Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist (With 7 Free Alternatives)

No doubt, Craigslist is on the top among the most popular classified ad posting sites in the USA, but still, many people are looking for some best sites like Craigslist, where they could buy or sell stuff or post or find jobs.

Those looking for some other sites like Craigslist might have two reasons, either they want to explore more space to promote their local businesses or they are tired of scammers available on the site.

Of course, there are many drawbacks to the site, but two are the pillars that people want to leave Craigslist and are searching for the best alternatives to Craigslist.

  1. Lack of after-sales support (reported on BBB)
  2. Not taking strict actions against spammy jobs

Craigslist has clearly mentioned that buyers should follow some basic rules to avoid scams; that’s why it is not all their fault, but still, some best sites like Craigslist are there where you can get several other advantages to posting your classified ads.

Some of the best sites like Craigslist we have chosen are either free or niche-specific so that you could get an advantage to either save money or reach experts in your field.

Here are the best alternatives to Craigslist, where you can buy or sell stuff. The following list of free classified ads sites will make your day.

Our list has six general classified ad posting sites like Craigslist and nine niche-specific alternatives to Craigslist’s popular categories.

Let’s get started with the best alternatives to Craigslist, now.


One of the top competitors to Craigslist is OfferUp, which was founded in 2011 as a mobile-first C2C company.

In a decade, because of simplicity and advanced technology, OfferUp has successfully attracted approximately 90m users (based on current downloads) and millions of active users a month.

To cut a long story short, if you are looking for sites like Craigslist for whatever reasons, OfferUp must be your choice. It has become a well-reputed brand to sell used Clothes, Vehicles, Electronics, and more.

If you are a buyer, OfferUp is much safer than Craigslist because you can read reviews about sellers based on previous sales. It gives you comfort and mental peace while purchasing any product.

And if you are a seller, then it’s literally simple to sell on OfferUp’s application with your mobile.

The following steps will guide you in making a successful listing on OfferUp.

  1. Open the app and Click Post (a camera icon)
  2. Tap Take Photo or Select Photo.
  3. Add photos (Upto 12 maximum). The cover photo should be a complete item image.
  4. Give a detailed Title.
  5. Add other details, like, Category, Condition, and more.
  6. Write a brief description.
  7. Set a price for your product.
  8. Turn on Shipping.

After completing the listing, you can promote your listing to sell faster. OfferUp will take 12.9% (or $1.99 minimum) on successful shipping.

eBay Classifieds

A long time ago, eBay launched a dedicated website for classified ads. Later on, it rebranded as, which was pretty easy to use and was one of the most giant classified ad posting sites. It was closed in 2016, but eBay didn’t stop posting classifieds ads.

eBay offers users a great chance to post jog or services on their homepage, and as has roughly 180+ million users a month, so it’s a great chance to attract more and more buyers to your services or stuff easily.

Among tons of others benefits, the most significant benefit of posting your ad on eBay is that, unlike Craigslist, it won’t disappear from search results after a week. It will keep appearing in search results depending on many other factors.

If you think eBay is the best alternative to Craigslist for your product or service, then follow the following steps to post your job.

  1. Click Sell on the top of any page.
  2. Select a category for your item, service, or job. You can choose Everything Else if not available.
  3. Add item details.
  4. Select Classified Ad format in selling details.
  5. Click List item.

The ad will be live for 30 days with a fee of $9.95.

If you are curious to know which categories you can create ads on eBay, then the following types are available for you.

  • Business & Industrial
  • General Office > Trade Show Displays
  • Construction > Buildings, Modular & Pre-Fab
  • Funeral & Cemetery
  • Websites & Businesses for Sale
  • Travel
  • Specialty Services
  • eBay User Tools
  • Information Products
  • Everything Else


Geebo is one of the best alternatives to Craigslist. It stands on the top free classified sites like craigslist.

It’s a great place to post ads regarding Apartments, Jobs, New/Used Cars, and more.

Once you click to post the ad, you choose from the following categories.

  • Merchandise
  • Resumes
  • Real Estate
  • Services
  • Vehicles
  • Employment
  • Construction/ Farm
  • Rentals/Roommates

After that, you add sufficient details for the item you want to post on the site.

And if you are a buyer, then Geebo is itself a legit marketplace; however, anyone can place classifieds, and there must be some scammers. So don’t trust anybody until you meet face-to-face.


When it comes to sites like Craigslist, we can’t miss a free resource for classified ads with millions of active users a month – that’s Oodle.

Oodle is one of the best alternatives to Craigslist because it’s free to post an ad, especially in the following categories.

  • Merchandise
  • Cars & Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Property for rent
  • Community

If you are specific to the categories mentioned above, then Oodle and Geebo are free classified sites like craigslist.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is not a classified ad posting website, but it’s a social media website where people interact. The most appealing thing regarding Facebook is that it has over 1 Billion active users a month, which is why every business loves to promote its business.

Even I have seen that the most visited website on the planet ( use to advertise its products on Facebook. It means that Facebook is worth investing in.

There are different ways to advertise your products and services on Facebook. You can use Facebook Marketplace or use niche-specific groups or through your page or sponsor your items.

We have discussed all the methods in detail in one of our articles about tagging a business on Facebook.

The two popular free methods to post your ads on Facebook are Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Groups/Pages.

Facebook Marketplace is a place where people post ads and get sales for free. Here are some valuable details about the marketplace for business.

The other method is to use niche-specific groups or run a page to sell your services or products.

Facebook allows people to use groups to communicate with one another, and the group members list can be huge; once you join a group, you find tens of thousands of people with the same interest. If you believe that they need your item, you can sell them.

The other method to run a page and then sell your services is quite different. You build a strong community around your page and then offer your relevant services to your followers.

Building a community around a page is difficult or at least an expensive thing. You can promote your page to get likes on the page, but it will cost money.

You can also promote your products/services directly.

Some people look for free ad posting sites without registration, there are some websites where you don’t need registration, but such sites become spammy because of Robotic listings and scammers. If you are a buyer, you should avoid such sites.


When looking for sites like Craigslist, you surely want to sell something to make money or buy some stuff, especially locally. Righty?

If this is so, we can’t miss the #1 online marketplace to sell your stuff locally or globally – no doubt it’s Amazon. Amazon isn’t a classified ad posting site, but you can buy or sell anything on it. It could be electronics, eBooks, or anything else.

You can open your store on Amazon (with a small fee) and then sell your items on commission. Here is a complete guide to creating your account and selling your products.

Selling items with Amazon has another benefit: tens of hundreds of hundreds of bloggers use the Amazon affiliate program to sell items for small commissions; sometimes, we also use the Amazon affiliate program, so once your product is live, you can reach out to the bloggers to review your items and share them on their blogs.

Quite a few websites offer such programs, so if you have some long-term plans to sell your products, then Amazon could be an excellent investment.

Some Niche-specific websites like Craigslist

As we know that Craigslist’s popular categories are community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, gigs, and resumes; that’s why we have sorted out some sites similar to Craiglist but with a specific category.

The purpose of sieving these categories is that you are more likely to get various items on niche-specific websites if you want to sell a specific item or want to explore a particular type.


Etsy is popular for handmade and vintage items. Those who buy or sell handmade or vintage items must already know Etsy because Etsy is one of the most popular platforms in this specific niche. That’s why we believe it’s Etsy could be a great choice as an alternative to Craigslist.

Etsy was started in 2005 and had a long history, dedication, planning, and improvements among the top classified ads posting websites in the United States.

Etsy could be the best alternative to Craigslist for handmade or vintage item sellers because millions of active buyers are there to catch your products.

However, it’s not free.

You pay 20 cents for each listing and then a 5% commission on each successful sale. You will also pay for any other expenses for delivering the product.

Buying and selling on Etsy is quite simple. You need a verified account, and then you can start purchasing or selling.

For sellers, opening a shop on Etsy is quite easy; you can follow the following steps to join it as a seller.

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Set Shop preferences
  3. Name your shop
  4. Stock your shop
  5. Answer How you’ll get paid
  6. Set up billing
  7. You are done.

Note: Keep in mind that it’s a bit hard to rank for any search engine or search stores, you always need to learn some basic skills or hire an expert to run your stores, and you call them Virtual Assistants (VA). Invest in it.


Poshmark makes buying and selling used clothes and accessories easy. Poshmark was started back in 2011, and because of its unique idea, sooner it became a billion-dollar company.

That’s why we believe that Poshmark stands among the best sites like Craigslist.

Buying on PoshMark is simple, but selling used clothes, shoes, and accessories in the US, Canada, and Australia, could be difficult because you need to go through many small steps to get your item live. You need to add all possible details, like, brand, price, and condition.

Poshmark listing is free, but they take a big chunk of 20% on each successful sale. That’s comparatively a big number, but it’s far better to sell used stuff on PoshMark than eBay or Amazon because of its specific audience, they gather.


The category “Housing” on Craigslist is one of the most popular sections on the site. That means millions are interested in buying or selling, or renting houses, lands, or stores.

That’s why while exploring the best alternatives to Craigslist, Zillow has a strong position among the top 10 sites like Craigslist.

Zillow is a great place to list your apartments, lands, and houses, and it’s free.

If you are a buyer, it’s easy to find apartments and rent a house on Zillow because of its advanced search. You can search by your location and by price.

And if you are a seller, then Zillow makes it easy to create a listing on it. You can click on Sell on the top bar and then choose “Create a listing” to complete your listing on your own. You can also pick an agent to complete your job, but surely they charge for it.

Zillow also allows its users to pay rent through their rental manager, and it could be free (no fee) with ACH; however, they charge when you pay through cards.


Craigslist has one section for jobs and also for resumes. People post different types of jobs, from writing to accounting on the site to hire. And this section has a significant role on the site.

That’s why we can’t forget Indeed while building a list of sites similar to Craigslist.

Indeed is the number 1 job site with 250 million active users a month and millions of subscribers. Whether you’re finding a job or has a job that you want to post on any trustworthy platform where you would get qualified people, then Indeed should be your choice.

Posting your job on the #1 job site takes a couple of minutes to add all essential details. However, if you are aware of the job, it won’t take any special skills to post your job. It’s simple for all.

Once you complete your registration of the site, click on “Post Job” and it will guide you to complete the listing.


Mercari, with millions of active users, and billions of active listings, ranks among the top classified websites. It allows its users to buy or post free classified ads to sell almost anything, but its top categories are as follows.

  1. Electronics
  2. Beauty
  3. Vintage
  4. Toys
  5. Sports

Mercari is a safe marketplace to sell or purchase any products, and it takes 10% on each successful sale from the seller. This article has all the possible details about fees. If you are going for the site as a seller, you should understand it, first.

Listing your ad on Mercari is similar to OfferUp.

  1. Click the Post button.
  2. Add Photos.
  3. Add details Including, including description, condition, and other applicable details.
  4. Add Price.

And you are done.

It’s a wonderful website to list free classified ads in the USA.


If you’re in the field of caregiving, then Care could be the best choice. With a basic (free) account or a premium account (with an annual $156), you can avail premium features of the site.

The website has over 30 million active users who are either finding or managing family care. Care is the best choice to offer your caregiving services or find a caregiver in all such cases.

Craigslist discontinued Personals ads back in 2018, so if you are looking for a legit dating site, then Match is the best alternative to the Craigslist dating section.


There are many other sites like craigslist for cars and vehicles, but Carvana is a great choice for selling used cars. Carvana, was established in 2013 and is now well-reputed among car trading sites. It takes a couple of minutes to add your vehicle details, and Carvana will do the rest.


However, the above-mentioned, classified websites list was enough to end the debate but as this site has great value in renting so we couldn’t stop listing it. is the #1 rental listing website. If you need an apartment, then it has millions of renters on it.

Listing your apartment on the website is easy and only takes approximately 5 minutes. After registration, you can add your property for renting it.

Pro Tip: If you are a local business that sells stuff or offers services. You can avail yourself the free online marketing opportunities like making your business appear on Google for free to get tons of free traffic. It’s different from ad posting, but it’s a great way to attract more customers. You can also understand why moving your business online is the best option.

What is the best alternative to Craigslist?

There are many other sites like Craigslist, and some of them are free classified ad posting sites we have mentioned above. But Amazon and eBay classified could be great alternatives to Craigslist, in general.

What is the most popular classified ad sites?

There are hundreds of classified ad posting websites, but we have chosen some of the best-classified ad posting sites so that you could use them as Craiglist alternatives.
The list mentioned above has the most popular classified ad sites.

Is Letgo better than Craigslist?

Letgo is no more available because it was purchased by OfferUp – the #1 classified ad posting app.
If you were habitual of LetGo, then OfferUp will please you the same way – no worries at all.

Do people still use Craigslist?

Yes. Craigslist is still the #1 classified ad posting site in the USA and some other countries. It might surprise you, but Craiglist has over 60 million active users a month in America, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

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