Office Decor For Men: 9 Masculine Style Inspirations

When men decorate their offices, they want to be inspired. But no two men are the same. That’s why it’s a bit of a task to find something that can cater to them all.

But one thing is for sure, Most of us look for something that shows our masculinity and sophistication. A great design we could try is an industrial chic look with exposed brick walls, metal accents, and reclaimed wood furniture. 

This is only if you’re okay with it being a bit cold and not very homey.

Something important when trying out these ideas is adding your own personal hobbies to your space. This will make your office feel like home and the place you want to spend your time.

For gamers out there, try adding subtle gaming pieces like wooden PlayStation symbols or maybe even a holder for your controller. It’ll mix this inspiration with work and play perfectly!

You could always make your office a paradise for the things you love. If sports is your ultimate love, then hang up some memorabilia and jerseys on your wall. A techie? Then get all of the newest gadgets and accessories possible—maybe even some vintage ones too. The goal here is to have fun with it while also being able to create a professional environment.

We have people who just like minimalistic things. All of your lines should be clean, and there shouldn’t be any color that sticks out too much besides neutral colors such as whites or grays.

Men don’t usually go for vibrant colors like women do, such as pinks and purples.

Instead, black, blue, brown, and red are their colors.

Favorite colors are subjective to each person. However, research supports the idea that men and women favor certain colors, and blue is that color. Studies suggest that it’s because of the association with clean water and clear skies. But also because it’s a symbol of authority, truth, and tranquility.

If you want your office to look masculine and be tailored to your style, stay tuned, because in this article we’re going to cover a few ways you can accomplish that.

Before we jump into it, remember that there are no limitations. The only thing that’s limiting about your workspace is the way you think about it.

Choose preferred color and style:

Color has a big impact on our lives; we just don’t know it yet. In the office, the way it’s being used plays a role in an employee’s productivity, health, and overall happiness. 

Research indicates that color has lot to do with our brain impulses and well-being. At Lund University in Sweden, the Department of Environmental Psychology conducted a study on this very subject. The goal was to measure the brain activity and heart rate of people working in different colored rooms.

Researchers decided to test this and measure the heart and brain activity of people working in rooms with different colors. Some were painted blue and green, which have calming properties associated with them. Others were painted red or had neutral colors like gray and beige. And as a control, they also had one room with white walls.

The results showed that rooms with colorful walls made the brain significantly more alert when compared to rooms with muted colors or neutral environments. Red had an opposing effect on stress levels, making them higher, while blue calmed them down.

That is the reason why colors like red, brown, black, and blue are popular choices among men. They give off a serious tone while still keeping it professional. Now I know most men stick to those colors, but you may want to add a pop of color here and there or even some accents that are unique to your personal style.

Rustic style:

Rustic Decor example

When you spend most of your life in the office, it’s hard to find that cozy feeling. One thing you can do to get that is add rustic designs. And you don’t need a big budget or anything like that. Just some wood and stone will do. Maybe even a few old pieces too.

“The core of rustic design is the use of organic elements in their most natural state,” says interior designer Katie Hodges. 

The design is simple, natural, and has an earthy feel about it. You won’t find sleek, glossy burl wood, but instead, you’ll find more reclaimed and unfinished woods and stones. 

Rustic furniture and fabric also have a roughness to them. It’s never perfect due to the fact that much of it is made from raw wood and stone. Ultimately making it feel undone. The color palette also swings heavily towards neutral tones. Many would think this would leave little room for boldness, but there is some so long as it stays within those earthy shades mentioned prior. Earthy colors such as greens, browns, and grays are the most common ones used. Warmth is preferred over coldness and starkness.

Things like distressed leather furniture and weathered wood accents show off a manly sense of taste. Industrial lighting fixtures are another thing that can be used. 

Lighting is also important, as it can change how a room feels with ease. Start with overheads, put floor lamps in a couple of corners, then scones on the walls. But if you want to go for that inviting feeling, candles, and lanterns will be your best bet, as they give off warm glow.

To add in some nature touches, things like antler decor or animal hide rugs can be implemented. Don’t be afraid to mix in some vintage or antique pieces to give the room character and charm.

Minimalistic style:

minimalist office decor example

The minimalist style is one that has gotten quite popular recently. It’s another option that can be done by most people since it’s all about removing unnecessary things and only keeping what you need.

Minimalist offices have a few basic steps you can follow to make them. Here are four:

  1. First, choosing the right location is everything. Find a spot that’s quiet and has light pouring in. A lot of space is also recommended because no one wants to feel cramped. You’ll want to put your desk near an empty corner.
  2. Second, you have to pick the right colors. Minimalism is all about simplicity, so opt for neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. But don’t limit yourself to just those colors; lights are also great to help create a calm vibe.
  3. The third tip involves the material of your furniture. It should be made out of wood whenever possible because it gives the room a natural feel.
  4. Fourth, get a big enough desk where you can fit everything on it. Standing desks are also becoming more popular, so if you have the opportunity, try one out.

Finally, think about how you want everything laid out. You should choose something that’s easy for you to move around in and doesn’t waste space.

Minimalistic decor aims to make something other than the space grab attention. Things like people or the view from a window might be more important than decorations in this kind of design,” says Robert Brown, a famous interior designer. “Everything in this decor style has a purpose and adds value to open space. It does need some items; however, they should be functional rather than just there for looks.”

Contemporary Style:

Contemporary decor example

Modern and clean spaces are great for contemporary pieces. Both aesthetics and practicality are important when it comes to interior design. Use lines and materials; glass, chrome, and steel are no-brainers here. You’d be surprised at how much the lighting in a room can change its feel, so don’t forget to take that into account. In areas where you can get away with it, utilize natural light. Warm light fixtures should be added for style. 

Keep furniture simple with minimalism. Low-profile sofas and sleek side tables are good ways to achieve this look. Save geometric patterns for accent pieces like rugs and wall art.

Use a small burst of bright colors with more neutral shades when you want to create a space that feels inviting. Don’t overdo it! A balance between vibrant fabrics and soft textures will help you achieve the right look. Velvet or silk pillows sound pretty cozy, if you ask us! You can use metallic accents in bronze, gold, or silver lamps, furniture, or wall art throughout the space as well. 

Plants are always recommended to breathe life into your room while adding style; they purify the air too! Finally, hang mirrors in places that will make them more strategic, because doing so will make them appear larger while also adding an interesting design element.

Choose the right furniture and storage:

YODOLLA Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Couch with 2 Bolster Pillows

The productivity of workers is heavily influenced by the furniture and storage in their offices. Not to mention, it adds a professional touch to the room, making clients feel comfortable when they visit or meet with someone.

For instance, if you have some fancy office couches and comfortable office chairs, they will make clients and employees happy with both comfort and appealing looks.

Secondly, with different choices for storing documents and other things, it can be hard to pick.

Filing cabinets should be a go-to for anyone. It’s great for keeping your paperwork safe and organized in one area. Wooden or metal cupboards are also an option but are more of a casual choice. Hutches are the best way to get as much space as possible, but they should be put at the user’s height so they don’t have to bend over or reach up all the time.

If you’re always sharing files, then mobile storage might be good for you. With wheels attached, it’s easy to just move around. Tables with built-in storage help you store important documents and files in a convenient way.

A clean and timeless aesthetic is created when you blend white with wood, which is favored and appreciated by many. Even if it’s the smallest things, like a smooth finish on a wooden desk or ample storage in a cabinet, these pieces can easily blend with any decor style and add class to any workspace.

Incorporate natural and proper lightening:

Having a home office with natural lighting is crucial. Not only will it make your workspace look better and feel more comfortable, but it’s also proven to boost productivity.

According to studies, just having sunlight in the room can improve your overall satisfaction as a worker and make you perform better.

It’s not enough to just have sunlight; incorporate proper lighting. Overhead fluorescent bulbs are known to cause headaches and eye strain, so choose adjustable task lamps with warm white LED bulbs instead.

Additionally, try adding ambient lighting. This could be anything from floor lamps to table lamps that emit soft light without creating harsh shadows or glare on screens.

Add Art pieces:

A nice touch could be to add big artwork to any room. For example, if you have a workstation, it would be a good idea to put one there. Men often want their spaces to reflect their interests and style the best they can. And to achieve that, they usually go for sports memorabilia, abstract art, vintage posters, and nature photography.

In terms of sports memorabilia, autographed jerseys or framed jerseys do wonders for any space. 

When I think of abstract art, sculptures come to mind first, but paintings also do the trick when it comes to making things look elegant and modern. Vintage posters from travel ads or retro artwork that’s oozing with masculine energy can turn around any dull room and even make for great conversation starters.

Finally, nature photography which includes images of anything from mountains to lakes to animals, brings an exhilarating yet peaceful sensation

Tech gadgets and accessories:

Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M2 Max chip 16 inches

There are a few hardware and accessories you cannot forget. First and foremost, you want to get your hands on the basics, such as business computers, laptops, monitors, printers, money counters, and input devices like keyboards. 

Not only do these help in being productive, but they also add grace, beauty, and polish to the office. A reliable charging station is essential for many people, but the cables can really get in the way and create a mess. That’s why I want to suggest something – a wireless charger for your office space.

With the right tools, you’ll stay organized and never have to worry about them getting mixed up again. Of course, there are attractive tech items too, like mouse pads and desk organizers. These don’t just fulfill their purpose; they can also add a personal touch to your setup.

Add greenery to your office:

Adding plants and greenery to your office space can be beneficial in more ways than you’d think. Of course, indoor plants will give it color, but they’ve also been known to improve productivity. It’s a weird concept, but it has some science to back it up. They’re able to enhance air circulation and get rid of stress, and the best part is that they help you concentrate. 

If low maintenance is what you’re after, pothos, snake plants, or ZZ plants are great options. These can handle different light conditions and need little water. You also have the chance to buy planters and pots that match your office design. 

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