3 Things That Make It Pretty Easy To Start A Business

There is a general perception that starting a business is risky and hard. That’s why most people are fearful of business and prefer jobs.

Although, it’s not true.

It can be very easy to start a business if you work on 3 things that matter the most.

Before we get started, let’s see who has made it hard to start a business. Why people are so fearful that they want to know how easy it is to start a business even before thinking about a business idea.

Why do people think it’s hard to start a business?

Usually, people believe that starting a business is difficult. It’s due to their limited approach.

They see things from different angles. They see a business with uncertainty. That’s the only thing that led them to their general excuses.

They tell themselves different stories that never give them the courage to take the initiative.

Some say they need a lot of money to start a business, some will excuse that they don’t have a team to run the business.

Different people have different stories.

You will get tons of excuses, and all of these will be from those who never tried to start a business.

Basically, all of them are afraid. They are afraid of the uncertainty that’s attached to the business. They don’t know what will come even after hard work. It’s not sure that they will make something from the efforts.

They are true to some extent because they can’t run their kitchen without money.

That means most of the fearful are those who don’t have permanent resources to run their kitchen. If they have a passive income stream they might give the business a try.

But the question, is a job certain? Many employees are fired for no reason. What do they do? They find a new one. Why don’t you people think the same about business?

Basically, it’s induced in our minds by the education system and society.

Rober Kiyosaki says our education system teaches you how to be a good employee.

The same is for society. They never tell you how to take your responsibilities and make your dreams come true.

Even those who are teaching business education are fearful of running a business. They have never practically done it. That’s why they can never deliver the true essence of business.

How can someone make you realize the taste of an Apple who has never tasted it?

The rest is done by our society.

They keep telling us – the job is safe, the job is secure. You have children, you have a family, and you are responsible for a kitchen. You will get a salary every month and you will easily pay your bills, etc.

All this leads us to believe that business is a hard thing and it’s better to get a job.

I have done the job for a decade, and I am telling you with experience that job has no comparison with business. Although, you have to work for a period to learn things. But your aims should be different.

Otherwise, it’s always better to start a business by all means.

Say business is the best job and it really pays off. In business, you get more fame, more money, and true values.

But the question is, is it effortless to start a business?

How easy it is to start a business?

I shall try to provide you with a clear picture of it. So let’s start with a different angle of running a business.

It’s true that a job is better than a business for most people. We have discussed it in another article. If so then how it can be an easy thing?

Basically, when you run an institution you take responsibility to make it successful. That responsibility always takes hard work, passion, and energy.

Most people don’t want to take responsibility and that’s why the job is better for them.

Otherwise, there is nothing difficult to understand to start and run a business.

If someone takes responsibility to run a business, it becomes pretty easy to start a business.

Once you take responsibility there are 3 most common things that make any business easy to begin.

Let’s move forward to those 3 pillars with a few case studies.

Recently, my friends and colleagues have started businesses. They have started totally different businesses. For instance, one has started a transport business in Sydney, one has started a clothing brand, and I, with partners, am working on one of our recent projects.

As all of them are very close to me, and if I see at all the businesses, there are a few things that made starting a business pretty easy for all of us.

Here are 3 pillars that make it pretty easy to start a business.


Relevant experience is one of the most common things that make it easy to start and run a business.

Experience provides you with a clear picture. How much capital do you need, what are the common issues businesses face, and what are the must-have resources for the business.

If you are in the relevant industry, you actually feel your business before starting it. You can easily imagine how small or big you can begin with. What will be the monthly expenses, from where you will get the clients, and how you will meet the expenses, etc.

All this not only makes it easy to start a business but gives you courage too.

For instance, my friend who started his transport company in Sydney has worked in the industry for years. He started with nothing.

He had been a Uber driver. In the next step, he got financed some cars and rented. He kept moving forward and started driving a truck. He realized that it has more ROI. He got a clear picture of everything. And got financed a few trucks and started his company.

Now he has 4 trucks and he has got different contacts from different companies.

The two big difficulties he has told me about this business are keeping the same driver for a long, and getting the contracts on regular basis.

He has told me that he is continuously expanding his business.

The other best example is our electronics business.

We have recently started an electronics business because my brother has 6 years of experience working for an electronics brand. He has control of a large area, and he understands every difficulty that may come in the business.

That means, that if you don’t have relevant experience, you can also find a partner from the industry.

It will make it very easy to start your business.

Working capital

Undoubtedly working capital is one of the most essential things you need to start a business.

It’s recommended to keep 6 to 12 months of expenses in hand before you give it a start. Otherwise, you will definitely see tough times, and it will become harder for you to smoothly run the business.

You might be thinking that you don’t have enough money, that’s why you are lagging behind.

That’s not the case, every time.

My friend who started a transport company had very little capital, he financed the trucks and is paying from monthly incomes.

You can too start on a small level.

You can research that many big companies were started in the garage because they had not had enough money to start.

Why can’t you?


The next big thing that makes it very easy to start a business is the network.

You build your network based on how long you have been in the industry. It means it’s a byproduct of your experience.

If you have been in the industry, many people know you and trust you. Hence you get many opportunities because of your relationships that others don’t get.

It’s a thumb rule that people in your network want you to succeed. In this way, they expand their network and hence the business.

That’s why if you want to easily start your business, it’s important to focus on networking too.

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