10 Best-Selling 5 Drawer File Cabinets (Starting From $90)

A 5-drawer filing cabinet is among the best storage solutions for years of your paperwork. The filing cabinets listed below are perfect for offices of all sizes because they are built to accommodate numerous files in a small space.

They can be used to store everything, including financial data, marketing materials, and employee records. Additionally, due to the drawer’s depth, you may store bulkier objects like binders and notebooks.

The 5-drawer filing cabinet’s durability is yet another fantastic feature. They are constructed to resist daily wear and tear using premium materials. 

They also come in a variety of shapes and finishes, so you can pick one that goes with the design of your office.

The following 5 drawer filing cabinets are your one-time investments, you don’t replace your cabinets often, you keep them for years. So it’s wise to choose the best of all.

By the way, if we also have reviewed 2-drawer, 3-drawer, and 4-drawer filing cabinets.

Based on my research, I have sorted the following 10 best-selling 5-drawer filing cabinets based on quality, durability, and use cases, with the first one being the best option:

Lorell 60550 5-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

Lorell 60550 Lateral File,5-Drawer,42-Inch x18-58-Inch x67-58-Inch,Black

Some key points:

  • Available in black, white, gray, and putty
  • 18.63″D x 42″W x 68″H
  • Special locking feature
  • It is adjustable and magnetic
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Smooth and quiet drawer performance


It might be challenging to locate what you need quickly when you have a lot of documentation to look through. 

However, you can organize everything and make it accessible with a 5-drawer lateral filing cabinet. This allows you to complete more work and spend less time looking for documents. 

In light of this, a Lorell 5-drawer filing cabinet might be ideal for a company. 

My friend recently bought the Lorell 60550 Lateral Filing Cabinet for his small office, and he was pleased with his purchase because of its excellent features.

The cabinet feels really solid and is constructed from top-notch materials. 

Because of the ball-bearing sliding suspension system, the drawers open and close softly and smoothly. 

The large amount of storage capacity in this cabinet is one of my favorite features. 

It is perfect for offices of all sizes because it includes five drawers that can accommodate a lot of paperwork without taking up a lot of room because they are 42 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

It adds style and functionality to any office and looks fantastic in any office environment.

The cabinet is made to be extremely simple to use. In order to prevent tipping, it incorporates an interlock system that stops many drawers from being opened at once, which is simple to use and prohibits the extension of more than one drawer at a time for your safety. 

The cabinet is only 68 inches tall, so it does not occupy a lot of floor space.

For versatility, hanging file rails are available in letter, legal, or A4 sizes for side-to-side filing.

The cabinet offers outstanding value for money.

It arrives completely assembled, which saves a ton of work. It is simple to make sure the cabinet is sturdy on any surface due to the adjustable leveling guides.

HON 5-Drawer Vertical filing cabinet

HON 310 Series Vertical File Cabinet Letter Width, 5 Drawers, Putty (H315)

Some key points:

  • Available in Black, charcoal, and putty colors
  • 48″D x 48″W x 78.81″H
  • Stylish visuals that go well with open offices, individual offices, or central record-keeping spaces
  • Steel material: Best for fire prevention, fastness, moisture resistance, and environmental protection
  • Extra security features
  • Drawers move easily
  • High drawer sides to hold your hanging file folders


The use of vertical filing cabinets is quite simple and convenient. For the storage of files, documents, letters, and other items, they come with 2 to 10 drawers. 

The files are conveniently accessible and face the front of the drawer. Due to their greater width and depth, the drawers feature a significant amount of storage space.

In the same way, HON might be very beneficial to small enterprises. It is American-made and generally recognized as the storage leader. To provide you with the best products, it uses cutting-edge machinery and ongoing quality testing.

The delivery is super fast, it won’t take more than two days

It is made of steel and has many benefits, including the ability to protect documents from damage and being fireproof. That’s the plus point

They are made to be sturdy and useful, but they may not have enough variation in appearance to match the room’s decor.

The drawer’s full cradle suspension system prevents them from tipping over or jamming.

It is a great option for use in a home office or small- to medium-sized company. 

The cabinet is made to be extremely simple to operate. It contains a label holder that makes it simple to identify the contents of each drawer, as well as a thumb lock that keeps the drawers closed.

They come with a ton of standard features, like spring-loaded follower blocks that keep everything organized in every drawer, locks with removable cores, high drawer sidewalls for hanging folders, and ball-bearing drawer suspensions.

It accepts hanging folders, rolls smoothly, has adjustable backstops, and can be locked. Most offices can store more than enough hanging files in each drawer, which has a maximum capacity of 25 inches.

Lorell 5 Drawer lateral file cabinet (Gray)

Lorell 5-Drawer Lateral File, 42 by 18-58 by 67-1116-Inch, Gray

Some key points: 

  • Available color: Gray
  • Each drawer has a magnetic label holder
  • 69.88 x 44.5 x 21.12 inches
  • Four adjustable leveling guides
  • The drawers slide in and out easily
  • Great interlock system
  • Eco-friendly


For any workspace or home office, the Lorell 5-drawer lateral file cabinet is a terrific addition. 

The cabinet is a nice size for most places at 42 inches wide, 18-5/8 inches deep, and 67-11/16 inches tall. 

The clean, contemporary tone of gray complements every wall and looks great in any space.

The amount of space this cabinet offers is among its best benefits. A range of file types, including legal and letter-sized papers, can fit in the deep drawers. 

Each drawer has plenty of room for files, which slide in and out swiftly so you can access your documents anytime you need to.

The cabinet already contains hanging rails for side-to-side filing with A4 size, so you can add hanging folders for even more organization.

The drawers are also deep enough to support box-bottom files, which is great for storing larger files or documents.

The Lorell 5-drawer lateral file cabinet is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to store and organize documents. It is sturdy, easy to use, and eco-friendly. 

The cabinet has a baked enamel finish for durability and full-width handles for easy opening and closing. 

It contains mechanical interlocks that stop many drawers from being opened at once as well as adjustable leveling guides that keep it stable on uneven floors.

It is made of alloy steel, which is excellent for preventing theft or unauthorized access to your documents, and it is also fire resistant, which can safeguard them in the event of a fire.

Lorell commercial-grade vertical file cabinet

Lorell LLR48501 Commercial Grade Vertical File Cabinet, Black

Some key points:

  • Available color: Black
  • Highly recommended for files and folders
  • Five high-sided drawers that accommodate legal-size
  • Easy reference and quick access
  • ‎26.5″D x 20.5″W x 29.5″H
  • Material type: Alloy steel
  • Smooth and quiet drawer performance


 I’ve been looking into the best ways to store and organize documents, and one thing that keeps coming up is the vertical file cabinet.

They work well for organizing paperwork in offices and other workplaces.

 Documents are organized in upright file folders and placed in a series of drawers or cabinets.

The vertical file cabinet is one kind of storage option in which I have a personal interest, Because it uses less space than horizontal filing

The Lorell LLR48501 is a fantastic commercial grade vertical file cabinet that is ideal for any office need

Customers have overwhelmingly given the Lorell LLR48501 favorable ratings, praising its robustness, usability, and sufficient storage.

The cabinet is 29 inches tall, making it a perfect option for small offices and a space-efficient paper storage system

It also has five aluminum label holders for convenient referencing and a core-removable lock for security.

It has a three-piece sliding suspension, steel ball bearings, and five label holders. 

The cabinet has legal-size hanging folders that can fit in five high-sided drawers each of which can hold both files and folders

The Lorell LLR48501’s easy-to-roll drawers are one of its outstanding qualities.

Its ball-bearing suspension provides quiet door operation and complete drawer accessibility.

The cabinet is made of steel, making it a sturdy and high-quality product.

Letaya 5 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock

Letaya 5 Drawer File Cabinets with Lock, Metal Wide Vertical Filing Organization Storage Cabinets for Home Office Hanging Files LetterLegalF4A4 Size

Key Points:

  • Available in black, camel, and white colors
  • 5 drawer filing cabinets 
  • Good for files and folders
  • 8mm Sturdy metal material
  • Long term use
  • Moisture resistance, and fire protection
  • Easier and quieter to use
  • Interlock system
  • Fast delivery


Vertical filing cabinets have always been a good choice for offices. They are quite flexible and offer excellent storage, which is what I appreciate the most because I am aware of how difficult it can be to organize a lot of paperwork at once.

There are several 5-drawer vertical cabinets; however, the Letaya cabinet is one of the finest options.

It is preferred over hardwood filing cabinets in terms of hardness, durability, moisture resistance, and fire protection due to its sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel material

It has outstanding document security, which is great for keeping your documents secure. Without security, buying a cabinet is pointless.

A4/F4/Letter/Legal and other file types can be hung in each drawer, and there is a single key that locks all of the drawers. 

At least 150–300 files can be placed in each drawer. 

This cabinet contains high-quality ball slides that make it easier and quieter to use. All of the drawers have interlocking mechanisms that prevent tipping by allowing just one drawer to be opened at a time.

It is 64 inches long and 36 inches wide to fit more files while taking up less room which offers best office experience

It comes in excellent packaging that offers excellent protection, and shipping is extremely quick.

Home offices and businesses benefit most from this 5-drawer vertical file cabinet. 

They organize their workspace well and safely store enormous files and folders. 

Vertical file cabinets are the greatest choice because they take up less space, making them ideal for small offices.

Fesbos 5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock 

Fesbos Lateral File Cabinet with Lock - 5 Drawers Metal Steel Filling Cabinets for Home Office - Lockable Storage Cabinet for Hanging Files

Some key points:

  • Available in Black, white, and camel color
  • It has a large storage system
  • 15.8″D x 35.4″W x 64″H
  • Reliable steel material
  • Easy to install
  • Great for files and folders
  • Glide very smoothly
  • Excellent locking mechanism


For any business, purchasing office supplies and furniture is a significant expense, so it is important to select durable, practical items. For any workplace that manages a high volume of files, reliable lateral filing cabinets are a need

The most difficult part of organizing files and folders is placing them in a filing cabinet. What if the cabinet is not the right size for your files to fit in?

I always support filing cabinets that are suitable for an office setting, take up less space, and allow for simple file adjustments.

For this reason, the Fesbos Lateral File Cabinet is a wise choice because its wide 5 drawers make it simple to fit files and folders inside.

Each drawer has metal hanging bars that you may modify to store various sorts of paperwork, 

One of the best features of this lateral filing cabinet is that it is capable of holding various folder sizes, such as legal, letter, A4, and F4 sizes. What else do you want? All of your documents and papers can be kept in one place for easy access.

The file cabinet has an anti-tilt design, making it impossible to fully open one drawer without doing the same to the opposite drawer. 

By doing this, the drawer will not be able to hold too much paper without tipping the cabinet over.

It’s 64-inch height and 35-inch width provide additional filing space, and you may keep more documents and files in them.

It creates an environment that is well-organized and environmentally sustainable, making offices seem lovely. It is appropriate for use in living rooms, classrooms, home offices, and small businesses.

This file cabinet is ideal for handling the demands of a home office because it is best classified as medium-duty and heavy.

It comes with two keys for extra protection, the drawers slide easily, and it has a very attractive appearance. A significant selling point of this product is its ability to store two rows of legal-size folders facing outward.

MIIIKO 5 Drawer Metal Lateral File Cabinet

MIIIKO 5 Drawer Metal Lateral File Cabinet with Anti-tilt Mechanism, White Filing Cabinet for Home Office, Legal Letter Size File Cabinet with Lock, Full.

Some key points:

  • Available in Black, white, and tan colors
  • 15.74″D x 35.4″W x 64.33″H
  • Ideal for Files and Folders
  • Stable and durable
  • Wide Drawer File Storage
  • Heavy Duty, Freestanding, Lockable, Wall-mountable


Choosing a file system that best suits your company’s demands is the most important factor to take into account. Whatever you choose make sure it is strong and well-made

People choose lateral filing cabinets over vertical ones for a variety of reasons, including their significant advantages.

A lateral filing cabinet has wide drawers that may hold more files and paperwork. 

It is perfect for small space environments and less likely to topple

The MIIKO 5 Drawer Metal Lateral File Cabinet is a reliable cabinet for small workplaces because of its metal construction, which is renowned for its stability and long lifespan.

It is a 5 drawer cabinet that stores letter-size, legal-size, and A4 hanging file folders. 

Your files, books, and documents can be stored and organized in 5 drawers. Each drawer has full-extension, quiet rails that can be effortlessly opened and closed. 

As a safety measure, it includes an Anti-Tilt locking system that only allows you to open one drawer at a time. 

It has a quality bearing slide that is easy to open without tripping over anything or getting stuck.

Its 64-inch height, 35-inch width, and depth allow you to hang files of any size, and there is still space for more items. You can add as many files as you like without worrying about space.

The metal is exceptionally lightweight, strong, and simple to assemble. The file cabinet’s significantly reduced weight is its principal advantage. It’s top is strong and you can place your business printer on it.

Scranton & Co 5 Drawer Wood Mobile File Cabinet in White

Scranton & Co 5 Drawer Wood Mobile File Cabinet in White

Some key points:

  • Available in white color
  • 19.21″D x 15.98″W x 26.3″H
  • Crafted from Composite Wood
  • It takes up little space
  • Have wheels for simple mobility


People have been aware of the benefits of mobile storage for a very long time. It creates more space, increases productivity, and improves workplace safety.

A mobile filing cabinet is designed to be moved from one place to another with ease. 

I purchased a mobile file cabinet, and I could not be happier with my decision. Instead of having to go to a specific filing cabinet anytime I needed to organize my files while working, I could simply move the filing cabinet to my room and complete the task at hand.

As a result, it is an excellent choice for companies or corporations who frequently need to move their paperwork across locations. 

Additionally, mobile file cabinets are typically designed to be quite compact, which makes them a fantastic solution for small businesses or offices with limited space.

The Scranton and Co. 5 drawer wood mobile file cabinet is a great example of this type of cabinet. It is simple to use and offers plenty of storage.

The cabinet’s dimensions of 26.5 inches tall and 15 inches wide make it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to keep multiple documents in a small area.

There are five drawers that can hold a variety of items, such as binders, hanging files, and folders

It is constructed to be strong and long-lasting from high-quality wood. It has a lovely and appealing rectangular shape.

The cabinet has wheels, making it very simple to move from one location to another. To hold it in place, simply roll it to the desired location and lock the wheels.

Koifuxii Drawer Cabinet – Best cheap 5 drawer filing cabinet

Koifuxii Drawer Cabinet Office Drawers, 5 Drawer Unit, Chest of Drawers, Wood Storage Cabinet with Drawers, Rolling Printer Stand with Drawers, Filing

Some Key points:

  • Available in dark/light gray color
  • 16.5″D x 19.5″W x 26.5″H
  • Sturdy wood material 
  • Wheeled
  • Easily rotated 
  • Sufficient space for storing things easily
  • Suitable for Files & Folders, Art & Crafts


One of the best mobile filing cabinets for a small workplace is the Koifuxii Drawer Cabinet.

They have a huge capacity for storage and can be easily rotated to provide simple access to the stuff.

This under-desk file cabinet, which has enough storage space, can be used to conveniently store items in a home office, kitchen, craft room, or kid’s room. 

It is mobile and features smooth wheels for movement between places.

With its extra broad drawer units and 26-inch height and 16-inch width, you can organize tools and files with confidence.

It has five smooth metal drawer slides that may hold files, folders, and other office equipment.

The drawers also have streamlined handles that are easy to open and close. They also have four casters, including two lockable front casters.

It is incredibly durable and simple to install. This cabinet would be very helpful to you if you have a lot of clutter lying around your office.

TUSY 5-Drawer Office Storage File Cabinet

TUSY 5-Drawer Office Storage File Cabinet, Storage Organization for Home, Office, Closet, Bedroom

Some key points:

  • Available in White and Black color
  • 17.7″D x 15.7″W x 26.8″H
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • 5 drawers run smoothly 
  • Made of durable engineered wood
  • Suitable for files and folders, and other accessories
  • Perfect for small offices 


This small filing cabinet is perfect for homes or small workplaces that do not want to overcrowd their spaces with cabinets. Its strength and capacity for storage make it stand out.

Due to the large amount of storage space, it is an advantage that it is 15 inches wide and 26 inches tall and can easily fit files, folders, and other office supplies.

Even though it takes up little space on the floor, this storage drawer has a lot of capacity.

The purpose of wheels is to stop in a stable position. Making it portable and light to move from one location to another

It has large storage where you can keep your stuff organized. The drawers are slick and simple to open without tripping over them.

You may easily assemble this drawer cabinet by yourself with minimum effort.

The five-drawer unit filing cabinet is ideal for storing daily paperwork near at hand and is simple to locate in offices, homes, and other workplaces.

Overall, a mobile filing cabinet not only allows for reasonable division and classification but also for more intelligent numbering and storage, which increases the effectiveness of both storage and consulting. It reduces the risk of losing files and creating unneeded hassle at work.

One study has found that mobile filing cabinets can increase your storage capacity or decrease your storage footprint by 50%.

As compared to lateral filing cabinets, mobile shelving has the potential to expand your storage capacity by up to 300%.

At the same time, its flaws cannot be overlooked, thus in order to excel at file management, it is necessary to consistently update the notion of file management.

5 drawer file cabinet buying guide

If you need assistance in purchasing the best filing cabinets for your office, we offer an all-in-one file cabinet buying guide.

Our guide is designed to help you with important questions such as whether you actually need a file cabinet and what type of filing cabinet would best suit your needs.

What is the use of a filing cabinet in an office?

The primary purpose of a filing cabinet is to store paperwork, facilitate the organization of files and documents, and maintain a clutter-free office environment.

What are the most popular Finish for 5-Drawer Filing Cabinets?

The popular finish for 5-drawer file cabinets are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Wood color

What are the best-selling products in 5-Drawer Filing Cabinets?

The best-selling products in 5-Drawer Filing Cabinets are as follows:

How big is a 5-drawer file cabinet?

The average dimensions of a lateral 5-drawer filing cabinet are 18.63″D x 42″W x 68″H, while the average dimensions of a vertical 5-drawer file cabinet are ‎26.5″D x 20.5″W x 29.5″H.

How tall is a 5 drawer file cabinet?

On average, 5-drawer file cabinets have a height ranging from 68 to 78 inches.

How heavy is a 5 drawer filing cabinet?

The 5-drawer filing cabinet can be quite substantial, with a weight ranging from approximately 70 to 100 pounds. This weight is pretty close to the weight of 4-drawer filing cabinets.

How much do 5-Drawer Filing Cabinets cost?

The price of 5-drawer filing cabinets depends on various factors, including their quality, material, and features.

The listed price range for 5-drawer filing cabinets is between $90 and $1000 dollars. Within this range, you can find a suitable 5-drawer filing cabinet for your needs.

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