Search Volume: 12 Things To Make Everything Clear To You

Search volume has great significance in SEO. That’s why it’s important to understand it before you work on any keyword.

Keeping the weight of search phrase volume in mind, I thought to discuss every possible aspect of search volume.

Before we answer the most important questions, like, what is a good search volume, what is a low search volume keyword, and what is a high search volume, let’s start with the meaning.

What is the search volume?

Search volume of any search phrase, search term, or keyword means how many times people, on average, search that specific term for a specific region in a month.

For example, if we look at the search volume of the Google keyword Dogecoin in the United States. It’s 15000. That means, on average, Americans search 15000 times dogecoin on Google in a month.

Search volume can be of any search engine or a store site.

It can be Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.

While working on blogs and online businesses, usually people look for Google keyword search volume because Google is the leading search engine in the world.

Whether it’s your business or an Amazon affiliate blog, your major business depends on Google. That’s why by search volume we usually mean how many times people search for a keyword on monthly basis on Google.

But search volume isn’t specific to Google.

Secondly, search volume has great significance in Amazon’s product research. The tools to find Amazon’s volume are pretty different. Usually, people use JungleScout and Helium 10.

What is the search volume trend?

Before we move forward to comprehend the other important aspects of the search volume. It’s important to understand the search volume trend.

By search volume trend, we mean how the trend of a search volume is going in the given period. The period can be at least two months, and the maximum could be any period – up to years.

Let’s try to be more specific to comprehend the search volume trend.

If you want to see the search volume trend in the last two months. That means you want to compare the search volume of a keyword of the last 30 days with the previous 30 days.

If you want to dig deep, and want to see what the search volume yearly trend looks like, that means you want to see how people search for that term in the complete year.

It gives you an idea if a keyword is a seasonable keyword or an evergreen keyword.

Let’s look at the search volume of dogecoin.

dogecoin search volume trend

We see that in April and May the searches were maximum. It must be the time when Elon Musk pumped dogecoin.

In short, the search volume trend means search phrase popularity over a specific period.

Bing search volume vs Google

There is nothing different in Bing search volume or Google search volume. By Bing search volume we mean how many times people search a phrase on Bing on monthly basis.

While by Google search volume we mean the average monthly searches of a keyword on Google.

The search volume for keywords will be different on both search engines.

Now let’s discuss the zero, low, good, high, and highest search volumes.

What is a good keyword search volume?

It depends on the keyword and the industry you are working in. If it’s a high-paying industry and your keyword is a money keyword then even 10 to 100 searches are good. On the other hand, thousands of searches can be considered a good search volume.

Let’s try to understand it with an example.

As I mentioned earlier, search volume also depends on the region. Now let’s keep region and industry in the mind and try to understand what is a good keyword search volume.

If you are working in the investment industry, let’s say it’s insurance, and you are in the United States. Secondly, your keywords are money keywords (keywords with commercial intent). In that case, 10 to 100 is a good keyword search volume.

There is a second person who has an informational blog that usually focuses on Asian countries, then 10 to 100 is a bad search volume. It’s not going to pay off. Because the RPM on such keywords (with no commercial intent) in Asian countries is many times lower than in the United States.

Did you get it?

Here is another reason why I think a money keyword with 10 to 100 searches is a good keyword.

First of all, tools can never predict the right search volume. Many times, they give you much lower than the actual search volume of any phrase.

For example, I was working on some keywords. The volume on Ahref was 4 times lower than the actual one I was getting in GSC.

It’s justifiable because all the tools provide you with the yearly search average as a search volume of that term.

So if you see that a money keyword has 30 searches, that means its actual search volume can be around 100. So 100 isn’t bad.

Secondly, there is always a difference between search volume and traffic. Let’s understand it.

Search volume vs Traffic

When you are working on a term, you not only get traffic from that term but also many other relevant search terms. So it overall becomes much higher than 100.

Here is another example.

If you focus on “keyword search volume“. Here are some other relevant terms you will get traffic from.

  • Search term volume
  • Search phrase volume
  • keyword search volume

So the overall traffic will be higher than the keyword you focused on.

Did you get it?

What is a good search volume for an Amazon site keyword?

Let’s take another example.

Nowadays, many bloggers are working on Amazon affiliate sites. Usually, beginners aren’t sure what is a good search volume for an Amazon affiliate site.

For an Amazon affiliate blog, your main focus is quality, not quantity. The reason is that any user who visits your site can be your customer.

So keeping this aspect in mind, we can say that any number over 10 is a good search volume for an Amazon affiliate site.

The same reason applies here. When tools are telling you that the search volume is 10, it never guarantees that you will get 10 visitors. If you write high-quality content, you will get many times higher traffic.

Now as you are clear that search volume isn’t as important as the search intent, now let’s see how generally the keywords are differentiated.

What is a low search volume?

Generally, 10 to 100 searches are considered to be a low search volume.

Now keep in mind that many times a low search volume keyword is far better than a high search volume keyword.

What is a medium search volume?

Generally, the medium search volume is considered to be between 1000 to 10000.

If you are on an informational project, and your website has some authority. Then medium search volume should be your choice.

What is a high search volume?

Generally, 10,000 to 100,000 is considered to be a high search volume.

Once again, if you are not sure if a high search volume is good or not then you should think of many factors.

Many times, working on low competition keywords with low search volume can be more beneficial than high search volume keywords. It depends on the search intent and geography.

What is the highest search volume?

Generally, from 100,000 to 1 million search volume is considered to be the highest search volume.

These keywords are too competitive and might take years to get on the first page.

What does zero search volume mean?

If you see zero search volume by tools that don’t mean the actual search volume will also be zero. Tools can’t provide you with the right information because many tools don’t update their database frequently.

If you believe that a keyword is good but it has zero volume (according to the tools), don’t leave it for this reason.

What is search volume in AdWords?

We usually find Google keyword search volume with many tools. Adwords Keyword Planner is one of those tools.

While working on Adword Keyword Planner, the tab “Average monthly searches” is the search volume of the keyword.

You can easily find it in the image.

google keyword planner a free research tool


If you are in SEO, or a business owner, working for your business. It’s essential to understand the search volume. We have discussed every aspect that’s relevant to search volume in SEO.

We have discussed, what is search volume, what is a good keyword search volume, and how people generally consider the search volumes to be low and high.