Does AI Content Rank On Google? Proven With Case Studies

As machinery replaced manpower in history, so is happening in the digital world. Things are becoming easy and reducing human work. Even now artificial intelligence can write human-like content. You can’t differentiate between AI content and human-written content easily.

But the question that arises instantly in mind is that as Google strives hard, and invests so much to get the best content to its users. Google would not like to show AI content to its users. So does AI content rank on Google? Otherwise, you can’t take all the benefits from your AI content.

Isn’t it so?

If you have plans to use an artificial intelligence content generator and are curious if that content will rank on Google? Then here is the brief answer.

Yes, AI content ranks on Google. Google can not detect AI content if used properly. Although, not all the human written contents rank, so not all artificial intelligence contents rank.

There is a reason behind it. And the biggest reason is that you are not using it appropriately. If you put some extra effort into your AI-generated content, then it will not only rank but it will make your content marketing pretty easy.

Let’s understand everything in detail.

Does AI content rank? Case studies

Before we see how artificial intelligence content can be greatly used for your business success. Let me tell you how my friends created Amazon affiliate blogs with AI content, and how I accidentally used the AI article. And what happened with all that stuff.

First of all, let me share how AI-content-built sites performed on Google.

My friends used one of the best available AI content generators to write informational articles and reviews. They gently optimized the articles, and the articles ranked pretty well on Google.

So it’s experimented many times by many bloggers that if you use artificial intelligence content generators appropriately, it will definitely rank on Google.

Here is what happened with the AI-generated article, I posted on the previous blog.

Although I am open to freelance content writing. Many times, I get busy or I am sick so I don’t want to write articles. I give chance to freelance writers to write articles. In this way, I keep updating the blog with fresh content and also keep noticing what freelance writers are doing in the market.

Those days, I was occupied with my research for some other articles. I was reading books, listening to tapes, and contacting business owners for research. I was unable to write articles. But I had some easy topics to write on. So I tried to hire some blog writers.

First of all, hiring affordable blog writers is a tough job. You can’t find out easily. The primary reason is that people must not be familiar with your niche, and the other reason is that freelance writers don’t want to put effort into research.

Well, one writer presented me with some good work as a sample, and I thought to give him a try.

I thought that if he didn’t work properly he can only take the money of one article, and I can afford that loss.

I gave him my main keyword, and also provided him with some LSI keywords.

After two days, he sent me an article.

The article was clearly AI content. The clear reason was that he couldn’t adjust the LSI keywords. As he had not researched the topic. He didn’t know the meanings of keywords, so he couldn’t adjust the keywords.

He took money for the article, and I paid him for the lesson I learned.

Well, later on, I thought to use that article. As it was my topic, I spent 2 to 3 hours improving and optimizing the article with any research.

That article, later on, ranked #1 on Google for a long.

Here is another experiment.

A while ago, I used Article Forge to create content. I created some blogs, added that content. I also submitted that content on some submission sites.

I never changed that content. The content was detected and could never get attention. Some of the pieces were indexed by Google, but later on, Google de-indexed those articles.

So here is what you can do to use artificial intelligence writers positively and get results.

How to use AI articles to rank?

Writing content with AI is easy. Many times you put some keywords into an artificial intelligence content generator, give instructions about the content, and you get a wonderful piece. Article Forge is the best example.

Sometimes, while using artificial intelligence tools like Jarvis, you copy content from somewhere, and in return get multiple copies of that piece.

You pick the right one for your business.

It’s also not hard. After all, it saves your time and gives you a unique copy of your favorite piece. Would you mind spending some time finding some pieces, copying them, and pasting them in a tool? Even your subordinate can do that.

But still, it won’t rank on Google unless you make it even a better copy!

Here is something worth understanding.

AI blog generators or copywriters use the given data to create something new. They don’t either know or understand what they have written.

Don’t you think that available data might not be perfect for your keyword intent?

For instance, you were trying to write something on untapped keywords. The tool doesn’t have an accurate answer to that query. So what will happen?

Surely, the piece will be a piece of shit.

In all such situations, if you spend a little extra time exploring the topic, improving the content, and optimizing it, then it will surely rank on Google.

Here is what actually artificial intelligence blog writer has done for you.

The machine learning content writing has saved your time to provide you with the first draft of your copy. It’s now up to you if you edit the article, and make it a perfect article, or waste it by simply publishing it.

So here are my findings of AI articles or copies.

  • AI content ranks on Google if used appropriately.
  • Google can detect AI content if you use an inexpensive (or free) tool and don’t update it.
  • Google can not detect the best AI contents. Best tools provide you many copies to pick from.
  • Googel ranks content on the bases of optimization so optimized AI content will definitely rank on Google.

To make a long story short, it’s all up to you if you use the AI content generators appropriately then AI content will surely rank on Google.

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