’s true. It uses the best technology to notice everything on your site.

Here is how Ezoic works.

Ezoic examines the site for 12 weeks and determines the best ads and ad placements. Based on the data, they provide you with the best inventory and place the ads in the best places on your site where you get more impressions and clicks.

Hence you win.

Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to Adsense Auto.

Ezoic partners with Adsense. If you apply for the Ezoic, you actually follow the guidelines for Adsense.

So the minimum requirements for Ezoic are the same as for Adsense.

Here are the minimum requirements for Adsense and Ezoic.

  1. Your site should be content-rich. You have at least 25 well-written articles, and it’s even better if it’s not AI content. AI content gets you temporary results, but it’s a long-term investment, not even ChatGPT.
  2. You have all the important pages, like Privacy Policy, Contact Us, and About Us.
  3. Your site has a simple, clean layout. For instance, it has some categories; it’s easy to navigate as I place them on the site’s menu.
  4. You have at least a few visitors a day. (The higher, the better).

You can apply for Ezoic “Access Now Account” with less than 10,000 visitors a month. But that doesn’t mean zero traffic.

Some bloggers apply with zero traffic and are rejected. Don’t do that.

As I was following everything, I applied for Ezoic and was approved after a while.

Here are four important steps to applying.

  1. Create an account, and watch the course videos.
  2. Change nameservers to Ezoic.
  3. Add some placeholders, or save all of the recommended placeholders by Ezoic.
  4. Submit your application for Google Ads Manager. Once approved, you will also get approval for Ezoic.

Once you are done, you can wait for an email from Ezoic. I got an email within 48 hours of applying.

It was a pretty nice experience to get approval from Ezoic, and I would recommend it.

Ezoic is bad for some websites.

If you have gone through the story, you might think, if Ezoic is so cool, why did I leave it?

Here are some cases when Ezoic can be bad for a site.

It slows down the speed

Site speed is a ranking factor; we can’t compromise on it.

Not only Ezoic but all the ad networks slow down the site. Even your Adsense ads will impact your speed. But Ezoic has some other issues as well. As Ezoic controls adding content on your site like ads script, so you can’t delay the ads on your own.

Ezoic has a system called Ezoic Leap. They aim to speed up sites with Ezoic Leap, which has all the best tools to speed up a site. But Ezoic Leap isn’t as fast as they claim it to be.

Sometimes you compromise on the traffic.

While using Ezoic, you need to change nameservers to Ezoic or Cloudflare.

If you change the nameservers and are on shared hosting, your hosting might not have whitelisted all the IPs of Ezoic.

It means some users using some specific IPs might see errors.

At least, it’s the case with Hostinger. It can be an issue with your hosting provider too.

Hostinger doesn’t allow all the IPs of Ezoic, hence you can’t present your site to all Ezoic traffic.

I was not using Cloudflare then, so I saw a traffic drop. So I turned Ezoic off. Later on, I recently tried Ezoic with Cloudflare; it was still impacting the site speed. However, I didn’t use it with Ezoic Leap. So I am not sure about using Ezoic with Ezoic Leap.

As I had discussed earlier, site speed was badly impacting my rankings, so I am investing a lot to improve it, and I have done this by using Cloudflare.

I have also turned ads off at the moment to get rankings back on google; it’s working. So I am not sure how Adsense affects the speed with Cloudflare; I shall update it once I experience it.