Laundromat Business Profit (Everything You Need To Know)

The laundry business makes up to 20% ROI on average. But some make even more than 35% by utilizing the best tactics that we will discuss here.

Other than that, recent earning stats show that laundromats make $500 a day, on average. Definitely, some experts are making way more than that. That means the Laundromat business has huge profit potential.

That’s why laundromat has become an eye-catching business for entrepreneurs.

Sadly, not all laundromats earn that much profits. And in some cases, not even what they are capable of.

All this isn’t for no reason.

Instead of searching for the reasons behind their failure, some entrepreneurs tend to sell their running businesses.

That’s why you can easily find (at least) one laundry business on sale around you.

If we dig deep, we can get tons of reasons behind the failure. Other than all reasons, the top reason is lack of knowledge.

Let me give you an example.

Say you are looking for a profitable business. You heard that a laundromat is profitable. You might have your cash in hand and looking for some laundromats for sale near you.

In the scenario, you have no idea how they make money and what makes them more worthwhile. Why do some laundromats fail? Additionally, what matters in this business and what doesn’t?

What do you think will you find a suitable one for you?

Most probably no.

So if you are not well prepared before buying a business, definitely your ROI will be quite lesser than others. It can even disappoint you.

So let’s explain what makes a laundromat business rewarding. How much it will cost you to start or buy it? And how much profit can you earn from it annually or daily?

Maximize Laundromat Business Profitability

If you are committed to starting your coin laundry business or planning to buy it, this is for you.

It’s a fact that this business has enormous profit potential, especially when we see the industry’s 9.4% annual growth rate. It’s huge.

But still, there are many things to consider to maximize the profit.

Your laundry business profit totally depends on if you got the right one or not. There are some key factors that you should keep in mind before starting it or buying it.

Let’s discuss those key factors briefly. These will decide how much profit you shall make with your coin laundry business.

Don’t get in a hurry

While buying or starting a laundromat business, the first step you should take is to slow down.

If you are in a hurry, you will make mistakes. And it will result in profit loss.

So give yourself time. Plan everything to maximize the profit.

For instance, Jeff, the owner of Rosie coin Laundromat in Las Angeles, spent months and months before buying his laundry business.

He is making even more than 33% of his total investments annually. He is looking forward to more in the following years.

The other great thing is that he spends a couple of hours a week on his laundromat business.


The first and foremost key factor for the laundry business is location.

Your profit totally depends on where you are. And who is living in the surroundings?

If you could get a place where wealthy families live. You are pretty accessible to all of them. It’s going to get you huge benefits soon.


Competition is another crucial factor that can either maximize or minimize profitability.

No matter how crowded the place is, if there are too many laundromats, you will have a tough time getting maximum profit.

So if you are trying to start or buy a new one, it’s way better to avoid a competitive place.

Daily expenses

The other key factor that will decide your profit is your daily expenses. Suppose you can’t control your expenses. You are losing your profit.

Good business owners keep an eye on everything they spend each day. No matter how low they are.

Once they know where the money is going, they can cut unnecessary costs to maximize the profit.

The best example could be if you use new well-known machines for your laundry business. It will save a lot from repairing expenses.


Marketing is everything.

No matter how great you are, you will not earn huge profits if people don’t know you.

So if you plan to make even more than 33% of the profit per annum, make a plan on how you will market your business effectively.

There are tons of ways to market a laundromat business.

It can be billboards, local Newspapers, TV ads, and pamphlets, etc. But we know that people use search engines to know everything.

So the best online marketing for your business could be to make your business appear on Google or Bing. And adding your business on free classified sites.

If your make your business appear on Google (that’s free), you will get an edge that once people search “laundromat near me,” they will come to know your business for free.

And hence, more customers and more profits.


Suppose I have to choose among the two best businesses. I shall go for the one with a big parking area. What shall you choose?

In research, it’s found that 40% of motorists avoid those businesses where parking could be challenging.

That means the laundromat business is more profitable for those who have huge parking lots. So it should be your top priority while purchasing one for you.

Extra facilities

People love getting more than they expected.

If your main goal is to maximize the profit, you can think of giving something extra to your customers.

For example, it could be a free pick and delivery service. Or some discount each after 5 or 10 washes. It will get you huge benefits from it.

Make it a human business – build relationships

Let’s suppose you have automated everything, or you have multi businesses. You can’t be available to all the businesses.

Undoubtedly, you will be spending lesser time on each site.

That will lessen your interactions with your customers. Hence people won’t get interaction with your business as well.

Being human means that if your customers know that you are human and have feelings, you can understand them if they are angry or happy, and care for them. It will build a strong relationship with your customers and hence increase sales and free marketing.

For instance, look at this article you are reading right now.

Now imagine that someone has spent hours researching, finding the best possible information for you so that you could make more profit from your laundromat. It will build a strong emotional relationship between us.

This is what you can do in your business.

No matter if you are available every time or not. Customers just need your emotional care for them. It can be telephonic or on social media.

Make them believe that you have the same feelings as they have and that you also care for their clothes as they do.

Always respond to them with value and care – whenever they reach you. And at least try to meet with your routine customers, at least once a while.

Your Laundromat Business

Say you are committed to starting or buying one for yourself.

Let’s see how much it will cost you, and how much you should expect from it.

Starting cost

laundromat business profitability

The average initial cost of a laundry business could be $70,000 to 1 million dollars.

On average, the price of each machine is $5000. If you start with 9 machines, you will pay $45,000 for machines alone.

Other than that, there are land, building, and renovation expenses. Those expenses are different for different sites. Surely some markets or geolocations are more costly than others. Makes sense?

So basically, there are two different situations to start a laundry business. If you get a fully decorated building on rent, or if you do everything on your own.

Here is how much it will cost in both situations.

If you buy land, construct a building, and make it a perfect location, then the cost can be around $450,000 to $1 million.

If you rent a renovated building, and you spend on other costly things but machines, the initial cost can be as low as $70,000.

Profit margin

As mentioned earlier, the average profit margin in a laundry business is under 20%. But those business owners who are following the best tactics earn huge profits from it.

The best-verified example we had was of Jeff. (Source: An Interview)

He is following all of them. That’s why his profit is increasing each year.

However, keep in mind that every business takes time. So it could be your case. It can take a couple of years to reach the top goal.

So even after following everything like any other, if you are not getting the same results. Then you should assume that you are missing “word-of-mouth”.

It’s said that none of the businesses makes more profit from any marketing strategy than word-of-mouth. And it takes time.

If you focus on facilitating your user in the best possible ways, definitely, you will get an edge of word-of-mouth free marketing.

Laundromats Business FAQ

Is a Laundromat a good business to own?

Yes, as a laundromat has even more than 33% ROI, that’s why it’s great to own a laundromat. But not all of them make the same. For some, its profit is close to 10%.

We have shared the best tactics that can maximize your profit even more than others.

Is Laundry service profitable?

Yes, the laundry business is profitable. On average, the profit margin is 20%, but it’s even more than 35% for some.

There are some reasons behind these profit variations. We have shared all the myths behind making more profit from it.

What is the profit margin for a Laundromat?

The average profit margin is under 20%. But some laundromats are lucky enough to make more than 35%. It can be anyone who follows the simple steps before starting it.

Is the Laundromat industry growing?

According to recent data, the laundromats industry’s annual growth is 9.4%. That is the reason that it has become an eye-catching business for entrepreneurs.

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  1. If you buy 9 machines at 500. Cost is 4500. I recently bought two machines at 5000/ machine. If I had bought 9 it would have been 45000. Where did you get 450000. You lost me with you calculations

    • I appreciate your comment. I have updated the section where cost is mentioned. I think it makes more sense and has fewer typos, now. Afterall, humans make mistakes.

    • I’m in process of doing some preliminary research on starting a laundromat business. Any insight on good information, ie. Which machines are reputable. Thanks so much!

      • Hi Sebastian

        First of all, best wishes for your upcoming laundromat business. There are many best commercial machine providers and some of the well-reputed companies are, IPSO, Zini Mac, and LG. These machines are tested under heavy loads, so worth trying. Well, it’s better to do market research in your area.

        Sometimes, you get even better options (in terms of price) in market research. Well, my suggestions are to go for the best. It will get you more business and more ROI.


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