Should Everyone Be An Entrepreneur? Crystal Clear Answer

Every youngster wants to be an entrepreneur at least once in life. At least, he is curious to know whether he should be an entrepreneur or not?

We have already discussed it in two articles, the job is better than business, and business is the best job why a job or business is suitable for some guys. Both articles can help anyone understand the difficulties and responsibilities to run a business or doing a job.

But here we have a different aspect of business or entrepreneurship.

Here we will try to understand should everyone be an entrepreneur or not? Or whether entrepreneurship is for everyone or not?

The simple answer to the question is NO.

Everyone should not be an entrepreneur and it’s not for no reason.

Before I proceed to the reasons for which one should or should not be an entrepreneur, let me give you one simple example to make you understand the whole thing.

You see around that world everyone does different jobs in life. Imagine for a while, if people in any field of life disappear.

Let’s say no one is a car mechanic. How difficult the life will be?

No matter how intelligent we become, and how far we go in artificial intelligence, no robot can compete with human intelligence. Robots can’t be creative, hence will result in more waste, many other problems.

Imagine it for any area of life, and you will realize that every aspect of life has its own significance.

Machinery and artificial intelligence is replacing human force but still, the projection for construction workers is likely to grow to 7% in this decade.

Making a long story short, every area of life has its undeniable significance.

Now the story can make it easier to understand if everyone should be an entrepreneur to not?

It’s clear that not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur, they should do what they are born for. Poets should be poets, and politicians should be politicians, they should never be entrepreneurs because the world needs them as they are.

In short, everyone should be what they are born for.

However, we can differentiate the two when people should be an entrepreneur and when they shouldn’t for logical reasons.

When one should not be an entrepreneur?

I strongly believe that entrepreneurship’s aim can never be money and not even personal goals.

If someone wants to make a living and has no other goals but personal goals, entrepreneurship isn’t for such people.

There are over a dozen legit ways to make money other than entrepreneurship, why should you take so much pain to become an entrepreneur?

All the entrepreneurs know that all the struggles and clever strategies may fail.

So why choose a tough life?

Why not do simple things or do a job to achieve personal goals?

Surely, it’s way much better to use simple investing techniques and excel in a job to live a happy life.

When one should be an entrepreneur?

The only reason to be an entrepreneur is to impact others’ lives.

The only reason for which one should be an entrepreneur is if he has goals to impact other lives. Solve others’ (at least) one problem, or make things easy for others.

Let’s say Elon Musk started PayPal to make worldwide payments easy. He started Tesla to solve many worldwide problems.

He is supposed to be the best example. You can find many other entrepreneurs who are impacting your lives. FoodPanda, Careem, AirBnB, and Uber are also the best entrepreneurial examples around you.

All these businesses took huge efforts, determination, and sacrifices to become the reality.

Elon Musk went close to bankruptcy many times.

Almost all the entrepreneurs have suffered rejection, and have worked harder than the majority can think.

So here are the two questions one should ask before thinking to become an entrepreneur.

  • Are you passionate enough to suffer all this pain?
  • Do you have a goal bigger than your personal peace you will sacrifice on?

One should only go through this hectic process if he has goals to impact others’ lives, and he can face any trouble in the process.

Otherwise, simple business ideas like starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel, or doing a job can be enough to make a handsome living.